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Bikini Body Eating Guide

Hayley R

A message from Hayley...

Hi all,

Thanks for downloading the amazing Love Your Body ‘Bikini Body’
Eating Guide. This eating plan has been designed for the purpose of
achieving your weight loss goals effectively, get your leanest possible
body and in turn a better quality of life. Please follow it as closely as
possible in order to gain the results we want to see you achieve!

There are a few simple rules to follow when designing an eating plan to help you lose weight, balance
your diet and feel fantastic. The program format runs a little like this:

* 3-5 small meals per day, 1 meal every 2-3 hours (this will depend on how busy your days
are). Please avoid skipping meals. This is for the purpose of stimulating your metabolism.

* Only have 3 portions of carbohydrates per day. These must be fist-sized servings
plus your protein and/or vegetables. These include good quality carbohydrates only.
Please refer to the list below. Please try to keep these early in the day (before lunch).

* Include good quality proteins with each meal and combine proteins as much as
possible to achieve a better balance of amino acids. This in turn will keep your blood sugar
levels stable, help you to burn fat efficiently, and stop you from craving sugar and the
wrong foods.

* Please also purchase a supplement called L-Carnitine which an amino acid very effective
for helping to burn fat and take 20 minutes prior to every training sessions. This can be
found at GNC stores and any good health food store.

Please feel free to contact me by emailing should you have any questions or
problems with this plan. Good luck and stick with it - your body will thank you for it and you’ll wonder how
you ever did things differently!

+ Love, H xxx
Hayley R

Foods that are / are not your friends.

Protein sources to choose from: Eat lots of:

t Lean cuts of red meat t Green Vegetables (especially spinach)
t Chicken, turkey, fish (grilled, no skin), tuna,
salmon (in spring water only
t Kangaroo meat and kanga banga’s
t Tofu/tempeh
Include sparingly*:
t Avocado
t Mushrooms
t Extra virgin olive oil
t Dairy (full-fat no added sugar, limit)
t Raw nuts
t Eggs (keep yolk to a minimum of 4 per week,
t Other good fats and good quality oils
and just have the whites thereafter)
t Seeds (i.e. sunflower, pumpkin, flax etc)
t Seafood

Do not consume:
Carbohydrate sources to choose t Processed foods (anything white, pre-packaged etc)
from: t Confectionary (chocolate, lollies etc)
(All options must have no added sugar on the t Alcohol
Ingredients list) t Soft drink
t Oats, millet, quinoa, spelt, rye grains only t Bottled juices
(limit) t Pastries
t Yoghurt (yoghurt is also classified as a protein t Deep fried food
but due to the carbohydrate content will be t Potato/Pumpkin
classified as a carbohydrate for the purpose
of this eating plan). Choose one without
added sugar * 2 servings per day
** Allow yourself a cheat day once per week
t Fruit (fresh or frozen) or once per fortnight if you feel you have to,
t Beans/chickpea’s/lentils where you can allow yourself a drink and/or a
cheat meal etc.
Hayley R

Firstly, 15 minutes before breakfast, begin the day with a Coffee not Coffee coffee to kick start
your metabolism

For breakfast, you can choose one of the following options:

* Smoothie with milk (preferrably oat, almond or rice milk - unsweetened), flax seed or
coconut oil (2tsp), frozen berries (small handful) and cinnamon. It is also recommended
that you also add a low-sugar vanilla protein powder containing P-protein as this is easily

* Porridge made with traditional oats (not quick-oats) and cooked in oat milk or water. You
can flavour your porridge with fruit, cinnamon, raw nuts, or seeds. You could also try using
other grains instead of oats, such as millet or quinoa. Make sure you measure your portion
size - you only need 1/3 cup.

* A piece of rye or spelt toast with any extras: poached eggs, low fat cream cheese, low fat
fetta, spinach, mushrooms, avocado, or lemon juice

* Egg-white omlette with any extras (listed above)

* Scrambled egg whites (1 yolk) with 1/4 avocado, cherry tomatoes and chopped parsley

Breakfast Notes
* Please also have 2 glasses of water with your breakfast.

* A good quality breakfast will reduce unwanted cravings throughout the day and is essential for
weight loss and health

* Try a supplement called ‘spirulina’ which you can get from a health food shop. Spirulina will help
with your energy throughout the afternoon. Please take the maximum amount prescribed on the
packaging. A Vitamin B supplement (available from the health shop) with all B group vitamins will
also be good for both your energy levels and stress, and help if tyou suffer from the 3pm sugar-
craving slump!
a y l e y R oper

Morning Tea
Roughly 2-3 hours after breakfast, you can choose one or two of the following options:

* Celery and carrot sticks dipped into hommus (no sugar) and/or low fat philadelfia cream

* A small handful of raw nuts and/or raw seeds

* Small serving of yoghurt (no sugar) with mixed seeds and raw nuts

* A wholegrain spelt/ryvita or vita wheat biscuit with any combination of essential fatty acids
or protein sources (i.e. avocado with low fat cream cheese and tuna)

