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 Listen to your teacher and complete these sixteen sentences
with the Adverb forms of thee adjective your hear


1. The man walked angrily to his car and drove away.

2. My classmate is studying quietly in the library. (quiet)

3. Susan can play the piano very well. (good)

4. My brother bravely jumped into the water to save the boy. (barve)

5. After a long day at work, I triedly went home and fell asleep. (tired)

6. Mr. Smith busliy walked past me witout saying hello. (busy)

7. My wife excitedly told me the good news. (excited)

8. The little kitten hungrily ate all of its food. (hungry)

9. The stanger kindly offered me a cup of water. (kind)

10. I lazily sat down on the sofa and truned on the TV. (lazy)

11. The childern nervously walked through the dark room. (nervous)

12. Does he like to drive fast ? (fast)

13. We politely said, ”Thank you” to him. (polite)

14. I carelesslyforgot to put the milk back into the fridge. (carelees)

15. The sun slowly rosein the sky. (slow)

16. Sarah happily quit her job and found a new one. (happy)