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6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Is aware of the need to Begins to engage in Engages in reflection Reflects individually Maintains ongoing
reflect on teaching reflection on teaching individually and with and with colleagues on reflective practice and
practice to support practice individually colleagues on the refinements in action research in
student learning. and with colleagues relationship between teaching practice and supporting student
Reflects individually or that is focused on making adjustments in connections among learning and raising
with colleagues on methods to support teaching practice and the elements of the the level of academic
immediate student the full range of impact on the full range CSTP to positively achievement.
learning needs. learners. of learners. impact the full range
of learners. Engages in and fosters
reflection among
colleagues for school
wide impact on
student learning.
I discuss daily with my head of The inclusion of my As being part of a recent
my department who is also my mentor into the Accredidation process, I
appointed mentor about even the
smallest issues with instruction
coursework of this class was given the
6.1 Reflecting on and behavioral problems. I am in our meetings has opportunity to be on an
teaching practice in always add notations on lesson given me even more integral group panel
plans of how they could be better feedback to help designed to collect data
support of student improved for the following year increase my success as on student learning and
learning and what could be taken away. I an educator. This is how teacher instruction. In
make additional information
available and remove any
I discovered I was still this position, I was able
unnecessary time-costs. We also encountering a lack of to work directly with
reflect at a department and support for my English members of our faculty
sometimes as a faculty meetings. language learners across departments to
I don’t employ the actual individual growth. I was build a data sheet based
paperwork of the CTSP process
shown that while I adapt on school achievements
regularly for myself, but I plan on
continuing. As for colleagues, materials for everything to inform our decisions
being very new to a campus that I use, I am not giving of areas of focus,
is heavy with tradition has not them enough changes needed, and
really earned me the place to opportunities to practice successful programs. It
comment on veteran teaching academic language and also allowed us to share
styles. I have received difficulty
further develop their our findings with the
in this matter so far, I hope my
example as a teacher and success fluency. 5/13/18 rest of the campus
would earn me a better place community. 5/9/19
soon. 10/6/17 Still maintaining a great
mentor relationship that
allows me to go over
student achievement
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
regularly and get
feedback about it’s
success or needs. I have
not branched out into
the campus community
much further, therefore I
fall short of innovation.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops goals connected Sets goals connected to the Sets goals connected to the Sets and modifies authentic Sets and modifies a broad
to the CSTP through CSTP that take into account CSTP that are authentic, goals connected to the CSTP range of professional goals
required processes and self-assessment of teaching challenging, and based on self- that are intellectually connected to the CSTP to
local protocols. practice. assessment. challenging and based on improve instructional
self-assessment and practice and impact student
Attends required Expands knowledge and Aligns personal goals with feedback from a variety of learning within and beyond
professional development. skills individually and with school and district goals, and sources. the classroom.
colleagues through focuses on improving student
available professional learning. Engages in and contributes Engages in ongoing inquiry
development. to professional into teacher practice for
Selects and engages in development targeted on professional development.
professional development student achievement.
based on needs identified in Pursues a variety of Contributes to professional
professional goals. additional opportunities to organizations, and
learn professionally. development opportunities
to extend own teaching

6.2 Establishing
professional goals and I set not only content goals
engaging in continuous where I wish to improve
and purposeful the range of materials
professional growth and instructed, but also my
development background knowledge. I
set specific goals for myself.
As a professional we are
allowed paid time to seek
conferences and lectures, I
also try to do research on
my own online and with
reading. For instance, I
recently started reading
into a book that talks about
teaching the male mind,
since I am employed at an
all-male catholic school. I’m
seeking additional support
into learning the
backgrounds of Catholicism
since I am not a Catholic but
must be aware of its
teachings. 10/6/17

The only factor that keeps
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
me from moving this
evaluation into the
innovating evaluation level
is that I don’t have a think I
have a large enough
establishment on my own
campus or in the local
community to say I
contribute to an
organization. I am always
learning and trying to
engage in all kinds of
professional development,
both provided through
occupation and personally
driven. Also, I don’t bring
my coursework of the
CSTPs to all my connected
professionals, though few.

