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VENUE : ASTROBOWL B, 4th Floor STARMALL Alabang, Muntinlupa City

DATE : November 3, 2015 – Elimination

November 12, 2015 – Semi Finals
November 17, 2015 - Finals

TIME : 11:00 am (Committee Officers)

12:00 pm (Assembly Time)
1:00 pm (15 minutes of shadow bowling)
Time of Roll Off (immediately after shadow bowling)

 Only officials and regular employees of Ayala Security Force accredited Security Service
Providers are allowed to join the tournament. Members of the National Bowling Team (RP
Team) are not qualified to join.
 Team Composition:
a. One (1) Playing Team Captain (Male or Female)
b. Two (2) Male
c. One (1) Female
d. One (1) Reserved (Maximum number of reserves)
 There should be four (4) players in each team at every game composed of three (3) males
and one (1) female.


 The tournament will be for three (3) days as follows:
o November 3, 2015 – Elimination (Selecting the Top 12)
o November 12, 2015 – Semi-Finals (Selecting the Top 6 from the Top 12 of the
Elimination Round)
o November 17, 2015 – Finals (Selecting the Top 3 from the Top 6 of the Semi-Final
 The tournament will be a three (3) game format, wherein, each team will be playing three
(3) games and the total score of the three games will be used to determine the
standing/ranking of each team.
 Each team will draw a number corresponding to the lane that they will be assigned to
during the duration of the tournament.
 Shuffling or changing order of players while the game is in progress is not allowed. Players
violating this rule shall be penalized with a score of seventy (70) pin fall only.
 Teams are obliged to strictly observe the playing order of players listed in the official score
sheet during the tournament. Substitution of players is allowed only after each game and
before the first ball of the first frame is thrown.
 Frame with missing pin(s), once the ball is rolled shall be treated as good ball while frame
with fallen or down pin(s) must be re-bowled. All bowlers are entrusted to monitor and
abide by this rule.

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 Team captains are held responsible to their team members on the rules and format of the
tournament and the collection of the team registration fee, lane fee, shoe rental fee, and
other expenses.
 All conflicts during the game that cannot be decided by the contending teams shall be
referred to the Tournament Committee for decision. The Tournament Committee reserves
the right to promulgate other rules or undertake measurers to protect the integrity of the
 The above rules and regulations can only be overruled by the tournament committee with
the consultation of the team captains, on a case-to-case basis.
 On the Final Round, in case of tie, each team shall select a representative bowler to play for
the tie-breaking game. The representative shall bowl one (1) game or until the tie is broken.

 No Handicapping will be applied

 Players are required to wear their uniform during the games. Bowling shoes are required in
order to play. STRICTLY NO sandals and sleepers while playing. A logo or name of the team
must be placed visibly on the T-shirt of any player.
 Bowlers who are not in proper uniform will have a deduction of twenty (20) pin falls from
his/her score on every game played.

 Personal balls and gears are allowed during the duration of the tournament.
 Overall Team Champion (Team with highest pin falls)
o One (1) Trophy
o Five (5) Medals (one for each team member)
 1st Runner Up – Team
o One (1) Trophy
o Five (5) Medals (one for each team member)
 2nd Runner Up – Team
o One (1) Trophy
o Five (5) Medals (one for each team member)
 Team with Highest Number of Strikes
o One (1) Trophy
o Five (5) Medals (one for each team member)
 Overall Individual Champion (Individual with highest pin falls)
o One (1) Trophy
 1st Runner Up – Individual
o One (1) Trophy
 2nd Runner Up – Individual
o One (1) Trophy

 Entry Fee - Php 2,500.00 per team
 Lane Fee - Php 1,075.00 per team each game day (including Bowling Shoes)

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 The first rule in bowling is to never bother another bowler while they are in the
process of bowling
Bowling requires concentration and focus so just as you wouldn’t want to be distracted,
don’t disturb others that are trying to bowl.
 Bowlers on the right hand lane has the right of way to bowl first
He/she can waive the right of way to the person bowling on the left most lane if they so
 Never pick up your ball from the return rack while another bowler is preparing to
bowl and is in his/her starting position
Refrain from creating noises or movements that may be spotted out of the corner of their
eye. For cases where another bowler constantly causes distractions while you are preparing
to bowl, let them have the right of way. This way you can stay in control of your game and
remain relaxed to take your shot.
 Refrain from using obscenities or vulgar language
Bowling is and has always been a lot of fun for people of all ages. Be courteous to families by
avoiding foul language in their presence.
 After your shot, let others bowl
Every time you bowl, of course, you want to see the results of your shot, but allow others to
bowl by making your way back from the approach as quickly as possible.
 Wear proper shoes
 Street shoes often bring debris and dirt to the lanes which can be a hazard to the approach
and even to you. Keep these shoes off the approach and wear the proper bowling shoes.
 Keep food and other refreshments off of the approach
Any spillage on the approach can create unsafe bowling conditions
on the lanes.
 Remember, there are others waiting to bowl
By all means, go through your preshot routine but be aware of others waiting for their turn.
 Above all else…have fun
Bowling is a sport that is supposed to be enjoyable so have fun but not at the expense of


 Observe courtesy at all times
 Observe and always stay behind the foul line
 Leave the approach after your ball hits the pins. Do not stay at the foul line more than
 Avoid bothering other bowlers as they prepare to bowl.
 Always stay calm. Control your temper.
 Be gracious in victory and defeat.

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