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Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are

environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-

cycle from siting to design, construction, operation,
maintenance, renovation and deconstruction

In the last two hundred years we have increased our used in our natural resources.
This use has been often discriminated because this affects the balance of
ecosystems in our planet.

Our lives are dependent on this balance..

We are here to understand how can we all contribute in improving this issues and

Climate change
Global Warming
Loss of Biodiversity
Green House Gas Emissions

These are linked to industry sectors like Energy, Mining,Automatics

You will discover that the food industry is responsible for around half of all
human produced greenhouse gas emissions

There are nearly thousands of commercial eating facilities in the Philippines, a

restaurant can easily produce 50000-100000 punds of garbage each year, where 95
percent could be recycled or composted.
Despite this challenge in terms of hunger and food security,We Filipinos waste up
to 308,000 tons of rice every year.

In response to the restaurant industry's negative contribution to our

environmental crisis, several orgnization have created sustainable restaurant

Green Restaurant Association

The Green Restaurant Association�s (GRA) standards reflect 25 years of research in
the field of restaurants and the environment. Thousands of restaurants and hundreds
of thousands of restaurant personnel have provided the living laboratory for the
continued evolution of the GRA Standards. The purpose of the GRA standards is to
provide a transparent way to measure each restaurant�s environmental
accomplishments, while providing a pathway for the next steps each restaurant can
take towards increased environmental sustainability.

An acronym for Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence, BERDE is the
Philippines� voluntary green building rating system developed by the Philippine
Green Building Council (PhilGBC), a member of the non-profit World Green Building
Council (WorldGBC). WorldGBC�s mandate is for every country to develop its own
rating tool, such as LEED (US), Green Star (Australia) and Green Mark (Singapore).
Like its foreign counterparts,
BERDE measures, verifies and monitors the performance of buildings above and beyond
existing mandatory building and environmental regulations and standards.