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Influence of human beings on the world's ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss

of bio-diversity.
Human race / nations / people /
Nature / Environment(al)

What are the primary causes of loss of bio-diversity?

Main / key / major

What solutions can you suggest?

problem-solving / answer

INt: parap.
Major issues: increasing pop; global warm. Answer: re-think habits.

1-t Global pop >. Requires more food, living space, waste,. Wealthier.
2- Earth temp raise. Extreme weather, oceans warmth, de-icing, migration of species
3- RE-think consumption habits, recycling, energy use, development planning,

Challenges but viable.

Since the human race started to evolve, it has influenced the environment. However, more
recently, is noticeable that the changes caused by humans in the nature are not sustainable.
Some species were already extinguished, others at risk of being vanished, and a few more with
uncertainty of to what extent are damaged. The major issues are caused by the increasing
population worldwide and global warming. Overall, I believe that the answer to resolve this
situation should be focused on the change of habits, supported by technology.

The global number of people living on Earth increases every day; even though, in an unbalanced
pace and distribution. Larger societies require more food, living space, generate more garbage,
and demand more natural resources to fulfill people’s consumption styles. In other words, it
means that human beings are occupying more space and, in a certain way, invading
ecosystems. As a result of this action, species are forced to migrate or get exposed to an
unsustainable environment, which is causing depletion of some types of animals and

Another high-impact on nature is being caused by global warming, which is notoriously an

outcome of human beings action along with the planet’s evolution. The warmer temperatures
of the air and waters, specially the oceans, create global alteration of the weather, making it
unfeasible to some species survive. The de-icing of the North and South poles are an example of
the increased temperatures; Some animals, like the penguins or the polar bears, cannot adapt
to live in warmer climate, at least not at the speed that the changes are happening.

There are people all around the World thinking in ways to stop and potentially reverse some of
these effects. I firmly believe that the path to a better planet is a combined effort between
people changing the consumption habits, thinking and being educated to live in a sustainable
way, and technology supporting this movement.

Having that said, it is not controversial that humans have damaged and still cause harm to the
bio-diversity; however, there are ways to recover part of this disruption and most importantly,
do not keep growing the injures on the environment.