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Lesson Unit

Unit 1: Is that your cousin Lesson Plan: 1-4

Subject code: E31209 Title: English Conversation Level: M 4

2 Hours / Week 40 hours / 1st Semester 1.0 credit

1. Strand / Indicators
Standard F1.1: Understanding of and capacity to interpret what has been heard and read from
various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning
F1.1 M. 4/1, 4/3
Standard F1.2: Endowment with language communication skills for the exchange of data and
information; efficient expression of feelings and opinion
F1.2 M. 4/1-5
Standard F1.3: Ability to present data, information, concepts and views about various matters
through speaking and writing
F1.3 M.4/1-3
Standard F2.1: Appreciation of the relationship between language and culture of native speakers
and capacity for use of language appropriate to occasions and places.
F2.1 M.4/1-3
Standard F2.2: Appreciation of similarities and differences between language and culture of
native and Thai speakers, and capacity for accurate and appropriate use of language.
F2.2 M.4/1-2
Standard F3.1:
Using the foreign language link knowledge with other learning area, as foundation for further
development and to seek knowledge and widen one’s world view.
F3.1 M 4/1
Standard F4.1: Ability to use foreign languages in various situations in school, community and
F4.1 M.4/1
2. Concept
Is that your cousin?
- Introducing yourself and others
- Describing your family
3. Content
3.1 Vocabulary / Expression
Name, age, father, mother, colleague, co-worker, friend etc.
3.2 Sentence Pattern / Grammar
- Hello, my name is tom.
- I am 16 years old.
- This is my friend James.
- I live in a big house.
- There are five members in my family.
3.3 Functions
- To talk about family and friend.
- To talk about yourself and exchange data about themselves
4. Competences of learners
- Communication capacity
- Thinking capacity
- Problem-solving capacity
- Capacity for applying life skills
- Capacity for technological application
5. Desirable Characteristics
- Love of nation , religion and King

- Honesty and integrity

- Self-discipline
- Avidity of learning
- Observance of principles of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in one’s way of life
- Dedication and commitment to work
- Cherishing Thai-ness
- Public-mindedness

6. Learning activities

Lesson 1: Is that your cousin (introducing yourself and others) Timing 3 Hours
Objectives: 1. Learn about different jobs, professions and career around the world.
2. To provide practice of the vocabulary of jobs and of reading and speaking skills
Learning Evidence: Scores on worksheets and conversation

Learning Activities: Practice

Warm-Up Icebreaker: Have students guess things
about you such as where are you from? Give them a 3. Have the student practice introducing himself to
you or another familiar person. After becoming
chance to ask questions.
accustomed to a well-composed introduction, the
Presentation student should practice introducing himself and
starting a conversation with an unfamiliar person.
1. Ask learners: What do I do? Hope someone says 4. Have the students interview their partner(s) and
‘teacher’. Model I am a teacher/I’m a teacher, get to know their classmates.
then ask a few learners, alternately, “What do you A: Hello, I am James
do?” and “What is your job?” Explain that B: Hi, I am john. This is my friend David.
sometimes when people ask that question they are A: Hello David. Nice to meet you.
asking about your occupation 5. Using the information they learned about their
2. partner from the conversation, each pair will take
turns introducing their partner to the class using
the sentence frames

- Encourage students to ask question about the

Lesson 2: Is that your cousin (Describing your family) Timing 3 Hours

1. Learn the vocabulary associated with family

2. To be able to talk about and introduce your family members
Learning Evidence: Scores of Worksheets and quiz

Learning Activities: Practice

5. Worksheet: Meet My Family.
1. Review few introducing yourself questions and 6. Draw your family tree and practice talking about
responses. your family with a partner.
2. Groups race to see who can list the most 7. Divide the students into pairs and have them
members of the family the fastest practice describing their families.

Presentation Questions:

3. Teacher brings a photo of his/her family to the - Is your family big or small?
class and shows it to the students. Focus your - How many people are in your family?
students’ attention on the photo(s) of your - Do you have any siblings/brothers
extended family. Explain who each person is and
see which words the learner knows.
4. Review known family vocabulary and introduce - My family is big.
new vocabulary. Introduce sentences frames used - There are six people in my family.
to talk about family member relationships - I have two aunts and two uncles.
- Lead a discussion about families. - I am an only child. /I don’t have any
- Who do you include when you use the word siblings/brothers or sisters.
- Where were your parents and grandparents Wrap-Up
- Is the size of your family common in your 8. Homework: Using your family tree drawing,
country? How is it similar to other countries? write a few sentences describing the
How is it different? relationships of your family members
At the end of the discussion ask students to conclude
with statements based on what was shared. Some
questions may be:

- What did you learn about your view of families?

7. Assessment
Learning Objectives Measurement/ Tools Learning Evidence

Lesson 1

1. Learn the vocabulary

associated with basic Writing and speaking Written copy of essay; and
introductions exercises speaking criteria
2. To be able to talk about Writing and speaking Worksheet scores
themselves and others exercise

Lesson 2

1. Learn the vocabulary Worksheet and quiz Scores of worksheets and

associated with family quiz

2. To be able to talk about Speaking criteria Question and responses

and introduce your
family members

8. Assignments/Project
Submission of student’s notebook, essay writing and other worksheets in relation to the Unit
topic (is that your cousin)


The Head of Foreign Language Department’ s Comment

This lesson plan is E31209 English Conversation 1 for Mattayom 4 was approved.
The comment is as following
( ) it is consistence with the standard based curriculum and can be implemented in
( ) should be improved before implement in classroom.

(Mrs. Supatttra Boonkajai)
The Head of Foreign Language Department

The Vice Director’s Comment

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(Mrs. Suphitchaya Lekdang)
The Vice Director of Petpittayakom School

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 Unapproved because of.............................................................

(Mr. Chaichan Panyapuak)
The Director of Petpittayakom School