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There is growing competition between brokerage firms in post reform

India. For investor it isalways difficult to decide which brokerage firm to
Choose.Research was carried out to find which brokerage house people
prefer and to figure out what people prefer while investing in stock
market. This study suggests that people are reluctant whileinvesting in
stock and Commodity market due to lack of knowledge.Main purpose of
investment is returns and liquidity, commodity market is less preferred
byinvestors due to lack of awareness. The major findings of this study is
that people are interestedto invest in stock market but them Lack
knowledge. Through this report we were also able to
understand, what our Company‘s (Tata
securities) positive are and strong points, on the basis ofwhich we come to
know what can be the basis of pitching to a potential Client.At the end of
the report limitations, SWOT analysis, conclusion of the research and
Appendixwhich includes questionnaire and the list of the city where the
Argent capital are running. Lastthere is Bibliography, FAQ, and Glossary
that has the technical terms of the report
Chapter 1


In general, the financial market divided into two parts,

Money market and capital market. Securities market is an
important, organized capital market where transaction of
capital is facilitated by means of direct financing using
securities as a commodity. Securities market can be divided
into a primary market and secondary market.


The primary market is an intermittent and discrete market

where the initially listed shares are traded first time,
changing hands from the listed company to the investors. It
refers to the process through which the companies, the
issuers of stocks, acquire capital by offering their stocks to
investors who supply the capital. In other words primary
market is that part of the capital markets that deals with
the issuance of new securities. Companies, governments or
public sector institutions can obtain funding through the
sale of a new stock or bond issue. This is typically done
through a syndicate of securities dealers. The process of
selling new issues to investors is called underwriting. In the
case of a new stock issue, this sale is called an initial public
offering (IPO). Dealers earn a commission that is built into
the price of the security offering, though it can be found in
the prospectus.


The secondary market is an on-going market, which is

equipped and organized with a place, facilities and other
resources required for trading securities after their initial
offering. It refers to a specific place where securities
transaction among many and unspecified persons is carried
out through intermediation of the securities firms, i.e., a
licensed broker, and the exchanges, a specialized trading
organization, in accordance with the rules and regulations
established by the exchanges.

A bit about history of stock exchange they say it was under

a tree that it all started in 1875.Bombay Stock Exchange
(BSE) was the major exchange in India till 1994.National
Stock Exchange (NSE) started operations in 1994.

NSE was floated by major banks and financial institutions.

It came as a result of Harshad Mehta scam of 1992.
Contrary to popular belief the scam was more of a banking
scam than a stock market scam. The old methods of trading
in BSE were people assembling on what as called a ring in
the BSE building. They had a unique sign language to
communicate apart from all the shouting. Investors weren't
allowed access and the system was opaque and misused by
brokers. The shares were in physical form and prone to
duplication and fraud.

NSE was the first to introduce electronic screen based

trading. BSE was forced to follow suit. The present day
trading platform is transparent and gives investors prices
on a real time basis. With the introduction of depository and
mandatory dematerialization of shares chances of fraud
reduced further. The trading screen gives you top 5 buy
and sell quotes on every scrip.

A typical trading day starts at 10 ending at 3.30. Monday to

Friday. BSE has 30 stocks which make up the Sensex .NSE
has 50 stocks in its index called Nifty. FII s Banks, financial
institutions mutual funds are biggest players in the market.
Then there are the retail investors and speculators. The last
ones are the ones who follow the market morning to
evening; Market can be very addictive like blogging though
stakes are higher in the former.

Chapter 2

Bonanza Portfolio is an Indian Financial Services and Stock

Broking House which was established in 1994.[1] The company is a
member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE),[2] Bombay Stock
Exchange (BSE),[3] OTCEIL, Multi Commodity Exchange
(MCX),[4] National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange
(NCDEX), NMCE and MCX-SX. It is also registered with Dubai Gold
and Commodities Exchange (DGCX). It is a Depository Participant
with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)[8] and Central
Depositor Services (CDSL).[9]
Bonanza Portfolio offers Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading,
Currency Trading, Commodity Trading, Portfolio Management
Services (PMS), Depository Services, Investment
Advisory and IPOs. It also offers Wealth Management solutions
like Mutual Funds and Insurance services. It offers platforms for
Online Trading as well as Offline Trading.[10]
Chapter III

My work profile was to keep a track of the share price and

commodity prices and inform the customers about the ongoing trend
and current behaviour of stock. It also included paper work regarding
dematerialisation of shares and to make sure that the shares are
converted from hardcopy certificate to an online form.

Chapter 4

Learning from the training

 How to place an order

 How companies reacts to market situations
 To Demat an account
 How share market application works
 To determine the trend of stock
 Ratios that are important to predict the movement of stock
 Interday and future trade option
 Cash market and Margin trading
 Behaviour of an individual towards online trading
 How can one right investment result in huge profit
 How to study the company charts
 Metal Market and Currency market
Chapter 5

The expectations of the customers are regularly increasing because of the
increasing competitionand emergence of global market. In such conditions
it becomes very necessary for a company tofulfill all the expectations of the
customers and give them a delightful experience.A Tata securities aims to
provide better services by consistently improvement. The studyconcluded: -
Tata securities
Ltd. has better Portfolio Management services than

Other Companies
Tata securities Ltd. keeps its process more transparent
. Tata securities Ltd. isgiving more returns to its investors.
Tata securities charges are less than other stock brokers.
Tata securities are providing daily updates about the stocks
information. Investors are lookingfor those investment options
where they get Maximum returns with less costs.
Market is becoming complex
& it means that the individual investor will not have thetime to play stockga
me on his own.

People are less aware about the Services provided by Tata securities


During my project analysis I was very keen to find some key areas which
need to be taken careseriously in the future because these are
causing dissatisfaction among distributors.Most of distribution felt
dissatisfaction with their brokers but some of disappointing areas are-8.

More exposure: Most of distributors want some more exposure for them
clients fromtheir share broking companies. A Tata security is now
providing super exposure p to 15of the margin (cash segment) the step like
this really creates satisfaction for thedistributors.9.

Brokerage problem: Some companies have very high brokerage chares

which createdifferences of market share of different companies and also
dissatisfaction amongdistributors.10.

Fewer offers: Most of companies lag behind in giving time to time offers in
order toattract new customers