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1. Choose the correct variant. 4. Choose the correct variant.

1. The subject ... we are all interested is global The Standfords company is one of the Detroit’s
warming. biggest ..., with 2500 ... , but because it is
2. The coastal village ... we spent our holiday expanding, it needs to ... 50 new people.
in this year was so beautiful that we are A) employments, employee, admit
planning to go there again next year. B) employees, employers, hire
3. The situation ... we found ourselves was dire. C) employers, employees, employ
4. Jane is the woman ... private life we are D) employees, employers, expel
interested. E) employers, employs, turn out
5. The topic ... he spoke was complex.
6. The houses, the roofs ... were shaking in the
storm collapsed.
a: of which b: which c: in whose
d: in which e: where f: that
g: whose
A) 1-b,f, 2-e, 3-b, f, 4- g, 5-d, 6- g 5. Choose the correct translation.
B) 1-f, d, 2- e, 3- d, 5-b, 6- a Bir çox iqtisadçılarn fikrincə sənayeləşmə
C) 1-b, 2-b, f, 3-d, 4-c, 5-b, 6-a prosesində olan ölkələrdə kapitalizm inkişaf
D) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5-a, 6- f etdikcə, kiçik müəssisələrin zamanla yox
E) 1-d, 2-b, f, 3-d, 4-c, 5-a, 6-a olacağını iddia edir.
A) Many economists claim that, as capitalism
develops in the countries that are in the
process of industrialization, small businesses
will eventually disappear.
B) In the opinion of many of these economists,
2. Choose the correct variant. small businesses will eventually disappear in
Juan is Spanish and came to live in England. those countries presently undergoing
In Spain he always had dinner late in the industrialization and turning to a capitalist
evening, but in England dinner was at 6 o'clock. system.
This was very early for him. When Juan first C) Many economists presume that, with the
came to England, he ...(1)… dinner so early, but development of capitalism in the countries now
after some time he ...(2)…it. Now he finds it undergoing industrialization, small businesses
quite normal. are already disappearing.
He ... (3) … dinner at six o'clock. D) The process of industrialization in these
a: was unaccustomed to having countries, together with developing capitalism,
b: got accustomed to will inevitably, according to most economists,
c: is accustomed to having lead to the closing down of small businesses.
d: wasn’t used to having E) With the spread of industrialization and the
e: got used to growth of capitalism in these countries, many
f: is used to having economists feel sure that the small businesses
A) 1- b, e, 2-a, d, 3-c, f will eventually close down.
B) 1-c, f, 2-b, e, 3-a, d
C) 1-a, d, 2-c, f, 3-b, e
D) 1- a, d, 2-b, e, 3-c, f
E) 1- b, e, 2-c, f, 3-a, d

6. Choose the correct prepositions.

3. Choose the correct variant. The tourist got caught ... rain while walking ...
a: ... few decisions were ever taken in that the forest and they found a shelter ... the rain ...
department. an old hut.
b: I realized that there were ...a lot of old A) in, in, from, in B) by, under, through, in
houses in this region. C) by, under, of, in D) in, along, down, in
1. only a 2. quite 3. rather 4. too E) under, in, out of, in
5. only 6. quite a 7. rather a 8. just
9. very 10. so 11. such 12. just a
A) a-1, 4, 6,7,9, 10, 12; b- 2, 3, 11
B) a-1, 4, 9, 10; b- 11
C) a-1, 4, 6, 10; b-2, 11
D) a-1, 4, 10; b-3 , 11
E) a-1, 4, 10; b- 2, 11

