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The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Parable of the Dragnet

Dragnet An all-inclusive judgment (Hab 1:14-17)

Cast into the sea Sea of humanity; Gentiles (Ps 89:9-10, Is 60:5)

Gathered some of every kind Every Gentile nation gathered by angels (Mt 13:49)

Full net Earth ripe for judgment (Rev 14:13-20)

Fishermen Angels (Mt 13:49-50)

Drawn to shore Judgment takes place on earth (Mt 25:31)

Sat down Son of Man on His throne; judgment seat (Mt 25:31)

Gathered good into vessels The just invited into the kingdom; nations of men
(Mt 25:32, Rev 21:24)

Threw the bad away The wicked cast into the Lake of Fire
(Mt 13:49-50, 25:41)