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MOULTON FOR 2020 Several Americans among the nearly 300

killed in Sri Lanka terror bombings. 2
The congressman announced his presidential run. 4

BEST OF 1 It’s another win-or-go-home situation for the Bruins as they face the
Maple Leafs in Game 7 tonight at the Garden. 8
2 Please recycle your copy of Metro at any MBTA station recycle TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019

THINGS Sri Lanka claims international

network involved in terror attacks
ish education publishing
A D.C. student and company Pearson, which
Denver man were has 800 employees in Sri
among the 290 “Dieter had just ar-
killed. rived at his hotel, where
many of our colleagues
Sri Lanka said on Monday have stayed over the
it was invoking emer- years, when he was killed
gency powers in the af- in an explosion,” Pearson
termath of devastating CEO John Fallon said on
bomb attacks on hotels LinkedIn.
and churches, blamed All other Pearson
on militants with foreign employees in Sri Lanka
links, which killed 290 have been accounted for,
people and wounded Scott Overland, a Pearson
nearly 500. spokesman, wrote in an
The emergency law, email.
which gives police and A senior leader on a
the military extensive technical services team,
powers to detain and in- Kowalksi was on assign-
terrogate suspects with- ment to work with lo-
out court orders, would cal Pearson engineering
go into effect at midnight teams, Fallon said. “Col-
local time, the president’s leagues who knew Dieter
office said. well talk about how much
Colombo, the sea- work was involved. bombers blew themselves “Guests who had come cording to CNN. Fifth-grad- fun he was to be around,
side capital of the Indian Police had received a up at the Shangri-La Hotel for breakfast were lying on ers are around 10 years how big-hearted and full-
Ocean island, was jittery tip-off of a possible attack on Colombo’s seafront, the floor, blood all over,” old. Staff at the school did spirited he was. They tell
the day after the horrify- on churches by a little- said Ariyananda Welian- an employee at Kingsbury not respond to requests of a man to whom we
ing Easter Sunday attacks. known domestic Islamist ga, an official at the gov- Hotel told Reuters. for confirmation. could give our ugliest and
Police said 87 bomb deto- group this month, accord- ernment’s forensic divi- “Passionate about most challenging of engi-
nators were found at the ing to a document seen by sion. The others targeted A fifth-grader among learning, he adored his neering problems, know-
city’s main bus station, Reuters. three churches and two the Americans killed friends, and was incred- ing full well that he would
while an explosive went The intelligence re- other hotels. A fifth-grade student at an ibly excited about return- jump straight in and help
off near a church when port, dated April 11, said a A fourth hotel and a exclusive private school in ing to Sidwell Friends in us figure it out,” Fallon
bomb squad officials were foreign intelligence agen- house in a suburb of the Washington, D.C., and a the coming school year,” said.
trying to defuse it. Scores cy had warned authori- capital Colombo were also Denver man on a business school principal Mama- Kowalski himself ap-
were killed in the church ties of possible attacks on hit, but it was not imme- trip were among the U.S. dou Gueye wrote in the peared enthusiastic about
on Sunday. churches by the National diately clear how those at- residents killed in the Sri email, CNN reported. his trip, posting a map
A night curfew went Thawheed Jama’ut. It was tacks were carried out. Lanka Easter attacks, a me- The boy’s citizenship on Facebook showing the
into effect at 8 p.m. not immediately clear “Still the investigations dia report and the man’s was unknown. path from Denver to Co-
There was no claim of what action, if any, was are going on,” Welianga employer said on Monday. Sidwell Friends is the lombo.
responsibility for Sunday’s taken in response to the said. U.S. Secretary of State school where President “And the fun begins.
attacks but suspicion was tip-off. Police said 24 people Mike Pompeo said “sever- Barack Obama’s daughters Love these work trips. 24
focusing on Islamist mili- International anti-ter- had been arrested, all of al” Americans were killed Sasha and Malia and Presi- hours of flying. See you
tants in the Buddhist-ma- rorism experts said even if whom were  Sri  Lankan, without providing a pre- dent Bill Clinton’s daugh- soon Sri Lanka!” Kowalski
jority country. a local group had carried but they gave no more cise number. ter Chelsea attended. said in his final Facebook
Investigators said sev- out the attacks, it was like- details. Most of the at- Kieran Shafritz de Zoy- Dieter Kowalski, a Wis- post on Friday.
en suicide bombers took ly that al Qaeda or Islamic tacks came during Easter sa, a fifth-grader at Sidwell consin native who lived in The comments section
part in the attacks, while State were involved, given services and when hotel Friends, died in one of the Denver, was also among became a forum for con-
a government spokesman the level of sophistication. guests were sitting down blasts, the school emailed the victims. He was on a dolences from more than
said an international net- Two of the suicide for breakfast buffets. to friends and family, ac- business trip for the Brit- 200 people. REUTERS