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7. How many Interrogative sentences are 11. Choose the correct variant.
correct? The doctor said to thee nurse: “You might be
1. Has Mozart written more than 600 pieces of mistaken.”
music? A) The doctor asked the nurse to not might be
2. How many pieces of music were written by mistaken.
Mozart? B) The doctor asked the nurse that she might
3. Was 600 pieces of music written by Mozart? be mistaken.
4. Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of C) The doctor asked the nurse she might have
music, didn’t he? been mistaken.
5. More than 600 pieces of music have been D) The doctor told the nurse that she might be
written by Mozart, haven’t they? mistaken.
6. Mozart who has written more than 600 E) The doctor told the nurse that she might
pieces of music is popular all over the world, have been mistaken.
isn’t he?
7. Mozart who wrote more than 600 pieces of
music is popular all over the world, didn't he?
8. More than 600 pieces of music works
written by Mozart are popular all over the 12. How many variants are correct?
world, aren't they? .... twenty people were vaccinated against the
A) 4 B) 2 C) 5 D) 3 E) 6 contagious diseases while going through the
customs at the airport.
1. Another 2. Some 3. Other
4. Every 5. More 6. Further
7. Half of
A) 3 B) 2 C) 4 D) 1 E) 5

8. Choose the synonyms of the underlined

words. 13. Choose the antonyms of the underlined
The remark he made was perfectly innocent. words.
A) partly, blameless B) excellently, guilty Jane was confident that the job he had been
C) superlatively, dangerous D) badly, guiltless offered might be permanent.
E) completely, harmless A) doubtful, full-time B) furious, eternal
C) unsure, temporary D) tolerant, temporary
E) sure, part-time

14. Choose the correct variants.

He was ... to apply for the job. He wasn't ... to talk
9. How many sentences are in the because the music was ... .
Passive Voice? 1. too old , young enough, so loud
1. He was frightened by the remark. 2. rather old, very young, loud enough
2. He was oppressed by a sense of loneliness. 3. very old, enough young, so loud
3. Good books are quickly sold. 4. so old, quiet young, so loud
4. He was greatly affected by the scene. 5. quite old, rather young, enough loud
5. Walter Scott’s poetry was strongly A) 1, 3, 5 B) 2, 3, 4 C) 1, 2
influenced by the popular ballads. D) 1, 5 E) 1,2, 4
6. The report was followed by a discussion.
7. The trapped animals were released after
being tagged by the wildlife conservationists.
A) 1 B) 3 C) 2 D) 5 E) 6 15. Choose the correct form of the Subjunctive
If she ... half and hour earlier, she ... to see him
before the departure. He was eager o say good-bye
to her.
A) came, would be able
10. Choose the correct variant. B) came, would have been able
I wish you .... my clothes without asking. C) had been coming, would have been able
A) wouldn’t borrow B) hadn’t borrowed D) had come, would have been abl
C) didn’t borrow D) weren’t borrowing E) had come, would be able
E) wouldn’t have borrowed

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16. How many successive orders are correct? 19. Choose the correct variant.
1. every other day 2. another ten days … the table she pretended not … about
3. four other days 4. every two days Martha.
5. every second day 6. somebody’s other A) Lying, to notice their gossiping
question B) Laid, to notice their gossip
7. somebody else’s question C) Lain, to notice their gossiping
8. an outstanding enough beauty D) Laying, to notice their gossiping
9. such an inherent distrust of strangers E) Having laid, to notice them to gossip
10. such a mutual understanding
A) 5 B) 3 C) 5 D) 8 E) 10

20. Complete the sentences.

17. Choose the logically correct variant. a. You think you are talented …
1. – Fred’s behavior with his friends isn’t b. You think, Smith let him go out …
pleasant. He refuses to change his opinions, way c. John was hardly able to trust that event
of behaving when other people try to persuade when he read the letter …
him to.
d. The man who was arrested yesterday is in
– Yes, you are right. He is quite obstinate.
prison …
2. –I asked Jane not to behave in a boastful,
1. nor was David 2. didn’t he? 3. don’t you?
unpleasant way, show little thought for other
people. 4. aren’t you ? 5. isn’t he? 6: wasn’t he?
– She is rather arrogant. 7: but we were 8. was he? 9. did he?
3. – Tom is real, exactly what it appears to be, 10. is he
not artificial. A) a-3, b-2, c-1, 7, d-5 B) a-4, b-2, c-8, d-6
– He is genuine enough. C) a-3, b-2, c-1, 7, d-6 D) a-4, b-2, c-1, 8, d-
4. – John is ready to forgive people and show 6
them kindness. E) a-3, b-2, c-1, 7, 8, d-5
– He is such a merciful boy.
A) 1, 3 B) 2, 4 C) 1, 4
D) 1, 2, 3 E) 1, 2, 3, 4

