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34X43 ONIUO109 NVOIS/NH3} LNOLND “40109 OL E 3 3 | na Z a 8 5 3 a FAMOUS FLYING MACHINES TO COLOR, CUTOUT & FLY! by RICHARD WAGNER PRICE/STERN/SLOAN Publishers, Ine. You can make actual flying models of famous historic planes and flying machines. Color them bright and watch them fly. YOU WILL NEED., scissors,crayons or felt pens, a little tape and some paper glue, ‘Use a rubber cement or one of the dry glue sticks availabl. Avoid any water-based paste as it makes the paper sogg scissors, cut out the pieces on the SOLID LINES and fold on the DOTTED LINES. Since many of the planes have two wings, itis important to fold them evenly. To do this, using a BALL- POINT PEN and a RULER, press hard along all of the dotted lines. ‘This will make the folding faster and more accurate. also need some WEIGHT on the front end. You ‘can attach paper clips, wire or gum. Gi Iying machine smooth. Now you are ready for the big flight outdoors. ‘Copyrightel978 by Richard Wagner Published by Price/Stern/Sloan Publishers, Inc. 410 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90048, Printed in the United States of America, All rights reserved. ISBN: 0-8431.0438-4