Trump sues to block Samsung delays public Warren proposes canceling

Congress finance subpoena rollout of Galaxy Fold billions in student loan debt

2 3 4
President Donald Trump with subpoenas as Samsung said on we have decided to delay U.S. Sen. Elizabeth amount to 42 million
Trump on Monday their “weapon of choice.” Monday it will delay the release of the Galaxy Warren, who Americans. It would also
filed suit to keep U.S. Elijah Cummings, the the public rollout of Fold,” a Samsung rep said. is seeking the cancel some debt for
lawmakers from obtaining House Oversight Commit- its Galaxy Fold without Instead of plaudits ahead Democratic nomination those with household in-
his financial records, the tee chairman, issued the giving a new release date. of the phone’s previously for the 2020 presidential comes between $100,000
first salvo in what prom- subpoena to the presi- The announcement comes planned launch on April election, wants to cancel and $250,000. Warren,
ises to be an escalating dent’s accountant after days after some review- 26 in the U.S., the South billions of dollars in who has long advocated
legal battle with Demo- Trump’s former lawyer, ers of the splashy $1,980 Korean conglomerate student loan debt and in Congress for providing
crats in Congress. The suit Michael Cohen, testified foldable handset reported has been blighted by make college cheaper for debt relief to students,
seeks to block a subpoena to Congress in February problems with their test technology journalists students going forward. called student loan debt
issued by the Demo- that Trump had misrep- units after just a day or reporting breaks, bulges Warren, in a post on a “crisis.” She said cancel-
cratic chairman of the U.S. resented his net worth. two of use. Samsung and blinking screens, the website Medium, ing debt for millions of
House Oversight Commit- “Chairman Cummings’ postponed media events raising the specter of the proposed canceling people would help close
tee for information about subpoena is invalid and for the device planned for combustible Galaxy Note $50,000 in student loan the nation’s racial and
Trump’s personal and unenforceable because it this week in Hong Kong 7 three years ago which debt for anyone with an- wealth gap, and also
business finances, alleging has no legitimate legisla- and Shanghai. “To fully the firm ultimately pulled nual household income proposed making all
Democrats have launched tive purpose,” Trump’s law- evaluate this feedback and from shelves at massive under $100,000, which two-year and four-year
“all-out political war” on yers said in a filing. REUTERS run further internal tests, cost. REUTERS her campaign said would public colleges free. REUTERS

Exercise for Depression

Boston University Medical
Center Dept. of Psychiatry
is seeking participants for
a yoga and walking for
depression research study
s !GES  

Contact the study for

more information:
3 Boston Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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4 TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019

