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First of all, I thank ALLAH for the strength, knowledge and wisdom that enable me to

finish this seminar paper.

Also, I thank my seminar paper adviser, Mr. Jeffrey O. Jalani, for his patience, guidance

and support throughout this seminar paper writing. The constant reminders and progress report

checks have helped me become more focused during the process of seminar paper module writing.

He also taught me how to undertake this writing task and even provided me with example, which

was of great assistance.

I am also grateful to the principal of Titay National High School, Alberto Tolentino

Alavaren, for supporting and allowing me to conduct my seminar at Titay National High School.

I am also grateful to my colleagues from different schools who became my participants during the

seminar-workshop. Their presence made my seminar-workshop a very informative and

meaningful one.

Moreover, I am thankful to my friends, Sir Jonito A. Junio and Ma’am Jorda P. Lampauog,

for their assistance when I was writing this seminar module. I would also like to extend my

gratitude to Ma’am Lynn B. Yap for always being there to take over my classes and take care of

my advisory class when I am out for this endeavor. In addition, I thank my colleagues in school

for their support especially to the two old folks, and to Mrs. Analie J. Garcia for her

encouragement, support and words of wisdom.

Finally, I thank my family for always being there for me. I thank my mother, Mrs. Jahara

A. Salipmugdar, and my sister, Mrs. Madzra S. Latorre, for continually supporting me emotionally,

physically and spiritually as I go through the rigorous path of graduate studies. Now I am
approaching the end of it and I look back at my trials, and I realized that this would have not been

possible had it not for the support and guidance of my parent/guardian.