Haven’t had much
opportunity for formal
professional development,
outside of required faculty
conferences. I do plan on
seeking more individual
opportunities instead of
waiting for strictly
administration planned or
assigned events. 12/9/18

During the final semester,
semester 4, this entire CSTP
has been far more
developed. I have sought
out more opportunities to
work on my professional
development, set short-
term and long-term goals,
and even set in motion
programs or projects to
help support my institution
as a teacher leader.
However, as these are new
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
and just added into my
career goals, I have to say
I’m still at the integration
evaluation. I do take part of
mandatory professional
development, this course
included. Yet I know I could
reach further into
professional societies and
organizations to increase
my growth pace. 5/9/19

Attends staff, grade level, Consults with colleagues to Collaborates with colleagues to Collaborates with Facilitates collaboration
department, and other consider how best to improve student learning and colleagues to expand with colleagues.
required meetings and support teacher and reflect on teaching practice at impact on teacher and
collaborations. student learning. the classroom level. student learning within Works to ensure the
grade or department and broadest positive impact
6.3 Collaborating with Identifies student and Begins to identify how to Interacts with members of the school and district levels. possible on instructional
colleagues and the teacher resources at the access student and teacher broader professional practice and student
broader professional school and district level. resources in the broader community to access resources Engages with members of achievement at school and
community to support professional community. that support teacher the broader professional district levels and for the
teacher and student effectiveness and student community to access profession.
learning learning resources and a wide range
of supports for teaching the Initiates and develops
full range of learners. professional learning
opportunities with the
broader professional
community focused on
student achievement.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
I’ve attended With the participation in
conferences where we the integral group for
engage with not just our student learning and
own colleagues but also teacher instruction, I had
other catholic high a unique opportunity to
schools in the be innovative in this
Archdiocese of Los element during this
Angeles. I use this semester. I was
opportunity to compare combined into a group
available programs and that reached across all
resources. For instance, I subject departments. We
met a representative of then took assessment
the Loyola Art data from surveys of
department who has an faculty, student, and
extensive Photography parent resources. From
program offered. I those assessments we
sought his guidance so analyzed the data to
we could rebuild ours. develop common trends
We also engage in faculty and characteristics and
meetings for content make judgements of the
development and cross success of all
subject matter departments’ practices.
collaborations. However, Then from those
I have not personally judgements, we
been the facilitator, yet. collaborated to mark
10/6/17 strengths and weakness
across all subjects. From
Recent meetings within those marks we then
my department has been created plans of action
fruitful for collaborative to support areas of
projects and increasing strength and develop or
student success and improve areas of
interest into our entire weaknesses. I am
department. My mentor working to stay as a part
and department chair of this type of campus
engage daily about the evaluation advocate for
evolution of our it to continue. 5/9/19
program, we compare to
local competition and
surrounding programs.
As we also share content
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
areas, we also discuss
regularly about creating
student interest, keeping
the program rigorous
and students performing.

Faculty required events
still allow cross
discussions and
collaborations about
professional skills,
however, I have not yet
been able to step into a
position of advocating
for professional
development. I would
like to seek more
opprotunities to
facilitate professional
development and
improve campus culture.

Is aware of the role of Acknowledges the Supports families to Provides Structures a wide
the family in student importance of the contribute to the opportunities and range of opportunities
learning and the need family’s role in classroom and school. support for families to for families to
for interactions with student learning. Adjusts communication actively participate in contribute to the
6.4 Working with families. Seeks information to families based on the classroom and classroom and school
families to support about cultural norms awareness of cultural school. community. Supports
student learning of families norms and wide range of a school/district
represented in the experiences with schools. Communicates to environment in which
school. Welcomes families in ways which families take
family involvement at show understanding leadership to improve
classroom/ school of and respect for student learning.
events. cultural norms.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
We recently have
developed an annual
art show where we
welcome sister schools
to participate and this
provides us with
unique opportunities to
interact with parents
and other colleagues to
talk about the program
and their student
experience. We think
we need to keep the
parents involved not
only in their students’
progress but in the
school as well. Parents
are welcomed to
volunteer for activities
in class and other areas
of support. However, I
think I can be more
vocal about these
opportunities. 10/6/17

The annual art show
increased immensely in
the two years at my
school. Attendance and
participation of artists
tripled. We still haven’t
fully tapped into the
families of our
students, yet we are
looking to start an art
club next year that
would give students
whom are fully
invested into the
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
programs more
opportunities to engage
their families in
activities. We’ve also
discussed creating
opportunities for
parents to lend their
time in the classroom.