Moulton latest to throw hat into

Democratic 2020 presidential race
The congressman
and Iraq War vet
is a gun-control
U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton en-
tered the 2020 Demo-
cratic presidential race
on Monday as a long-shot
contender in a contest
that now includes almost
20 candidates.
A 40-year-old Iraq War
veteran who represents
a district in Massachu-
setts,  Moulton  enters
the race as an underdog,
with little national name
recognition and a shorter
track record than some ri-
vals who have spent years
in the U.S. Senate or as
state governors.
Moulton  has built
U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton. REUTERS
a political career by
challenging the party’s
establishment. He en- against John Tierney, control of the U.S. House Nancy Pelosi’s bid to “While our country deployed to the country.
tered Congress in 2015 who had held the seat for of Representatives in again become Speaker of marches forward, Wash- He has advocated
after winning a Demo- 18 years. 2018,  Moulton  helped the House. ington is anchored in the stricter gun laws, saying
cratic primary challenge After Democrats took organize opposition to He ended his oppo- past,” he said. military-style weapons
sition to Pelosi with a In the vid- should not be owned by
statement saying: “Tough eo, Moulton said he wants civilians.
conversations make us to tackle climate change Moulton  supports the
stronger, not weaker, and grow the U.S. econo- legalization of marijuana
and we need to keep hav- my by promoting green and told Boston public
ing them if we’re going jobs as well as high-tech radio station WGBH in
to deliver on the change and advanced manufac- 2016 that he had smoked
that we’ve promised the turing. pot while in college.
American people.” Moulton  served in He graduated from

Leaders Aren’t
In a YouTube video an- the Marines from 2001 Harvard University with
nouncing his presidential to 2008. During his 2014 an undergraduate de-
candidacy, he said: “De- congressional bid, he gree in physics in 2001
cades of division and cor- became a vocal critic of and returned to receive

Just Born–
ruption have broken our the Iraq War in which a master’s degree in busi-
democracy and robbed he served, saying no ness and public policy in
Americans of their voice. more troops should be 2011. REUTERS

They’re Inspired. Catalonia celebrates the

Day of Books and Roses,
Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences culture and friendship,
Meet the Dean Information Session with unbreakable
Wednesday, April 24, 6-8pm determination to defend
Dowling Hall, 419 Boston Ave, Medford fundamental rights
RSVP today | and democracy.

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Herman Cain withdraws from

consideration for Federal seat
President Donald Trump
said on Monday that
businessman and former
presidential candidate
Herman  Cain  had with-
drawn from consider-
ation for a seat on the
Federal Reserve Board.
Four Republican sena-
tors voiced opposition to
Trump’s expected nomi-
nation of  Cain  in recent
weeks, likely enough to
Herman Cain. REUTERS
deny  Cain the support
he needed to secure Sen-
ate confirmation for the “My friend Her- al banks and are chosen
post. man  Cain, a truly won- by local boards of direc-
Economists and critics derful man, has asked tors, not the U.S. presi-
have expressed concerns me not to nominate him dent.
about loyalists of Trump for a seat on the Federal Cain, the former head
serving on the tradition- Reserve Board. I will re- of the Godfather’s Pizza
ally nonpartisan central spect his wishes. Herman restaurant chain, had
bank. is a great American who served as chairman of the
Cain  has been a pub- truly loves our Country!” Kansas City Fed’s board
lic advocate of many of Trump said in a Twitter in the mid-1990s in a role
Trump’s policies, as has post. that also provides the re-
Stephen Moore, a fellow Cain  did not imme- gional bank with input
at the conservative Heri- diately respond to a re- on the local economy.
tage Foundation think quest for comment on The Fed in March
tank, whom Trump has Monday. brought a three-year rate-
also said he wants to Central bank indepen- hike cycle to an abrupt
nominate for one of two dence from short-term end as it abandoned pro-
vacant seats on the sev- politics is seen as impor- jections for any further
en-member Fed Board of tant to prevent influence rate increases this year.
Governors in Washing- that could lead to run- REUTERS
ton. away debt, hyperinfla-
But  Cain  had vowed tion and financial insta-
to fight on in several in- bility.
terviews, and had said Trump elevated Je-
he was under attack as a rome Powell to Fed chair-
nominee because he is a man a year ago but has
conservative. Cain’s bid frequently criticized him
for president in 2012 was for the U.S. central bank’s
derailed by accusations interest rate increases.
of sexual harassment The central bank’s
that he has repeatedly other top policymakers
denied. head the Fed’s 12 region-

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Celebrate World Book Day 2019!

