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No Activities Activity Description

1. Opening
o Creating a situation  The teacher gives greetings to the students.
 The teacher asks one of the students to lead
the prayer.
o Apperception  The teacher checks the attendance of
 The teacher asks one of the students to push 5
the classroom wall.
 The teacher asks why the classroom walls do
not change positions.
 The teacher conveys the learning objectives.
 The teacher divides students into 6 groups.
2. Core activities
 Stage of Observe
Presentation of  The teacher displays pictures / videos
 Students observe pictures / videos.
 The teacher displays a concept map.

 Students identify the image / video
 The teacher stimulates students to ask
 Students ask questions about business
concepts related to images / videos.

 Data collection and Collect information

verification  Students gather information and discuss
with groups after viewing pictures /
 The teacher accompanies students in
making observations
 Experiment Stage
 Students make observations according to
the Student Worksheet.
 Stage of organizing Associate
 Students discuss and write down their
data and
formulating  Individual students are asked to make
explanations mind mapping
 The teacher gives an opportunity to 1 or
2 groups to present their observations
and mind mapping.

 Discuss the results of observations and
 Analysis Phase mind mapping for further explanation
 Another group of additional members /
responses / questions to the group
presenting the results of their
observations and mind mapping.
 Students analyze the pattern of their
 The teacher gives additional incomplete
 Provide conclusions from the results of
the discussion.
 The teacher gives a post test to students.
3. Closing  Teachers together with students conclude
the material that has been delivered.
 The teacher gives assignments to
students. 5
 The teacher closes learning activities
with prayer.
 The teacher gives greetings to students.

 Mengamati
 Guru menampilkan gambar/video
 Peserta didik mengamati gambar/video.
 Guru menampilkan peta konsep.

 Menanya
 Peserta didik mengidentifikasi gambar/video yang ditampilkan.
 Guru merangsang peseta didik untuk bertanya.
 Peserta didik mengajukan pertanyaan tentang konsep usaha terkait gambar/video.

 Mengumpulkan informasi
 Peserta didik mengumpulkan informasi dan mendiskusikan dengan kelompok setelah
melihat gambar/video.
 Guru mendampingi peserta didik dalam melakukan pengamatan
 Peserta didik melakukan pengamatan sesuai Lembar Kerja Siswa.
 Mengasosiasi
 Peserta didik mendiskusikan dan menuliskan hasil pengamatannya.
 Peserta didik secara individu diminta untuk membuat mind mapping
 Guru memberikan kesempatan kepada 1 atau 2 kelompok untuk mempresentasikan hasil
pengamatan dan mind mapping.

 Mengomunikasikan
 Mendiskusikan hasil pengamatan dan mind mapping untuk selanjutnya dijelaskan
 Kelompok lain member tambahan/tanggapan/pertanyaan kepada kelompok yang sedang
mempresentasikan hasil pengamatan dan mind mapping.
 Peserta didik menganalisis pola penemuan mereka
 Guru memberi tambahan jawaban yang kurang lengkap.
 Menarik kesimpulan dari hasil diskusi.
 Guru memberikan post test pada peserta didik.