Our program and
department still has
not quite developed a
big enough parent
relationship where we
can have more
participation with our
goals and needs. I think
we need a better
platform to keep
parents updated about
our events, needs, and
goals. Perhaps we need
a newsletter, or gallery.

Parent interactions and
contributions have not
been full tapped into
with my personal
classroom and the
department. With our
new development of a
department website we
hope to be more
communicative to our
supporters and parents
about our needs. Also, I
am going to look for
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
more opportunities for
parents to be involved
in our larger events
and even perhaps
developing art
experiences for parents
to partake in and build
interest. These are still
in the idea phase and I
have to work out the
formal issues of adult
involvement into the
events and class. So this
is definitely still
exploring. 5/9/19
Develops awareness Seeks available Uses a variety of Uses a broad range of Collaborates with
about local neighborhood and neighborhood and neighborhood and community members
neighborhoods and community resources. community resources to community resources to increase
communities support the curriculum. to support the instructional and
6.5 Engaging local surrounding the Includes references or instructional program, learning opportunities
communities in school. connections to Includes knowledge of students, and families. for students.
support of the communities in single communities when
instructional Uses available lessons or sequence of designing and Draws from Engages students in
program neighborhood and lessons. implementing instruction understanding of leadership and service
community resources community to improve in the community.
in single lessons. and enrich the Incorporates
instructional program. community members
into the school
learning community.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
This is an area we are
already starting to improve.
Since our program is
underdeveloped we are
seeking outside assistance
within the local art
communities, not just for
resources but for ideas on
broadening the program
and giving the students
more opportunities. We
invite pillars of the art
community to the art show
and parents with art
connections so that they
may see the potential
within our program. I also
seek additional educational
networking through a non-
profit educational
foundation that I have
worked for. I will say that
we are not still in full effect,
but we have goals. 10/6/17

Still in the preliminary
phases of trying to engage
the community in the
program at our school. We
are making sure to
communicate for events
through our school’s social
media connections. We still
haven’t made our way into
the local professional art
community, including local
art societies or art focused
businesses. I’m seeking
connections from my
previous master teacher
who worked nearby.
Hopefully this course of
research will be fruitful.

CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
My deparment chair is the
learder of our outreach
efforts and is always
looking for partners of our
goals to help with spread of
our mission and needs.
While I am a part of these
efforts, I can’t say I lead the
way. I need to look for more
ways to find professional
partnerships all on my own
and with more local
community leaders.

We have plans to increase
our community outreach,
bring our sister schools into
our events, seek
experiences from outside
insiutions for field trips,
and also opportunities for
students to use our content
for service in the near
future. They are in the
planning phase, so we are
looking to innovate, but we
have to complete a few
things before we can claim
to be innovating. 5/9/19
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops an Maintains Anticipates professional Integrates the full Models
understanding of professional responsibilities and range of professional professionalism and
professional responsibilities in manages time and effort responsibilities into supports colleagues in
responsibilities. timely ways and seeks required to meet advanced planning meeting and
support as needed. expectations. and prepares for exceeding
Seeks to meet required situations that may be professional
commitments to Demonstrates Pursues ways to support challenging. Responsibilities
students. commitment by students’ diverse learning effectively.
exploring ways to needs and maintains Maintains continual
address individual belief in students’ effort to seek, develop, Supports colleagues to
student needs. capacity for achievement. and refine new and maintain the
creative methods to motivation, resiliency,
ensure individual and energy to ensure
student learning. that all students
6.6 Managing achieve.
professional I am still very I’m better equipped and This semester my
responsibilities to motivated, yet I do have a better routine to efforts to to develop
sometimes struggle meet the other needs of creative methods,
with returning scores my position on campus. advance planning
motivation and back quickly. I am I’ve gotten better at
commitment to all and prepare for
finding that my managing time within my
students difficult situations. I
maintenance of my classroom, such as
own health and stress grading in smaller have a developed a
levels is increasingly increments to not be better schedule for
more important. I overwhelmed. I’ve also outside
have working to find a begun to develop even responsibilities to be
more planned more relationships with handled with ease
schedule to give exact students about the and reminders are a
hours for importance of caring must. However,
responsibilities while about their own success. inside the classroom
still allowing personal My reputation on campus I’m always prioritize
times for my own is starting to spread as
my students in their
health and benefit. being a teacher who helps
health, well-being,
This area I know I and tries to understand
need improvement in. her students. (According and their full
10/6/17 to a few student reports.) development. The
So I’m moving in the right only reason I have
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
direction. I notice some not evaluated myself
teachers on campus that as innovating is
are losing their because, while I am
care/patience/motivation developing my
in the classroom, yet I
don’t feel comfortable or
relationships, I still
familiar enough to help
support them. I’m am not a leading
thinking about writing a figure in our
letter of “lessons of a new community to
teacher” to them in the advocate for
near future, reminding professionalism. I
them why they love this am leading by
job and that despite example until then.
difficulties, each child is 5/9/19
just looking for where
they belong. 5/13/18