Put down your phone mote reading and the “Books help weave members of the inter-
and tablet for a couple creativity behind each
book’s publication, as
humanity together as a national community.
“Books are also a
hours to get lost in a well as copyright. single family, holding a form of cultural ex-
new book. Every year, World past in common, a history pression that lives
Book and Copyright
Day falls on a pretty
and heritage, to craft a through a chosen
language,” Azou-
PAT KING significant date in the destiny that is shared, lay explained in history of literature, as where all voices are the release. “Each
William Shakespeare,
Miguel Cervantes and
heard in the great chorus publication
created in a sepa-

While yesterday was a Inca Garcilaso de la of human aspiration.” rate language and
day to celebrate and re- Vega all passed away is intended for a
spect the planet where on April 23. The impor- Audrey Azoulay, director-general of UNESCO la ng uage - speci f ic
we reside, today marks tance of this date was reading audience. A
a day of recognition for resoundingly agreed tion for sharing ideas the search for mean- book is thus written,
those worlds we create upon at UNESCO’s first beyond the boundar- ing and expression we produced, exchanged,
in our imaginations, General Conference ies of humanity, space all share, that drive all where all voices are used and appreciated
otherwise known as in Paris in 1995, when and time, as well as the societies forward,” said heard in the great cho- in a linguistic and
World Book and Copy- they made the decision most powerful forces Audrey Azoulay, direc- rus of human aspira- cultural setting. This
right Day. to recognize World of poverty eradication tor-general of UNESCO, tion.” year, we highlight this
Originally started Book Day as a way to and peace building.” in a release. “Books Azoulay also out- important dimension
in 1995 by the United pay tribute to books “In these turbulent help weave human- lined that the transla- because 2019 marks
Nations Educational, and their authors. The times, books embody ity together as a single tion of books into dif- the Interna tional Year
Scientific and Cultural organization is emphat- the diversity of human family, holding a past ferent languages can of the Indigenous Lan-
Organization (UNES- ic in its support and ingenuity, giving shape in common, a history help us to understand guages, led by UNESCO,
CO), World Book Day describes books as the to the wealth of human and heritage, to craft a cultural differences to reaffirm the com-
was founded to pro- “most beautiful inven- experience, expressing destiny that is shared, and grow closer as mitment of the inter-

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national community in a charity event called

supporting indigenous World Book Night. Swe- BILL BLUMENREICH PRESENTS
peoples to their cul-
tures, knowledge, and
den also moved its na-
tional book day, back
rights. This day pro- in 2000, to April 13.   HORNSBY FOR TICKETS AND INFO

vides an opportunity While it is easy to & THE NOISEMAKERS
to ref lect together on lose yourself to con-
ways to better dissemi- venience by endlessly

nate the culture of the scrolling on your phone
written word and to or tablet, we should use
allow all individuals, this day to not take
men, women and chil- books for granted.
dren to access it.”
The day is celebrated
on the same date for ev-
Make sure to pop into
your local library or
bookstore on your com-
APR 25
APR 26
APR 30
ery country recognized
within the United Na-
mute to or from work
and pick up something APR 25
tions except for the
U.K. and Ireland, which
moved the official date
mysterious and excit-
ing. It will help you to
remember that there is
MAY 11 - 12

JAN 14
MAY 17

to March and still rec- no greater joy than get- ATTICUS & IN-Q CHAPMAN MAY 14 WHINE DOWN

ognize the 23rd with ting lost in a new book. MAY 8 MAY 10 MAY 18

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APR 25
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NOV 23
(!)4)!.!.$30!.)3(30/+%.#!,,  &/2).&/2-!4)/. MAY 17
8 TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019

SPORTS Do or die tonight at Garden

It’s another win-or-
go-home scenario
for the Bruins and
Leafs tonight.


