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Dear Sir,

As per our discussion about the detail design work of Hydropower Project (15MW), we are
pleased to submit the proposal including duration, scope of works, cost for the project along with
list of necessary information.

1) Duration

a. Structural Design

S.No Structure Work Man month

1 Headwork Stability analysis and design 1.5
2 Settling basin Stability analysis and design 1
3 Powerhouse Stability analysis and design 2
4 Report Structural design report 0.5
Total = 5

b. Drawing

S.No Structure Man month

1 Headwork 1.5
2 Settling basin 1
3 Powerhouse 2
Total = 4.5

c. Overall project can be completed within five months from the day the
civil drawings are provided.

2) Scope of the work

a. Overall responsibility of structural design of civil structures will be on


b. Necessary drawings will be provided by us which could be followed by

a civil engineer or draft person and he/she will be responsible for producing
the bar schedule. We will be providing necessary guidance for producing bar

c. If there are some changes in civil drawing after the structural design,
upto 15% changes will be covered with same cost mentioned in this document.
For changes more than 15% cost will be increased as per the time required to
finish the work with same rate.
3) Cost

S.No Work Man month Rate Amount

1 Structural Design 5 120,000 600,000

2 Drawing 4.5 35,000 157,500
Total = 757,500

a. Over all net cost (without including tax) of the work for the Project will
be NRs. 757,500/- (Nepalese Rupees Seven Lakh, Fifty Seven Thousand and
Five Hundred only).

Note: The cost mentioned here is for the general hydropower structures. If there are
some special structures, it may require some amendments in this proposal.

4) Necessary information: Before starting structural analysis and design following

information are needed.

a. Civil drawings with the indication of backfills, water table, flood level,
bearing capacity, gate load and any other load which could impose force on
the structures during its design period.

b. Material properties of backfills, soil and materials used in the project.

c. In case of powerhouse foundation, some of the extra properties like

poisson’s ratio, modulus of elasticity of soil will be required.

d. For machine foundation design of powerhouse, the stamped force

diagram from the machine supplier will be needed.

e. For super structure design of powerhouse, stamped drawing indicating

the required space along with crane dead load and live load will be required
from crane supplier.

f. Besides, other loads like load due to wall, lateral soil, wind etc will also
be needed according to the site location and requirements.

Thank you
Yours faithfully,
Subin Desar
Reliance Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd.