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VXLAN can be build using EVPN or ACI.

EPVN approach you need to understand routing, VRF, BGP, where you want services deployed across
switches, VXLAN to VLAN.

In ACI you don’t do any of that, all configuration is pushed through APIC whether you are using
command line, GUI or using API we push the configuration through the controllers.

But we don’t configure either of those ( VXLAN & ISIS)

Plug our controllers into two switches (Starting Point).

You see a setup script (IP address, default gateway, internal IP range, Infrastructure VLAN)

Infrastructure VLAN – Should not clash with a VLAN already used in network.

First step when we connect APIC is we get LLDP and CDP requests from the switches.

And you go to GUI and except the switch on to the network. What you need to have so that it work
correctly is serial number of switches.

Once you accept the first switch to the network the other switches will just discover, appear
automatically on GUI you will say yes this is switch. Eg: 201 for spine and 101, 102, 103 for different leafs
whatever numbers you want to give them and the network is then built.

Use external management network.

We need minimum 3 controllers, for lab we need just 1.