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Allopathic Manufacturing Units

List of Allopathic Manufacturing Units in Assam.

Sl. No. Name of the Manufacture Address of Manufacturing site Manufacturing Licence No

1. Assam Chemical & Gopinath Nagar Guwahati-16 6/DR/45(25)

Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 1/DR/49(28)

2. Bee Dee Pharmaceuticals Kalapahar, Guwahati-17 184/DR/Mfg/95(25)


3. Kamakhya Laboratory Bonda,Guwahati-26 180/DR/Mfg/94(25)


4. Lloyods Pharmaceuticals Kalapahar, Ghy-17 167/DR/Mfg/93(25)


5. Vijoy Laboratories Aminggaon, Guwahati-31 325/DR/Mfg/05(28)

6. Ghanashyam Rani, Guwahati 344/DR/Mfg/ (25)
Pharmaceuticals 345/DR/Mfg/ (28)

7. Jonali Pharmaceuticals Tengapara, Kokrajhar 341/DR/Mfg/06(25)


8. Hindustan Unilever Doom Dooma, Tinsukia 343/DR/Mfg/06 (25)

9. Quality Pharma Lahowal, Dibrugarh 337/Mfg/06 (25)

338/Mfg/06 (28)

10. Doson Chemicals Kalapahar, Guwahati-17 17/DR/Mfg/60(25)


11. Ozone Pharmaceuticals EPIP, Amingaon, Ghy-31 205/DR/Mfg/01(25)


12. Sun Pharma Drugs Pvt. Ltd. Kokjhar, Mirza, Palashbari Rd, 374/DR/Mfg/13(25)
P.O.:- Palashbari, Dt. Kamrup 375/DR/Mfg/13(28)

13. G.R.D. Pharmaceuticals Rani, Guwahati 352/DR/Mfg/08(25)

372/DR/Mfg/13 (28)

14. Natco Pharma Limited Kokjhar, Mirza-25 Dist:- 379/DR/Mfg/2014(25)


15. Erise Lifesciences Limited Brahmaputra Industrial Park, 377/DR/Mfg/2014(25)

Sila, Ghy-31, 378/DR/Mfg/2014(28)

16. East West Pharma Vill:- Numali Jalah, Mauza Sila, 386/DR/Mfg/2016(25)
Dag No. 81, Plot No.24, N.H. 31, 387/DR/Mfg/2016(28)
Sundari Ghupa,,Amingaon, Ghy-
31, Kamrup

17. Phoenix Laboratories Narayanpur, 105 No. 388/DR/Mfg/2016(25)

Kochparagaon Panchayat, Dist:- 389/DR/Mfg/2016(28)

18. Ajanta Pharma Mirja, Palashbari Road, Vill:- 394/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Kokjhar, Kamrup(R), Assam 395/DR/Mfg/2017(28)

19. Cure Sure Pharma 10th Mile, Amerigog, G.S. Road, 396/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Ghy-23, Dist:- Kamrup(M) 397/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
20. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Amingaon, EPIP, Ghy-781031, 398/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Kamrup(R), Assam

21. Hetero Labs. Ltd Vill:- Hudumpur, Mauza 399/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Chayani, P.O. & P.S.:- 400/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Palashbari, Kamrup

22. APY Pharma Plot No. 15, Industrial Good 401/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Centre, Chattabari, Chhaygaon, 402/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Kamrrup(R), Assam

23. Pure and Cure Health Care Bortezpur, Rampur, P.O.:- 403/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Pvt. Ltd. Kukurmara, Kamrup(R), Assam 404/DR/Mfg/2017(28)

24. Hetero Healthcare Limited AIDC Industrial Growth Centre, 405/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Changchari, Niz Sindurighopa, 406/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Vill:- Sila, Mouza-Sindurighopa,

25. Synokem Pharmaceuticals Shed No.9(B), C/o. Jagati 407/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Ltd. Logistics, Vill:- Kalipahar, 408/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Mouza-Pub Sila Sindurighopa,

26. J.D Associates Sila-Sindurighopa, North 409/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Guwahati, Kamrup(R)

27. Shrinivas(Gujarat) Ekrotali 37 No. Highway, 411/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Ekrotali, Binoigutiagaon, P.O.:- 412/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Dikom, Dist:- Dibrugarh, Assam,

28. Cyno Pharmaceuticals Nowapara Azara, Guwahati, 415/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Assam-781017. 416/DR/Mfg/2017(28)

29. Quality Pharma Products Industrial Estate, Lahowal, Dist:- 417/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Pvt. Ltd. Unit-2, Dibrugrah, Assam-786010 418/DR/Mfg/2017(28)

30. Signova Healthcare Pvt. EPIP, Silasundari Ghopa, 419/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Ltd.(Unit-II) Amingaon, North Guwahati, 420/DR/Mfg/2017(28)

31. Dabur India Ltd. Industrial Growth Centre(I.G.C), 421/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Balipara, P.O.:- Ghoramari,
Sonitpur-784105, Assam

32. Avizen Biopharma Pvt. Ltd. Vill:- Uparhali, P.O.:- Bijonagar, 422/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Mouza- Rampur, Dist:- 423/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Kamrup(R), Assam

33. Yashvi Industries Pvt. Ltd. 14th Mile, Byrnihat, Sonapur, 424/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Kamrup, Assam

34. Darvish Pharma Pvt. Shiv Nath Gogoi Path, 24/2 413/DR/Mfg/2017(25)
Limited Bagharbari, Panjabari, 414/DR/Mfg/2017(28)
Guwahati-781037, Assam

35. Midas Care Brahmaputra Industrial Park, 410/DR/Mfg/2017(25)

Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Plot No.112, Vill Sila, Mouza- Sila
Sindurighopa, P.O.:- Changchari,
P.S.:-Kamalpur, Kamrup

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