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Kaleb Robertson

Insight Paper

I have been having insights on how people are more pushed into adulthood then being

eased into. Adulthood has been pushed onto people that are not ready; which is why people

struggle with adulting. Adulthood is like a trap there is no escaping once you get caught. Once

you get caught you get hit will a bunch of burdens. There is no such thing as an easy transition

into the adult life no matter the age. Some may have to start adulting at 18, others may start at

age 30. Regardless, adulting will cause problems for everyone; the problems may vary but still

people are all stuck to be an adult. I think that the transitions are harder for people that are ready

to become an adult for a young age. They do not realize that the people taking care of them

protected them from reality. I think they get hit with all the adult responsibilities and struggle,

because they were ready to be an adult; yet did not realize what is adulting.

There is another insight is that adulthood is judged by many; saying that by this age you

need to have a certain milestone. Some people base adulting all by the milestones you have

completed. The more the milestones completed is the how well you are adulting within your life.

Adulting gets compared by people which led to it being judged to see who the more prestige

adult is. If you got money, kids, and a nice house in a good neighborhood you are considered an

ideal adult. For some reason people care what their status is in the adult world, so they are

always trying get an upper edge in the adult life. In adulthood there is a sense of jealousy and

competition. Therefore, I think that adulting could be when you are competing with others on

who is adulting the best.