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raise oft Soleter ome Mitre Solera eee Season Ontario @ Somerton oezo1ese April 26, 2019 Dr. Dirk Huyer, MD Chief Coroner for Ontario Office of the Chief Coroner 225 Merton Shulman Avenue Toronto ON M3M OB! Deer Dr. Huyer: FRe:_ Inquest into the deaths of 8 Inmates atthe Hamiton-Wentworth Detention Centre OCC Inquest File 020% _ | am in receipt of your correspondence enclosing a copy ofthe Coroners vert explanation, verdict and recommendations ofthe Coroner's jury from the Inquest into the above-noted deaths Pease find enclosed the chart indicating our ministry responses to Recommendations 1 to 62. | trust this will be of assistance to you Enclosure © Deputy Solicitor General, Correctional Services ‘Assistant Deputy Minister, Modernization ‘Assietant Deputy Minister, Operational Support Regional Director, Western Region Director, Legal Services Branch Director, Business Planning and Support Services Branch Director, Correctional Services Recruitment and Training Contre Director, Corporate Health Care and Wellness Branch Director, Program Design and Implementation Branch Manager, Corporate Health Care Manager, Institutional Operational Policy Manager, Correctional investigation and Security Unit ena, Creepers Unt ‘Manager; Information Management Unit ‘Superintendent, Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre Ministry Responses to Coroner Jury Recommendations: Group of Eight (Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre) Inquest 2201-16 Total - 62 recommendations RECOMMENDATION. RESPONSES ‘A. Harm reduction from a eecurly Perspect [admission procedures “To MSCS and HWDC: in order fo ensure | The Admiting poy dacs hat avery inmate and thle property ‘hata gearones of inmates on aamission | ust be morougnly Searened upon aamission and at semrchos ‘re conducted in complance with misty | must be recorded Inthe Admiing and Discharge search logbook. ploy, weekly audits must bo conducted of ‘Admission and Discharge search records. | In 2016, he ministy nroduced whole body x-ay scanners to Inthose cases where tere Is no record of | insitutons o assist nthe detection of concealed contraband. All ‘search ofan inmate othe records are | inmate ate scanned upon enty and fan inate refuses of Folin compliance with ministry poby, an | resets a body ecan, the inmates placed ina ary celland Unscheduled search of ving unts of he _| monitored for observation. Involved inmates should take pce. ‘The search logbook fs audited daly atthe Hamiton-Wentworth Detention Centre (HWDC) and follow-up is conductod in cireumstances where nor-compiance is noted. This includes confirming that a search was competed. ‘To NCSCS and HWOG: In oder to reduce | Preveniing contraband from entering the ineifution is complex the rk posed by individuals who commit | and equies a number of secuty measures and equipment. criminal offences to gan access to the detention centre fo the purpose of Upon admission to an instuton ncuding the HWYDC, al nates irroduetion and dstrbuton of contraband, | and thir property are searched. Sinco 2076, ths has includes althe time of admission, review previous | whole body xray scanners o assist nthe detection of concealed Placements and, where'aroquests made | contraband, The whole body xray scanners used in conunction {ara diferent placement with no apparent_| wth ather avaiable search equipment, such as hand-held metal ‘change in cumstances, report the etecors, walkthrough mal detectors, and parcel ay request tothe in-charge officer and, where | scanners, 2s well as fsk and stip searches. {ease pace the inmate in a dry cl for ‘observation \Whon a securty concen fs identified at admission such as refusing a search or X-Ray body sean, the inmate i suspocted to have contraband and placed i a dy cell and montored for observation Previous inmate placements are also roviowod by staff when thane isa sour concam, “The placement of an inmate within the inetuton fs dependent Upon the secutty concer as well as athe factors, eluding seponiy, opoctl management maton, cooury use, ng, health conaems, ete Atte HVDC, @ new intake Assessment Unt for all nowy ‘amited male mates opened in July 2018 that aims to assign new inmates to an appropriate ving Un within 24-72 hours of ‘admission, Inmates aimed to this unt are assessed by @ multdseipinary team which provides advice regarding the inmate's housing placement based on evaluation induding ‘observations of sins of mental ad physical heath, recoptiveness to drecton from staf, compliance vith unit rogulations, and general overall boiaviour. 1