21. How many successive orders are

1. such a paper jam
2. a large quantity of traffic fine
3. a good deal of requirements
18. How many negative sentences are 4. a small amount of achievements
correct? 5. such an estimable deed
1. We had scarcely gone to bed when the 6. several urgent attempts
doorbell A) 3 B) 5 C) 2 D) 4 E) 1
rang, and they hadn’t either.
2. People don’t seldom recognize her since she
lost more than half her weight.
3. Few people don’t live to be one hundred
years old.
4. Before I get out of bed, I don’t spend
little time thinking about what I’ll be doing the 22. Choose the correct variant.
rest of the day. He seemed … all about influenza and said
5. A person can’t know everything there is there was nothing … about. It took him five
always minutes … me … his words.
something he doesn’t know. A) knowing, worrying, to make, to believe
6. Either Jack or Jill has no keys, do they? B) knowing, to worry, make, believe
7. Not only the students but also the teacher C) knowing, to worry, make, to believe
has D) to know, to worry, to make, believe
agreed on the issue, do they? E) to know, to worry, to make, to believe
8. Neither the President nor the Vice-President
came to the ceremony, does he?
A) 4 B) 2 C) 3 D) 6 E) 5

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23. Choose the correct articles. 26. Choose the correct variant.
... City of Westiminster, which stretches along Bold experiments and unique innovations in the
... River Thames, is one of the country’s field of the mathematics ... by Muslims
wealtiest boroughs and includes ... mathematicians ... this science to an exceptional
Westminister Abbey and ... Westminister high degree.
Cathedral. A) had been carried out, that were developed
A) -, the, -, - B) were carried out , who had developed
B) The, the, -, - C) were carried out, who had been already
C) The, -, -, - developed
D) -, -, the, the D) would have carried out, that developed
E) The, the, the, the E) were carried out , who developed

24. Opt for the inappropriate grammar 27. Choose the correct equivalent to the
point. given sentence
A) What do you mean by saying that? – “I won’t get my bicycle repaired here again
Gerund because they charged me far too much”
B) With a sudden tightening of the muscles he means “ … ”
became aware of a figure walking noiselessly A) I wouldn’t have let them repair my bicycle if
beside him. – Verbal noun I had known how much they would charge.
C) The driving wheel of the machine is broken. B) I’m sure there must be cheaper places that
– Present Participle ( PI ) repair bicycles just as well.
D) Your having written is really no excuse for C) I should have asked them how much they
your not coming on the day fixed. – charged before I left my bicycle with them to be
Past Participle ( PII ) repaired.
E) Having descended the mountain , they D) It cost me so much to get my bicycle
heard a man calling for help. – Present repaired there that I’ll never go back with it
Participle Perfect again.
E) Getting my bicycle repaired was very
expensive, so I hope I won’t need repairing

25. Choose the correct tense forms. 28. Choose the correct variant.
The term Middle Ages .... by scholars in the 15 Your daughter is upset because there is a lot of
the century to designate the interval between unpleasantness going on in her class. She says
the downfall of the classical world of Greece that one girl in particular has been telling lies
and Rome and its rediscovery at the beginning and trying to manipulate the other girls in the
of their own century, a revival in which they ... class. You know that this girl’s parents were
they... . Indeed, the notion of a long period of recently divorced, and you think that this may
cultural darkness... by Petrarch even earlier. be the reason for the girl’s behaviour. You want
A) coined, had felt, participated, had your daughter to understand this, so you say:
expressed. A) Have you thought about the possibility that
B) were coined, felt, had been participating, this girl is acting this way because she feels
had been expressed insecure after her parents’ divorce?
C) has been coined, have felt, have B) How would you feel if your father and I were
participated, expressed divorced? Do you think it would change your
D) was coined, felt, were participating, had behaviour at school?
been expressed C) I think you should try to stay away from her
E) was coined, felt, participated, was expressed for a while until her behaviour improves.
D) Why isn’t your teacher involved in trying to
sort all of this out?
E) What if I call her mother and talk to her?
Would that help?