You’ve got to go through

hell before you get to
hockey heaven, which
is about the only thing
the fan bases of the
Bruins and Maple Leafs
can agree on right about
When the Bruins
broke their 39-year
Stanley Cup drought in
2011, they had to take
down a pair of teams
in the playoffs that had
haunted them in years
prior. The 2011 B’s
swept the Flyers, a year
after they had choked
away a 3-0 series lead
to the same team. That
unforgettable 2011 Brad Marchand has been on-point in the series with nine points. GETTY IMAGES
group also took down
the hated Canadiens in
seven games en route to
horrors on Causeway
Street this evening as
Home is where urday night 10 days ago,
and neither team has
far get going tonight.
Consider that Patrice
about now as he has
nine points in this series,
the Cup.
The Maple Leafs face
they lost severely heart-
breaking Game 7s here
the “L” is won back-to-back games
in the series.
Bergeron hasn’t scored
since Game 2; David
including a pair of goals
in Game 6 in Toronto on
an eerily similar situa- in 2013 and 2018. Of course, you want to Trends are often bro- Pastrnak has been held Sunday.
tion tonight in Game 7 So, maybe the Leafs play any Game 7 at home, ken in Game 7s, however, scoreless in five of the six Marchand used his
at the Garden (7 p.m., are due. But just as but in this quirky series as the do-or-die nature of games so far; the Leafs’ platform to blast the TD
NESN). Toronto’s Stanley likely is that the Bruins the home team is just 2-4. the game offers some- leading scorer in 2018-19, Garden playing surface,
Cup drought has now will continue their The only game the thing of a clean slate. It’s Mitch Marner, hasn’t saying it’s been a sloppy
reached 50 years. The drama-filled dominance Bruins won at the Garden entirely possible that a found the net since Game track since the series
Leafs are also back in over Toronto. in this series was Game few of the biggest no- 1; and John Tavares hasn’t began.
their house of recent 2, a 4-1 victory on a Sat- shows in the series thus scored since Game 1, “[Toronto] has played
either. really well in our build-
ing so far this series,”
Walk the line Marchand said. “The ice
has been terrible there so,
Bruce Cassidy is likely you know, might as well
to stick with the same play with a tennis ball.
lineup tonight that he We’ll just skate around
used in the victorious and see who bounces one
Game 6. Here are the in the net.”

Marchand-Bergeron- Tuukka time

Heinen Tuukka Rask has been
very strong in this series,
DeBrusk-Krejci-Pastrnak but tonight would be a
swell time for a shutout.
Coyle-Johansson-Kuhl- Rask’s best game this
man series came in Game 2,
when he allowed just one
Nordstrom-Kuraly- Leafs goal.
Acciari The Bruins defense
has tightened up in the
McAvoy-Chara past two games as there
were just 27 shots on goal
Carlo-Krug in Game 5 and a series-
low 24 shots on goal in
Moore-Grzelcyk Game 6.
Rask has a 2.50 goals-
Messy Garden against average in the
series, which is consistent
Brad Marchand can say with his regular-season
Torey Krug says hello to Toronto’s Zach Hyman in Game 5. GETTY IMAGES anything he wants right GAA of 2.48.

