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Eric Michals

My internship was great, but with every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. Don’t get me

wrong I loved every second of it and my kids were great, but my least favorite part had nothing to do with them

it had to deal with the program. The worst part of my internship was the first day.

I walked into Great Neck sacred and nervous, that was my first mistake. I had not yet realized that

teaching requires a significant amount of bravery. If you are in the slightest nervous or scared those kids will

eat you alive. I walked into my class and I presented my “Get to know your intern” slideshow, it consisted of

facts about my life as well as what I was doing at Great Neck. I was still nervous after and my worst nightmare

because a reality. Those kids would ask me questions that only I could answer, but I didn’t know the answers. I

was there to teach, yet the first question I was asked I had no idea. That was the worst part of my internship

was being too nervous and scared the first day when all I had to do was relax and help.

I fixed this by returning to the class and getting more and more comfortable with the students and the

curriculum. My teacher told me the best way to teach is to dive in and so that what I did, and I regret not doing

it any sooner.