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29. Choose the correct variant. 32. How many agreements of the Predicate
1. There is a big cake on the table. A … person with the Subject are correct?
would give his friend only a tiny piece. 1. Careful planning and a clear mind
2. She spends most of her free time taking is important for writing a good essay.
photographs. It’s a …hobby. 2. Warships, yachts, dinghies and a huge
3. My aunt is a very … person. She doesn’t aircraft carrier is out on the harbour.
want other people to do things for her. 3. Tim's collection of bottles was fantastic
4. She has been upper estimated by her 4. A small group of birds was flying across the
colleges for her …actions midnight sea.
a: fierce b: fascinating c: independent 5. An enormous herd of zebras was thundering
d: stingy e: fanciful f: generous towards us
A) 1-e, 2-a, 3-c, 4-e B) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a 6. My best friend, along with all his family and
C) 1-a, 2-b, 3-f, 4-c D) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-f pets, are moving to Australia.
E) 1-e, 2-a, 3-f, 4-b 7. Neither of you is going to the cinema this
A) 4 B) 3 C) 5 D) 2 E) 6

30. How many Genitive cases are correct?

1. She had to take a year’s leave because her
mother was seriously ill.
2. We were not informed of the Ted’s arrival.
Therefore everybody was offended of him.
33. Choose the correct variant.
3. The name of the woman sitting by the door
Fred is supposed to be a professional teacher ,
was strange.
but when you ask him more than one question,
4. John went to one of the airport’s duty-free
he loses his temper and gets nervous , he is ... .
shops to buy some gifts and a copy of Times
A) easy-going B) sociable C) impatient
D) determined E) patient
5. All data in the computer’s memory can be
A) 4 B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 E) 5

34. Choose the correct sentences.

31. Complete the dialogue.
1. I shot two quails for sale some days ago.
Liz : Do you think the Russian invasion of
2. There are some greenflies on the leaf.
Georgia will do lasting damage to Russia‘s
3. The gallows were erected just outside the
relations with the EU?
Brian : In the short term, tensions will be high,
4. Crossroads mean a place where two roads
but before long things will settle down smoothly
meet and cross each other.
5. The ethics of your decision are doubtful.
Liz : How can you be so positive?
6. This chronicle deals with the Portugals'
Brian : ... .
A) Russia‘s decision last year to reduce gas
A) 1, 2, 5 B) 3, 4, 6 C) 2 5, 6
supplies to Europe was based on economic
D) 1, 3, 4 E) 3, 5, 6
considerations rather than on any political
B) Russia has always shown a keen interest in
European politics and often tries to influence it
to its own advantage.
C) The response of France has been to
construct several new nuclear power stations.
D) If we‘re to live side by side, there must be a
good measure of trust.
E) Very simple. Russia needs European goods
and technology as much as Europe needs
Russian gas.