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U.S. assumes no responsibility for any reason, for
any error or omission in any ad.
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of Suffolk and the State of Massachusetts, bounded and described as follows:
Surveyors, recorded with the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds, Book 5078 Page 95. For our title see deed recorded herewith.
Northwesterly by Marshfield Street, formerly called Dolan Court, there measuring
Subject to and with the benefit of easements, reservation, restrictions, and taking of record, if any, in so far as the same are now in Fifty (50) feet; Northeasterly by land formerly of George Coyle, now supposed to
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as set forth and contained in the mortgage shall control by reference. Together with all the improvements now or hereafter erected feet; Southeasterly by land formerly of Ballister, now supposed to belong to Ames,
on the property and all easements, rights, appurtenances, rents, royalties, mineral, oil and gas rights and profits, water rights and there measuring Fifty (50) feet; Southwesterly by land formerly of Dolan, now
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required to execute a Foreclosure Sale Agreement immediately after the close of
In the event that the successful bidder at the foreclosure sale shall default in purchasing the within described property according to the the bidding. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid within thirty (30) days
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with the Mortgagee’s attorneys, the amount of the required deposit as set forth herein. to bid at the sale, to reject any and all bids, to continue the sale and to amend
If the second highest bidder declines to purchase the within described property, the Mortgagee reserves the right to purchase the the terms of the sale by written or oral announcement made before or during the
foreclosure sale. If the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale General Help Wanted
within described property at the amount bid by the second highest bidder.
The foreclosure deed and the consideration paid by the successful bidder shall be held in escrow by DG&L, (hereinafter called the shall be entitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The purchaser shall have no
“Escrow Agent”) until the deed shall be released from escrow to the successful bidder at the same time as the consideration is further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee’s attorney.
released to the Mortgagee, where upon all obligations of the Escrow Agent shall be deemed to have been properly fulfilled and the The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the
Escrow Agent shall be discharged. event of an error in this publication. TIME WILL BE OF THE ESSENCE.
Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.
Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. successor by
Dated: March 20, 2019 merger to Wells Fargo Bank Southwest, NA,
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee F/K/A Wachovia Mortgage FSB, F/K/A World
for Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-WL1000 Savings Bank, FSB
By its Attorney Present Holder of said Mortgage,
By Its Attorneys,
100 Cummings Center, PO Box 540540
Suite 225D, Beverly, MA 01915 Waltham, MA 02454
(978) 921-2670 • April 16, 2019, April 23, 2019 Phone: (781) 790-7800
4/9/2019, 4/16/2019, 4/23/2019 4015.11 (MARTINEZ) and April 30, 2019 15-001049


(SEAL) LAND COURT 18 SM 004557 Docket No. SU18P1841EA JOBS
DEPARTMENT OF THE TRIAL COURT Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The Trial Court General Help Wanted
Probate and Family Court

Do you
Estate of: Adria A Fernandez Morel
TO: Samuel Elbert Baptiste and to all persons entitled to the benefit of the Date of Death: 04/16/2018
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act:, 50 U.S.C.c. 50 §3901 (et seq): Suffolk Probate and Family Court
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, on behalf of the 24 New Chardon Street, Boston, MA 02114

need a job?
holders of Terwin Mortgage Trust 2006-17HE Asset-Backed Certificates, (617)788-8300
Series 2006-17HE claiming to have an interest in a Mortgage covering real To all interested persons: A Petition for Formal Probate of Will with Appointment of Personal
Representative has been filed by Jamie Aquinio of Dorchester MA requesting that the Court
property in Boston (Mattapan), numbered 119 Hazelton Street, given by enter a formal Decree and Order and for such other relief as requested in the Petition.
Rowan C. Baptiste Jr. to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as The Petitioner requests that: Jamie Aquinio of Dorchester MA be appointed as Personal
nominee for Lancaster Mortgage Bankers, LLC D/B/A Lancaster Mortgage, Representative(s) of said estate to serve Without Surety on the bond in an unsupervised
its successors and assigns, dated September 14, 2006 and recorded with administration.
the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds in Book 40412, Page 196, and now IMPORTANT NOTICE Ticket to Work Employment
held by plaintiff by assignment has/have filed with this court a complaint for You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You
determination of Defendant’s/Defendants’ Servicemembers status.
have a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a written
appearance and objection at this Court before: 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 11/01/2018. Program Free for SSI and
If you now are, or recently have been, in the active military service of the This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and
United States of America, then you may be entitled to the benefits of the
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. If you object to a foreclosure of the above-
objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file a timely written appearance and
objection followed by an affidavit of objections within thirty (30) days of the return day, action SSDI Beneficiaries
may be taken without further notice to you.
mentioned property on that basis, then you or your attorney must file a
written appearance and answer in this court at Three Pemberton Square,
A Personal Representative appointed under the MUPC in an unsupervised administration
Boston, MA 02108 on or before May 20, 2019 or you may be forever barred is not required to file an inventory or annual accounts with the Court. Persons interested
in the estate are entitled to notice regarding the administration directly from the Personal
ages 18-64 and are looking for work
from claiming that you are entitled to the benefits of said Act.
Witness, GORDON H. PIPER Chief Justice of this Court on April 4, 2019
Representative and may petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including the
distribution of assets and expenses of administration.
America Works can help you...
10 Boston Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Attest: WITNESS, Hon. Brian J. Dunn, First Justice of this Court.