I am always look for ways
to make sure my
commitment to the
students and their learning
is always renewed and
reenergized. Starting
student learning profiles,
developing routines that
are more consistant for
class structure, but are
flexible enough to allow
the change of instruction
needed for every student’s
needs. I’m getting better at
these yet I feel like I need
more efforts to broaden to
be considered Integrating.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Follows all state education codes, legal requirements, district and site policies, Maintains a high standard of personal integrity
contractual agreements, and ethical responsibilities.* and commitment to student learning and the
profession in all circumstances.
* As follows:
• Take responsibility for student academic learning outcomes. Contributes to building professional community
• Is aware of own personal values and biases and recognizes ways in which and holding peers accountable to norms of
these values and biases affect the teaching and learning of students. respectful treatment and communication.
• Adheres to legal and ethical obligations in teaching the full ranges of
learners, including English learners and students with special needs. Contributes to fostering a school culture with a
• Reports suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect as outlined in the high degree of resilience, professional integrity,
California Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act. and ethical conduct.
• Maintains a non-hostile classroom environment and carries out laws and
district guidelines for reporting cases of sexual harassment.
• Understands and implements school and district policies and state and
federal law in responding to inappropriate or violent student behavior.
6.7 Demonstrating • Complies with legal and professional obligations to protect the privacy,
professional health, and safety of students, families, and other school professionals.
responsibility, • Models appropriate behavior for students, colleagues, and the profession.
integrity, and • Acts in accordance with ethical considerations for students.
ethical conduct • Maintains professional conduct and integrity in the classroom and school
When it comes to professionalism between students,
colleagues, families, and communities, I hold myself to the
highest and strictest standards. I have the purest devotion
to nurture and protect my students.

I speak up on behalf of the safety and benefit of all my
students, and have done so to other colleagues and
administrators. I believe that all students are mirrors and
reflect their teachers and surroundings. I make my work
with my students heavily focused on kindness and
integrity. The classroom I conduct is an open, safe, and
accepting culture. I will protect it with all my efforts, and
feel personally responsible for the mental, emotional, and
ethical development of all my students. Besides their
parents, we are a key resource in molding the future
character of our youth. I take that with the highest sense of
purpose and responsibility. There is absolutely no
acceptance of anything less. 10/6/17

CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Nothing less than being a leader for being a professional
teacher and a good example is acceptable. My students are
my priority and their care trumps any and all content
within my class. Students are mirrors and I must be an
example for them in all things. If my students remember
nothing about art in my class for the rest of their lives,
they will at the very least understand that I am a teacher
who respects others, looks out for her students, and
responsible in all things. 5/13/18

As always, I focus highly on being an example of the
practices and attitudes of a professional teacher. There is
no way I can accept anything less. The well-being and
success of my students is the highest priority in all I do.

After this semester, I’ve had more opportunities to begin
creating a profile or persona for myself as a teacher who
leads by example. I take my responsibility of being a
protector of my students. I preach and practice a strong
sense of integrity and challenge anything or anyone who
comes close to dishonoring them. With my leadership
project I have also begun to step into the spotlight as
someone who wants to build and grow, not just personally,
but as a member of a learning community. The education
system is important but also still needs improvement and
needs to be held to the highest standards of all
professionalism. I honor those standards and work to push
those standards for all. 5/9/19