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35. How many words can be used instead of organs and body systems. The kidneys and
the underlined one? urinary tract for instance are stimulated by
Pierre wrote an excellent composition. It is the foods such as watermelon parsley and celery.
best one in the class. In the same way, some foods can affect our
1. brilliant 2. superb 3. gorgeous mental performance and moods. What we eat
4. splendid 5. perfect 6. magnificent can determine whether we are anxious or
7. marvellous 8. remarkable 9.wonderful relaxed, happy or depressed, alert or dull-
10.fabulous 11. stunning 12. breathtaking headed."
13. imposing This explains why we turn to stodgy comfort
A) 5 B) 3 C) 7 D) 10 E) 13 food when we're feeling miserable, and why we
were always told to eat fish before an exam.
High-protein foods rev up our brains to tackle a
difficult mental task.
Read the passage and answer the
36 . Complete the sentence according to the
Could our memory and ability to learn be passage.
affected by what we eat? That old saying: "We The writer aims at drawing the reader's
are what we eat", seems more pertinent than attention to the fact that ... .
ever with a spate of research that suggests we A) we should be vegetarians.
may have to go no further in our search for B) we should follow a balanced diet.
brain power and happiness than our dinner C) we don't need meat, but we need a great lot
plate. A study now being conducted by the of vitamins in order to be healthy.
Human Nutrition D) we should eat what we like and enjoy our
Department of the CSIRO is looking at how life.
folates and other В vitamins found in green E) we would rather not be vegetarians.
leafy vegetables can influence our moods and
our ability to think and remember. "Folate is a
vitamin that helps us feel good," says project
leader Dr Janet Bryan. "People suffering 37. It is said in the article that it has been
depression often have low levels of folate, and found recently that .... .
people who have lower blood levels of folate A) irregular meals can tell sadly on our ability
and other В vitamins perform relatively poorly to remember events and experiences.
on tests of mental performance." Another recent B) our eating habits very rarely have any
study published in the American Journal of influence on us.
Epidemiology indicated that people who ate C) children's mental performance can suffer
inadequately or missed meals experienced from high-fat diets.
greater memory loss than those who ate D) old people are always in bad moods and it is
regularly. Zinc, found in seafood, red meat, not because of their diet.
poultry and eggs, has also been found to affect E) eating habits had better make any influence
the brain's performance. on us.
And even much-maligned fat may be
important in the pursuit of health and
happiness. Research published in the journal 38. It has been proved in some studies that
Psychosomatic Medicine suggests that low-fat depression is caused by ... .
diets can lead to depression. The research A) the lack of zinc.
found that young women who had low levels of B) the low content of cholesterol in the blood.
cholesterol displayed higher measures of C) the high content of cholesterol in the blood.
depression and anxiety than those with normal D) the lack of seafood and vegetables in the
or high cholesterol. diet.
While these might be significant findings for E) the shortage of seafood and vegetables in
the world of modern science, they are nothing the consumption.
new to the branch of medicine known variously
as natural, alternative or complementary.
Natural therapists have long insisted that a 39. There is an opinion that the bad mood
properly balanced diet is as essential for the can be improved by ...
healthy function of the mind as it is for the A) using the special medicine.
body. B) keeping a properly balanced diet.
To David Stelfox, director of the Melbourne C) eating food which holds a lot of vitamin B.
College of Natural Medicine the idea that foods D) eating only seafood.
could affect the function of the brain is self- E) regular medicine usage.
evident' Foods are cocktails of literally
hundreds of chemicals which can have an effect
on the human body, Stelfox says. "We know
that certain foods affect the function of certain

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40. Some years ago it was found that ... 43. Qanunauyğunluğu müəyyən edin və “?”
A) any fruits could be used to treat mental
illnesses. əvəzinə uyğun olan variantı seçin.
B) health problems could be treated only with
the help of new medicine. 4  2 = 12
C) there was a connection between certain
foods and certain organs in the human body.
5  7 = 24
D) children's diet should consist only of milky 4  12 = 32
food. 35=?
E) it was a challenging process to find out any
remedy to cure a disease with the help of the
herbs. A) 12 B) 18 C) 16 D) 30 E) 24

44. Hərflərinin sırası pozulmuş beş sözdən

dördü arasında məntiqi əlaqə vardır. Fərqli
sözü seçin.
41. Nöqtə və xətlərdən ibarət kodlaşdırmada A) l a g i s B) v e h a y C) e m v ə y
S, A, T, G, F hərfləri aşağıdakı kodlara D) a n n a b E) ö m y ə g
45. Verilən sözlər arasında məntiqi əlaqəyə
Hərf Kod analoji olan variantı seçin (sözlərin
S •− ardıcıllığı nəzərə alınır).
A • gövdə – ağac – meşə
T −•−
G •−•• A) vərəq – dəftər – kitab
F −••− B) yağış – damla – su
C) söz – cümlə – mətn
Cədvələ əsasən aşağıdakı sözlərdən hansını D) kompyuter – monitor – cihaz
“ • − • • • − • − • ” formasında kodlamaq E) köynək – parça – paltar
46. Qanunauyğunluğu müəyyən edin və “?”
A) S G A F B) S G A F C) G S F A əvəzinə uyğun olan variantı seçin.
D) A F A T E) G A T A

42. Eyni hərbi hissədə xidmət edən Rəşadət, ?

Musa, Asif, Tural və Odər saat 08:00 ilə
18:00 arasında hər biri iki saat olmaqla
növbətçi oldular.
A) B) C)
→ Odər və Tural bir – birinin ardınca
növbətçi oldu;
→ Rəşadət Musadan əvvəl, Turaldan sonra
növbətçi oldu;
→ Asif günün birinci yarısında növbətçi D) E)

Sonuncu növbətçi kim oldu?

