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Inspection Call Details

Call Date :- Proposed Date :-

PO Number :- 9000007440 Insp. Type :- CIP Final Inspection
Contractor Code :- 2200000041 Contractor Name :- New Northeast Electric Group H
Manufacturer Name :- Inspection Level :-
Manufacturer Code :- Call Status :-
Manufacturer Address:- Anticipated Inspection Mandays :- 0

Project Detail :- Insp. Office :-

Insp. Engineer :-

Contact Details:- Requester Details:-

Contact Person :- Call Requested By :-
Telephone Number :- Designation :-
E-Mail Address :- E-Mail Address :-
Weekly Off :- Your Mobile No. :-

PO line Material Item Description WBS Element Total Offered Quantity Unit
Item No. Quantity Quantity Accepted
00130 00000000400 SF6 GAS TR-201120-07- 5,120 0 0 KG
0000289 01-01

Vendor Comments :-

Documents Available :-
Type test is Approved :-
GTP is Approved :-
Drawings are Approved :-
MQP/ITP/FAT is approved :- NA
We confirm that all the documents related to the contract are available at the place of inspection.
We categorically confirm that the material offered has already been Inspected by our Quality Assurance Department and found in Order.
Specifically, we confirm that the item meets approved standard MQP and POWERGRID Specification Requirements, the type test approval
has been obtained from POWERGRID Engg and all previous inspection stages have been cleared. We also confirm that this material has not
been offered to any other inspection agency / POWERGRID in the past.

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