* Fresh juice with celery, carrot, pineapple, ginger and wheatgrass (only have one
fruit in your juice and classify this as one portion of carbohydrates)

* Cucumber, cherry tomatoes and low fat cottage cheese, dressing of flax seed oil and

Morning Tea Notes

* Also have at least 2 glasses of water
Hayley R

Roughly 2-3 hours after morning tea, you can choose one of the following options:

* Tuna or chicken salad (spinach leaves, cucumber, avocado, tomato etc). You can also
make a dressing with lemon and flax seed oil or olive oil and balsamic. This meal gives
you an excellent serving of complete protein and a massive amount of essential nutrients.
It will keep you full and satisfied for a long period of time, is low in calories, easy to prepare
and will stabilize your blood sugar levels therefore reducing cravings.

* Vegetable soup with a natural low sodium stock and lots of vegetables! You can add any
of the following extra’s- chicken, lentils, beans, chickpeas. This is great to cook up on a
Sunday and perfect for keeping in the freezer for when you’re short on time to prepare!

* Greek salad with goat’s fetta and a dressing of lemon and flax oil. You could also add

* Any salad providing it has a lean serving of protein and is dressed with olive oil, lemon etc
(low- fat dressings) and has no croutons, bacon or cheese

* Sashimi (raw fish), a seaweed salad and miso soup

Lunch Notes

* Also have at least 2 glasses of water

Hayley R

Afternoon Snack
Roughly 2-3 hours after lunch, you can choose one of the following options (different to your morning tea

* Celery and carrot sticks dipped into hommus (no sugar) and/or low fat philadelfia cream

* A handful of raw nuts and/or raw seeds

* Cucumber, cherry tomatoes and low fat cottage cheese with a dressing of flax seed oil
and lemon

Afternoon Snack Notes

* Have a Coffee not Coffee Slimming Hot Cacao to

conquer sweet cravings and suppress your appetite
for longer.

* Also have at least 2 glasses of water

Hayley R

Roughly 2-3 hours following your afternoon snack, you can choose one of the following options:

* Any of your lunch options

* Lean meats or chicken/fish with vegetables. You can crumb your chicken/fish etc in LSA
which can be found in the health food section of your supermarket

* Grilled chicken with greens such as spinach and broccoli

* Vegetable soup with protein

* Kanga banga’s with stir fried greens- minimal oil, lots of greens and add garlic, chilli

* Low fat roast: lean meat cooked low fat style (no oil), low fat/low salt gravy or mustard,
and vegetables cooked with little oil (olive, sesame, coconut)

Dinner Notes

* After dinner or before bed, have a Coffee not Coffee Detox Green Tea

* Stick to your portion control methods - that is, a fist size serve of protein plus vegetables (this
doesn’t include pumpkin and potato).

* Avoid eating dinner too late. Your digestive system likes to have its job done 2 hours before
bedtime, so no later than 7.30pm.

* Have a side serving of fresh or frozen vegetables (mostly green) with your dinner regardless of
what you are having. Eating green vegetables will give you lots of nutrients, help you to burn fat,
and give you loads of energy and nutritional support. Please fill up on these so you don’t find it
necessary to eat after dinner.

* Try to avoid evening snacks. Brush your teeth or keep yourself occupied so you don’t think of
food so much. Don’t eat out of boredom. If you are bored find something else to do like taking a
Hayley R

Hayley’s Rules
* Drink at least two-three litres of water a day and plenty of herbal teas
Drink at least two-three litres of water a day and incorporate Coffee not Coffee coffee, hot
cacao and detox green tea into your daily regime. Limit alcohol use to once a week.
A good way to achieve drinking 2 litres of water per day is by having 2 glasses with
every meal.

* Avoid processed foods

White rice, bread, pasta, boxed cereals etc, fats (apart from the essential fats included in
your eating plan), refined sugars (sweets, chocolate etc).

* NO sugar!

* Have a complete source of protein with each eating opportunity (this one is
particularly important)
Tuna, nuts, seeds, beans, lean meats, fish, tofu, low fat cream/cottage cheese, protein
shake, mushrooms, soy milk, yoghurt. Combine proteins as much as possible!! This will
help your muscles to recover after exercise and is excellent for your metabolism, and
for fat burning potential! This will also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels which will
stop you from craving sugar and getting to the point where you will eat anything that is in
front of you. If you are having a sweet craving, eat a combination of 2 or 3 protein sources
before you opt for an unhealthy option and your craving for something sweet will subside.

* Eat every 2-3 hours

This is one of the most important changes you can make to your diet. This will help
prevent overeating, balance blood sugar and boost energy levels.