A) Asif B) Tural C) Musa
D) Odər E) Rəşadət

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47. Verilmiş bölmə əməliyyatına görə A - nı 51. Təhsil Strategiyasında üçüncü strateji
istiqaməti seçin:
A) Təhsilalanların fərdi xüsusiyyətlərini
A B C BC nəzərə alan innovativ təlim metodları və
B C D5
texnologiyaları vasitəsilə təhsilin
C D 0 məzmununun səmərəli mənimsənilməsini
D C təmin edən yüksək nüfuzlu təhsilverənin
A) 5 B) 9 C) 7 D) 6 E) 4 B) Səriştəyə əsaslanan şəxsiyyətyönlü təhsil
48. “?” əvəzinə hansı ədəd yazılmalıdır? məzmununun yaradılması.
C) Müasir tələblərə cavab verən və ömür
a  b = 2a + b2 boyu təhsili təmin edən təhsil
infrastrukturunun yaradılması.
a  b = a3 – b D) Nəticələrə görə cavabdeh, şəffaf və
a  b = 4a + 2b səmərəli tənzimləmə mexanizmlərinə malik,
dövlət-ictimai xarakterli və dövlət-biznes
(3  19)  (4  2) = ? partnyorluğuna əsaslanan təhsildə yeni
idarəetmə sisteminin formalaşdırılması
A) 60     B) 48  C) 56     D) 39    E) 42 E) Təhsilin dayanıqlı və müxtəlif
mənbələrdən istifadə olunmaqla yeni
49. 180 sm uzunluqlu taxta parçasından 12 maliyyələşdirmə mexanizminin yaradılması.
sm – lik taxta parçaları kəsmək üçün 70 san
vaxt sərf olunur. Bu taxta parçasını 15 sm –
lik taxta parçalarına ayırmaq üçün neçə
saniyə vaxt sərf olunar ?
52. Təhsil sahəsində dövlət siyasətinin
A) 90, 5 san B) 50 san C) 55 san prinsipləridir:
D) 1dəq E) 87, 5 san A) humanistlik, demokratiklik, bərabərlik,
varislik, inteqrasiya
50. Verilmiş kuba uyğun açılışı müəyyən B) nəticəyönümlilik, şəxsiyyətyönümlülük,
edin. tələbyönümllülük , humanistlik, millilik
C) millilik, şagirdyönümlülük, humanistlik,
demokratiklik, ümumbəşərilik
D) qloballaşma, inteqrasiya,
təklifyönümlülük , varislik, humanistlik
E) vahidlik, icbarilik, könüllülük,
A) C) şəxsiyyətyönümlülük, humanistlik

53. Müəllimin şagirdlərlə düzgün münasibət

yaratması onun hansı qabiliyyətləri sırasına
D) E) A) Konstruktiv
B) Qnostik (idraki)
C) Kommunikativ
D) Təşkilatçılıq
E) Perseptiv

