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May 10, 2019

HARIHAR Invites Media/Public to Attend Court Hearing re:

Identified Illegal Foreclosure

HARIHAR v WELLS FARGO, et al, 1981CV00050

Woburn, MA - May 10, 2019 – MOHAN A. HARIHAR, the pro se litigant (and

illegally foreclosed homeowner) who as a matter of record has publicly evidenced systemic

abuses of judicial power, invites the Public and the Media to attend the upcoming Rule 16

Conference on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 2pm at the Middlesex Superior Court located at 200

Trade Center, Woburn, MA 01801.

Litigation History

This 8+ year litigation originating from the 2008 US Foreclosure Crisis is now becoming

recognized nationwide as the most egregious abuse of judicial power in the history of The United

States. Harihar has now evidenced judicial misconduct at every level of the State and Federal

Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS). Along with the judicial

infractions, HARIHAR has evidenced: (1) RICO claims involving the US Attorney’s Office, MA

AGO and attorneys for Bank Defendants – WELLS FARGO and US BANK; and (2) an 8yr

email trail that evidences the nonfeasance of legislative leaders here in the Commonwealth.

Ultimately, Harihar seeks: (1) to have erred judgements related to this illegal foreclosure

corrected; (2) civil damages awarded as it relates to the referenced illegal foreclosure and

separately with his Intellectual Property (IP)/Trade Secret (The HARIHAR FCS Model©); and
(3) criminal and professional accountability for all named Defendants and counsel of record.

Related Case References (Ongoing Litigation)

1. HARIHAR v US BANK et al, SCOTUS Certiorari Petition No. 18-7752 (First

Circuit Appeal No, 18-7752; Lower Court Docket No. 15-cv-11880 – US District

Court, Boston, MA);

2. HARIHAR v THE UNITES STATES, First Circuit Appeal No. 17-2074 (Lower

Court Docket No. 17-cv-11109 – US District Court, Boston, MA);

3. HARIHAR v CHIEF JUDGE JEFFREY R. HOWARD, et al (Docket No. 18-cv-

11134 – US District Court, Boston, MA);

4. HARIHAR v WELLS FARGO, et al (Docket No. 18-MISC-000144, MA Land


5. HARIHAR v US BANK, et al (Docket No. 1181-CV-04499, Middlesex Superior


6. US BANK v MOHAN A HARIHAR (Docket No. 11-SP-3032, Northeast

Housing Court)


For more information, press only:

Mohan A. Harihar
617.921.2526 (Mobile)

For additional publications Related Case References (Ongoing Litigation):

Twitter: @MH_Foreclosur1
LinkedIn: Mohan Harihar