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Throughout the unit of work, students will display work samples in their RE portfolio. The RE
portfolio is a display file that is used to display pieces of work students complete in RE throughout
the year. At the end of each unit, students take home their portfolios to share with their families.

A variety of assessment is included throughout this unit. One piece in particular is the Fruits of the
Holy Spirit Flip Book Creation. Students are to show their learning of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in
a creative way.

As the flip book can be difficult and time consuming to create, some templates would already be
previously created for students who may need them, for those who may struggle to create one.
However, students will also be given the opportunity to create their own using coloured card and
printed out labels, following the template provided.

In this assessment piece, students are asked to define each of the fruits of the Holy Spirit using
their own words, as well as provide an illustrated or written example of what implementing these
fruits looks like in daily life.

Prior to working on the flip book, students will participate in 3 lessons which give the students the
opportunity to explore the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Students will also have 2 lessons to work on
their creation, plus the opportunity to work on it at home if they require.

A rubric will be used to assess the Flip Book creation, to check student’s understanding and to
provide feedback on their learning so far. The completed rubric and flip book creation will be
displayed in each child’s RE portfolio. A copy of the rubric and flip book template is provided as
part of this planning document.

Once the flip books have been marked against the rubric, the teacher can gain an insight into each
student’s understanding of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The teacher can then use this information to
determine whether it is clear the students are confident and proficient in the fruits of the Holy
Spirit. If it is clear that some students are still not quite sure, the teacher will have to follow them
up and check in during the future lessons. This could mean the teacher would have to revisit
teaching the fruits of the Holy Spirit as a whole class, provide extra information in small groups or
have one-on-one conferences. What the teacher does with this assessment information depends
on the number of students that require further assistance and the preferred learning styles of these
Each piece of coloured card is a flap of the flip book. In the space provided, students are asked to
write and/or illustrate their definition of each of the fruits and an example of what it looks like in
daily life. For example, on the red piece of card students define and provide an example of the fruit
Love and on the orange piece, define and provide an example of Joy and so forth. Eventually, it
turns into a flip book of all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Rubric Assessment

Student: Lesson: Date:

Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent

The student provides a
clear definition of each It is clear that the student understands
A brief definition of each of the fruits are
of the fruits of the Holy Definitions for each fruit are mixed up each of the fruits as they can provide a
Spirit. provided however some confusion is
or not all fruits are defined clearly. thorough definition of each fruit in their
own words.

There is a clear example

either written or
Some examples provided for each fruit are
illustrated, related to Examples are not clear or not all fruits A clear and thorough example of each of
each of the fruits of the clear and straightforward. Some examples
have an example provided. the fruits is provided.
Holy Spirit. lack clarity.

Presentation is neat,
spelling and grammar are Presentation of flip book is neat and tidy,
Presentation of the flip book is poor
accurate. Presentation is clear and neat. Some and straightforward. Majority of spelling
and spelling and grammar mistakes are
spelling and grammar mistakes are made. and grammar is used correctly. It is clear
present throughout.
this student has put in a lot of effort.