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Service Manual Integrated Amplifier SU-Z35 (E], [EGA], [EK],[EF],(EH], {EB}, (Ei),[XAI,{XL],[PC] SU-Z35(k) ana _(E],[EGAI,[EH],[XA], (PC) * [E] is available in Scandinavie and Switzer * [EGA} is available in F.R. Germany. * [EK] is available in United Kingdom, * (EF] is available in France, | * [EH] is available in Holland, + [EB] is avaiable in Belgium. + [Eile avaiable in traly "in soles nel hauneaerertman) * [xa saainie Suthoas Aa, Oso, Ace +The black type model is provided with (K) in the ito Service Manvel “Pl ale Curopean Au Cb, ) Specifications speciticarions are subject to change without notice for further improvement.) (DIN 45 500) sn rated power (402) AMPLIFIER SECTION PHONO 72.48 (IHF. A: 72 48) 1 kHz continuous power output TUNER, AUX/CD/VIDEO, TAPE both channels driven 2 32W (80) 86 dB (IMF, A: 87 48) 2x 40w (40) 26 dB power (42) 40 Hz~20 kHz continuous power output PHONO 6 both channels driven 2% sow (60) ‘TUNER, AUX/CD/VIDEO, TAPE 65 dt 2x 32w 440) 50 mW power (42) ‘otal harmonic distortion PHONO 62 a8 rated power at 1 kHz 0.09% (a0) TUNER, AUX/CD/VIDEO, TAPE 62 48 0.05% (470) ‘Tone controls 0.03% (20) BASS 50 He, +10 dB~ ~10 68 0.05% (40) TREBLE 20 kHz, +10 d8~ -10 48 halt power at 1 kHz 0.005% (2F)} Loudness contro! (volume at ~30 4B) 50 He, =9.08 (0.007% (40) ‘Output voltage and impedance half power at 40 H2~20 kHz 0.03% (80) REC OUT 150 mv 0.058 (40) Channel balance, AUX/CD/VIDEO 250 Hz~6,900 Hz =1d8 | 26 4B power at 1 kHz Gov (4m) Channel separation, AUX/CD/VIDEO, 1 kHz 5008 150 mW power at 1 KHz (0.01% (a2) Headphones output level and impedance 360 mv/as00_ | Intermodulation distortion Load impedance 4-160 rated power at 250 Hz: 8 kH2=4:1, 40 005% rated power at 60 Hz: 7 KH2-4:1, SMPTE, 82 0.03% Power bandwidth 1 GENERAL both channels driven, -3 48 10 Hz~25 kHz (42) Power consumption ne 10 H2~25 KHz (20) power supply Residual hum and nok 08 mv For United Kingdom and Australia AC 50H2/60Hz, 240V, Damping factor 20 (40), 40 (60) For continental Europe ‘AC 50He/60H, 220V Input sensitivity and impedance For others ‘AC SOHs/60Hs, 110V/120V/220V/240V PHONO 25mv/a7k Dimensions (¥xHXD) 430 % 86 % 240 mm TUNER, AUX/CD/VIDEO, TAPE 190 mv/2240 (16-1916 x 3-98" 9-7/16") PHONO maximum input voltage (1 kHz, RMS) 150 mv. (Welght 46%9 Frequency response (1021) PHONO, RIAA standard curve Note: 20.8 dB (30 Hz~15 kHz) Total harmonic distortion is measured by the digital spectrum TUNER, AUK/CD/VIDEO, TAPE 10 H2~80 kHz (-3 48) analyzer (HP. 2045 system) ita El ic Tradi L. Technics Mateus Bo 28 Conta ate pan @ CONTENTS SAFETY PRECAUTION . PROTECTION CIRCUITRY «|. : LOCATION OF CONTROLS | |. - 7 BEFORE REPAIR AND ADJUSTMENT. . .- DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS . POWER AMPLIFIER PROTECTION PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDSAWIRIN CONNECTION DIAGRAM . - ll SAFETY PRECAUTION Page RESISTORS & CAPACITORS oe 10 BLOCK DIAGRAM . .... int2 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM | |. 13715 REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST Beets 16 EXPLODED VIEW .... teceere 17248 1. Before servicing, unplug the power cord to prevent an electric shock, 2. When replacing parts, use only manufacturer's recommended components for safety. 3. Check the condition of the power cord. Replace if wear or damage is evident. 4, After servicing, be sure to restore the lead dress, insulation barriers, insulation papers, shields, etc. 5. Before returning the serviced equipment to the customer, be sure to make the following insulation resistance test to Prevent the customer from being exposed to a shock hazard, © INSULATION RESISTANCE TEST 1. Unplug the power cord and short the two prongs of the plug with a jumper wire, 2. Turn on the power switch. 3. Measure the resistance value with ohmmeter between the jumpered AC plug and each exposed metal cabinet part, such as screwheads antenna, control shafts, handle brackets, etc. Equipment with antenna terminals should read between 3M and 5.2MQ1 to all exposed parts. (Fig. A) Equipment without antenna terminals should read approximately infinity to all exposed parts. (Fig. 8) Note: ‘Antenna terminal Some exposed parts may be isolated from the chassis by design. These will read infinity. 4. If the measurement is outside the specified limits, there is a possibility of a shock hazard. The equipment should be repaired and rechecked before itis returned to the customer. ll PROTECTION CIRCUITRY The protection circuitry may have operated if eigher of the following conditions is noticed © No sound is heard when the power is turned on. © Sound stops during performance, The function of this circuitry is to prevent circuitry damage if, for example, the positive and negative speaker with an impedance less than the indicated rated im: pedance of the amplifier are used If this occurs, follow the procedure outlined below: 1. Turn off the power. 2. Determirie the cause of the problem and correct it 3. Turn on the power once again Nott When the protection circuitry functions the unit will not ‘operate unless the power is first turned off and then on again. li LOCATION OF CONTROLS Power (Push on! Hesdphones jack: ‘Aux/CD/Video input Tuner input Phono input’ Grounes Selector indicators. ‘Tape indicator Treble Lt ‘Tone controls HO00 A(R) Speaker terminal Balance contro! 7) Input selector Aux/CD/Video| Phono (mL source, = tape/ext) © (Unswitched) LAC outlets (switened) J (For (XA, 1°C] Voltage selector (For [XA),{PC] ‘areas only) © The power supply for this unit varies depending upon the areas. Also, the parts used for power supply are different, So, refer to the circuit diagram and the replacement parts list. * [XA, PC] areas is provided with voltage selector and AC outlets, + 240V (50/60H2) for Australia and United Kingdom, * 220V (50/60H2) for Continental Europe. * T1ov/120v/220V/240V (50/60H2) for other [XA, PC] areas, * Phono input capacitance is abou 150pF. li BEFORE REPAIR AND ADJUSTMENT 1. Turn off the power supply and short-circuit of power supply capacitors (C406, C407, 4700uF) at resistance (about 102, 5W) in order to discharge the charged voltage. Do not short between C406/C407 by screwdriver. It may damage the component, Before turning on the power supply after completion of repair, slowly apply the primary voltage by using a power supply voltage controller to make sure that the consumed current is free of abnormality. The consumed current at 60H2/50H? in no signal mode is shown below with respect to supply voltage 110V/120V/220V/240V. aera aa nenov ee - 50 Hz 130 ~ 270 mA 120~ 240 mA 65~135mA 60~ 120mA coo oe [sore | 190~270ma | a0 ~240ma | 65=105ma | 60™129mA