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Lab Equipment and Software List

The Lab exam tests any feature that can be configured on the equipment and the software versions
indicated below. You may see more recent IOS versions installed in the lab, but you will not be
tested on features on newer software releases that are not explicitly listed below.

Passing the lab exam requires a depth of understanding difficult to obtain without hands-on
experience. Early in your preparation you should arrange access to equipment and software similar
to that used on the exam, and listed below:

Lab Equipment and Software List v2.0

Physical Devices
Cisco IP Phones
 Cisco Unified IP Phone 8845 (Remote Controlled)

Virtual Machines
Core Collaboration Applications
 Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.0
 Cisco Unified IM & Presence 12.0
 Cisco Unity Connection 12.0
 Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 11.6
 Cisco Meeting Server 2.x
Collaboration Edge
 Cisco Expressway Series 8.10
 CSR1000v: IOS XE 16.3
 Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 12.0
 Cisco Unity Express Virtual 9.0
Client PCs and Applications
 Active Directory Server: Windows Server 2012 R2
 Test PC: Windows 7 and Windows 10
o Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.x
o Cisco Spark Client
o Cisco Meeting App for Windows 1.x