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Choose the appropriate word or phrase in each gap.

1 Tourism as we think of it today _____________ to the nineteenth century.

a. complies with b dates back c. overlooks d. allows

2 There’s a lot of information on the screen – you’ll have to _______________ down to read it all.
a. scroll b. hold c. bandwidth d. load

3 It’s essential that we _______________ the new regulations otherwise there’s a strong chance we will be
shut down.
a. cater for b. level off c. bump up d. comply with

4 As part of your business plan you should prepare a _______________ with projections of income and
expenditure for the first year of operation.
a. influx b. slot c. disposal d. balance sheet

5 Most of the profits from the increase in tourism are going to overseas stakeholders, and this
_______________ means that the local community are not benefiting as much as they should be.
a. leakage b. clientele c. disposal d. refurbishment

6 As part of our expansion plans we have decided to _______________ a significant amount for online
a. value b. earmark c. afford d. renovate

7 An increase in air traffic is threatening the _______________ of the islands, along with the increase in
marine sports, which allows invasive species to be carried from one island to another.
a. biodiversity c. segment c. current d. affluent

8 The biggest threat is to the _______________ people who do not have immunity to diseases carried by
a. endangered species b. stakeholder c. indigenous d. carrier

B. Form words to complete the sentences.

1. We reached an _______________ after three meetings. AGREE

2. The stakeholders came to a _______________ when they decided to put on a vote DECIDE

3. Local authorities need to place more waste _______________ to deal with the great deal of waste of hotels.

4. The magnitude of _______________ in wage funds is affecting the company. LEAK

5. I want a job with good prospects for _______________ PROMOTE

6. She made a huge _______________ in time and effort to get this done. INVEST

7. McDonald’s embodies a concept involving family, fast service, value-for-money and consistently
_______________ quality. RELY