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Role of president in Indian legal system?

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For the next several questions please choose a one option

1) The head of the Indian republic is the? 4) The Constitution of India the President of India
enjoys emergency powers Under
a) President
b) Prime Minister a) Four types
c) Vice President b) Two types
d) Speaker of the Lok Sabha c) Five types
d) Three types
2) Who has the power to grant pardon, remit or
5) Which of the following appointments is not
Commute the sentence of any convicted person?
made by the president of India?
a) Vice-President
b) Prime Minister a) Chief of the Army
c) Home Minister b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d) President c) Chief Justice of India
d) Chief of the Air Force

3) The supreme command of the defence forces of

6) Who among the following holds office during
the union is vested in
the pleasure of the President?
(a) Governor
a) Home Minister (b) Election Commissioner
b) President (c) Speaker of Lok Sabha
c) Defence Minister (d) Prime Minister
d) Prime Minister