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The experience of watching the news in advisory was interesting.

There were good and bad

news which allowed me to learn and give my own perspective of what is going on around us.

One of the most interesting Environmental stories was on November 30th which was a dog
finding a mammoth tooth. The owner saw the dog playing and biting the object, but he thought it was a
stick or a rock, or something of that sort. But, when he realized the object looked like a fossil the owner
called an archeologist. The archeologist confirmed it was a mammoth tooth and told the owner that
they can keep it. This relates because the mammoths use to me part of this environment. This is
interesting because a dog found a 10,000 B.C.E fossil.

My second interesting story is about technology. On November 27th there was a story about an
airplane with no moving parts. The scientist tested out the airplane because they want to utilize it as a
drone. This was interesting because every part of an airplanes wing has to move. This relates to
technology because the airplane has no moving parts. It actually, floats on air. How cool is that?

The most inspiring story is about Hurricane Florence which killed 47 people. On September 26th
the hurricane hit Florida and damaged many of the properties there. Florence flooded the streets of
Florida and schools had to closed down. This event was inspiring because people tried to survive
through this storm that harass their homes. A lot of people had their plans set up to leave their homes
which made this story very interesting. But it’s very sad what they had to go through.

There are many interesting stories that go on amongst us, but I have topics that I like best. I
enjoy stories that talk about space. I read about this incident where NASA went to space to clean up
trash found there. This helped avoid damages to space ships and satellites. Another story which relates
to my previous story, is that scientist are trying to invent a machine that will pick up trash in space.
Lastly my interest go for reptiles stories. I learned that a Texas horn lizard shoots out blood from his eyes
to protect himself. Also he blows up to attack the enemy or makes himself skinny to camouflage with
the ground.

In conclusion I learned that many things are going on around the world that we don’t know
about. But, it helps us understand the things that are going on and makes us aware of what we don’t
know. I think we will never always know everything and there will always be something new to learn.
Space and earth are so big that there will always be something going on. I actually like this because life
will never be boring. Something intetesting will always happen around us.