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İPG TƏDRİS MƏRKƏZİ Müəllim: Elvir İsayev
54. Davranışı və fəaliyyəti stimullaşdıran 57. “Bu üsul şagirdlərdə, az da olsa, şəxsi
metodlar hansılardır? hüquqi təcrübənin olmasını nəzərdə tutur.
A) ictimai rəy, tapşırıq, tərbiyəedici situasiya Şagirdlərə mənəvi sahəyə aid problemlərin
B) nəql etmə, izah etmə, aydınlaşdrma, öyüd qoyulduğu və sinifdə ciddi müzakirə tələb
– nəsihət edən müxtəlif vəziyyətlər təklif olunur.
C) çalışma, alışdırma, pedaqoji tələb, ictimai Tənqidi təfəkkür vərdişlərini, təhlil
rəy, tapşırıq, tərbiyəedici situasiya qabiliyyətini inkişaf etdirir, mənəvi
D) disput, məruzə, nümunə dəyərləri, mövqeləri formalaşdırır.
E) yarış, rəğbətləndirmə, cəza Dəyərlərin müəyyənləşdirilməsinə dair
vəziyyət üzrə çalışmalar şagirdlərə öz
rəylərinə görə cavab verməyi və bunları mü-
55. Müvəffəqiyyət testlərinə aid olanı seçin dafiə etməyi öyrədir.” Söhbət hansı dərs
A) Yoxlananların əqli inkişaf səviyyəsini tipindən gedir ?
aşkara çıxarmağa xidmət edir A) Disput B) Akvarium C) Debat
B) Yoxlananların konkret bilik bacarıq və D) Vəziyyət üzrə praktikum
vərdişlərə yiyələnmə dərəcəsi aşkara E) KUB strategiyası
C) Bu cür testlərin köməyi ilə insanların nə
kimi xüsusi qabiliyyətlərə (musiqi,
riyazi, texniki və s.) malik olduqları
aşkara çıxarılır 58. Şagirdyönümlülük dedikdə nə nəzərdə
D) İnsanlarda yaradıcılıq qabiliyyətlərini tutulur?
aşkara çıxarmaq üçün tətbiq olunur A) bütün şagirdlərə öz idrak potensialını,
E) Fərdin şəxsiyyətinin müxtəlif cəhətlərini şəxsı qabiliyyətlərini inkişaf etdirmək üçün
tədqiq etmək üçün istifadə olunur əlverişli şəraitin yaradılması
B) təlimin məzmun və texnologiyasının
dövrün, cəmiyyətin tələblərinə uyğun
qurulması, şagirdlərə həyati bacarıqların
56.Şagirdlərin bilik, bacarıq və vərdişlərinin C) təlimin məzmun və texnologiyasının
qiymətləndirilməsinə verilən tələblərdən dövrün, cəmiyyətin tələblərinə uyğun
hansı yanlışdır? qurulması, şagirdlərə həyati bacarıqların
A) Verilən qiymət şagirdin bilik və aşılanması
bacarığındakı uğurlu və uğursuz cəhətlərin D) təlimdə fəndaxili və fənlərarası əlaqələrin
səciyyələndirilməsi ilə müşayiət olunmalıdır qurulması və bu əsasda şagirdlərin
B) Verilən qiymət ədalətli, obyektiv şüurunda dünyanın düzgün, bütöv
olmalıdır mənzərəsinin yaradılması, elmi
C) Şagirdin davranışı onun biliyinə, bacarıq dünyagörüşünün formalaşdırılması
və vərdişinə verilən qiymətə təsir E) şagirdlərin inkişafının, tələbat, maraq və
göstərməlidir meyllərinin daim diqqət mərkəzində
D) Şagirdin bilik və bacarığı saxlanması
qiymətləndirilərkən tək məzmun deyil,
forma da nəzərə alınmalıdır
E) Müvəffəqiyyət qiymətləndirilərkən
şagirdin dərs boyu fəaliyyəti nəzərə

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İPG TƏDRİS MƏRKƏZİ Müəllim: Elvir İsayev
59. Təlim strategiyasına aid olanları seçin
1. Ümumi təlim nəticələri
2. Forma və metodların təkmilləşdirilməsi
barədə tövsiyələr
3. Müəllimin təlim fəaliyyətinin planlaşdı-
rılmasına dair nümunələr
4. Məzmun xətləri üzrə təlim nəticələri
5.Fənn üzrə təlimin təşkilinə verilən əsas
6. Əsas qiymətləndirmə növləri
A) 1,2,5
B) 2,3,5
C) 2,3,6
D) 1,3,5
E) 2,3,6

60. Mütəşəkkil tərbiyə prosesi nə ilə

A) İctimai həyatın obyektiv və subyektiv
amilləri ilə
B) Təhsillə
C) Ünsiyyətlə
D) İrsiyyətlə
E) Şəxsi və kollektiv fəaliyyətlə

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