* Eat vegetables (especially green veggies) as much as you can (excluding

pumpkin and potato)
Provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals together with phyto-chemicals that are
essential for optimum health. Fruit and vegetables are alkaline which help to balance
acidic foods in your diet like meat and grains. This will also ensure that have adequate
dietary fibre and appropriate energy.
y l e y R o per

Hayley’s Rules
* Plan ahead and prepare food in advance
Consistency is key! Adopt food preparation strategies that allow you to consistently get the
nutrition you need, when you need it. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail. Sit
down on Sundays and get motivated for the week! Plan your training/meals, write your
goals, do your food shop etc.

* Eat as wide a variety of health foods as possible

Balance is the key. Don’t eat the same foods day in, day out. Your body likes variety. It
gets bored just like you would watching grass grow. It’s easier to stick with your new eating
plan if you’re excited about what’s coming up to eat!

* Plan to break the rules 5% of the time at most

Although it’s not going to be possible to follow this eating plan all the time, we encourage
you to follow it wherever possible. If you do have a cheat meal, read my guidelines again
and get straight back on the bandwagon - no ifs or buts! If you listen to your body you will
notice that eating a cheat meal will have a very negative effect on your body. Imagine
eating this way all the time. No wonder people have so many health complaints and can’t
find the energy to exercise each day!

* Don’t eat for any reason other than hunger

Boredom or for comfort are not appropriate reasons to eat! Ask yourself ‘why am I eating?’
If you are about to cheat, try sitting down for 10 minutes and think about it. Will it really
make you feel better?
a y l e y R oper

Foods that stimulate your metabolism:
* Good quality proteins and combining proteins in every meal. i.e. having raw nuts and
seeds with yogurt gives you three different protein sources and therefore a better
combination of amino acids
* Pineapples and grapefruits
* Chilli
* Cayenne pepper
* Ginger
* Lemons
* Green leafy vegetables

Things to look out for when reading an ingredients list:

* The list should be short. The shorter the list- the healthier the meal.
* Anything ending in ‘ose’ is a type of sugar. Always try to choose foods without added
sugar in them
* The ingredients are listed in order of the amount of that ingredient. (i.e.- if sugar is first or
second on the ingredients list that product is predominately made up of sugar)

Once you get the right nutrients that your body Is craving (i.e iron/protein) you find you feel less tired,
have much more energy and in turn everything will fall into place - you will feel much more balanced.

If you would like some extra reading material, I highly recommend James Duigan’s book, “The Clean and
Lean Diet”. It has great recipes and plenty of food for thought!

This may be hard to follow for the first three weeks, but if you make it past the three week mark it will
become much easier. This eating plan gives you all your essential nutrients without the additives and
toxins in foods responsible for so many health problems, for example low energy levels, tiredness, low
sex drive, headaches, excess fat, ageing skin etc. I promise after three weeks you will have lost weight
and begin to feel fantastic and full of energy. Your body will begin to reject the foods you once craved
and upon feeding your body properly for the first time (Nutrients!) your cravings will subside completely
making this diet easy to follow. Your body will function efficiently, burn fat efficiently and increase/maintain
your metabolic rate. Your quality of life will improve dramatically!

After three weeks of following this eating plan, feel free to allow yourself a treat once per week. This may
however bring back cravings so make sure you monitor whether or not it is worth doing so. The cravings
will really only be the next day. How good are you at ignoring your sweet tooth? There is a reason I
don’t use the word ‘diet’. This is not a diet! I do not want you to go hungry. Ever! If you go hungry you
will end up eating more at your next meal anyway, even worse you will end up eating the wrong foods.
This eating plan should be considered a way of life, and a way to improve the quality and length of life.
Starving yourself is no fun and actually makes the battle a lot harder if not now, later in life.
R o p e r’s

Bikini Body Eating Guide

Thank you for purchasing Hayley Roper’s Bikini Body Eating Guide. We hope you enjoy the program as
well as your new-found energy!

About Hayley Roper

Hayley Roper is the director/owner of Love My Body a female only
business which runs bootcamps (Melbourne) and Health retreats (in
locations across Victoria, Byron Bay and Bali.)

Hayley has an extensive sporting background and has competed in

surfing, dancing and running events throughout her life. She has 14
years of experience in the fitness industry and is a leader in the fields
of fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

She started her business Love My Body 5 years ago after gaining
experience in the fitness industry and sales/marketing in the
corporate world. She now runs Love My Body as a successful
fitness business, with staff both in Melbourne and Interstate. She
also specialises in weight loss coaching, teaching, lecturing and
has recently written a book on health and fitness called ‘Lighten Up’.

Hayley has a wide range of experience working with athletes,

large groups, models, weight loss clients and rehab clients. She is
extremely passionate about the industry, her clients achieving their

By placing emphasis
on looking after
goals, and her own health and fitness- practising what she preaches yourself physically
every day. Over the years of trial and error and dealing with hundreds and mentally you will
of clients she has mastered the art of helping people achieve their experience happiness
ideal physique. She has the ability to motivate and inspire anyone

without even trying.
and everyone who comes her way.
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