Deborah J. Patterson To register for an Orientation Session or
4/23/19 (18-003998 Orlans) Date: September 28, 2018 learn more information contact us at
(855) 268-1935 or
11 TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019 Powered by Check your answers


46 Out-of-date 14 Spades
ACROSS 47 Chicken’s sound 21 Orange peel
1 J. Edgar Hoover’s agcy. 48 Shopping center 25 “__ a Small World”
4 Oahu dances 51 Wood slivers 26 Blaze residue
9 Doing nothing 56 LSU or USC 27 Weight revealer
13 Long-tailed rodents 57 Northeastern state 28 Punctuation mark
15 Wear away 58 McClanahan & others 29 Lying flat
16 Frame of mind 60 “Can’t Buy Me __”; Beatles 30 NFL officials
17 Linear measure song 31 Innocent
18 Staring 61 VP Spiro 32 Went out with
19 Prude 62 Ginger cookie 33 Impudent
20 Abbreviated 63 Alimony recipients 35 Entryway
22 Simple 64 Essentials 38 Forest cabin dweller
23 Competed 65 Underhanded 39 Diaper brand
24 Can cover 41 Org. for Panthers &
26 Go higher DOWN Penguins
29 Plays make-believe 1 When to say “T.G.I.F.”: abbr. 42 Actress Amanda
34 Berate 2 Prohibits 44 Does math problems
35 Gown 3 Hives symptom 45 Reinvigorates
36 Battery size 4 Warmed 47 Yearned
37 Show-offs 5 Encouraged 48 Stubborn critter
38 Bowwows 6 Bank offering 49 As strong as __
39 Prune stones 7 Sculptor’s tool 50 Learn’s partner, in phrase
40 Shade tree 8 Like easy-to-eat grapes 52 Singer Patti
41 Lunch hours 9 Get in the way of 53 __ up; form a queue
42 Lays concrete 10 TV’s “__ the Explorer” 54 Nylon woes
43 Coast 11 Clark Kent’s love 55 Make airtight
45 Cure 12 Nervous 59 Secret agent
Aries Making travel plans, engaging in educational pur- Libra Look over personal papers and make adjustments
suits or asking for expert advice will bring you wisdom to them. An emotional problem will escalate if you
and clarity regarding a situation or individual you are aren’t quick to fix any misunderstanding or rumor be-
dealing with or concerned about. fore it’s too late. Self-improvement should be a priority.

Taurus Don’t reveal secrets or give anyone information Scorpio It doesn’t pay to fret over something you
that will put you in a vulnerable position. Do what you have little influence over, when you should be using
do best and take care of your responsibilities. your time to make positive changes in your life,
relationships and thought processes.

Gemini Promises aren’t made to be broken, so only of- Sagittarius Be honest when dealing with others.
fer what you know you can deliver. Make helping others State facts and make your point clear. Don’t leave
a priority, along with doing things for yourself. Romance any room for misunderstandings. Domestic matters
is in the stars. should be taken care of personally.

Cancer Look for an opportunity to implement a positive Capricorn Be careful when it comes to money matters,
change in your life. Getting along with your peers or donations and dealing with institutions or officials.
boss may not always be easy, but today it will be neces- Make sure you have your personal documents in
sary. order. A change at home looks promising.

Leo It’s OK to stand on the sideline and observe. Aquarius Be flexible until you reach your goal. How
Embracing a change for which you are unready will you deal with others and go about your business will
not make your life easier. Let situations develop further make a difference. An opportunity is heading your way.
before you take action.

Virgo Get in the game and play to win. Refuse to let an Pisces Don’t lose sleep over the actions of others. A
emotional issue cost you time and energy that would be lack of credibility and honesty prevails, so be careful
better spent doing something constructive. not to pass along information you receive unless
you can verify its authenticity. EUGENIA LAST

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If these symptoms disrupt your day and night,

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For further information about the COURAGE Study,

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Study center : Bay State Clinical Trials

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Contacting us does not mean that you must join the study or
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