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Loredana Bradaschia
“Painting is a Loredana Bradaschia was born in Rijeka, Croatia. exhibitions both in Croatia and abroad. She has
She graduated from the Faculty of the Tourist and won numerous awards and has received extensive
reflection of my
Hotel Management in Opatija, a modern tourist city recognition for her artistic work. When Loredana
inner world.” located in the Kvarner Bay with the longest tradition starts to paint, she doesn’t have any preconceived
of Croatian tourism, where she was working for many idea or composition in mind. She approaches her
years. She has learnt the basic art techniques in work simply based on instinct. Her current sentiment
‘Romolo Vennuci’, an art group of the Italian Society and emotion become the stimulus. This process
in her hometown Rijeka. She was a member of this allows her to paint freely, unburdened with the sense
group for 14 years. of already knowing the outcome.
Loredana’s work is a reflection of her inner world.
Given that her emotions, memories and music
Loredana’s works are in strong and contrasting
colours, and while they attract deep fascination they
Loredana’s works
play such an integral part of her life, she has found also conjure up a mesmerising sensation of visually are in strong
painting to be the best way to express herself.
Curiosity and playfulness are important elements in
abstract engaging moments and demand attention. and contrasting
Her canvases are an abstraction of a thought - linear
each of her creations. in design, bright in colour, open in composition,
colours, and while
Loredana has had many solo exhibitions and with indeterminate nebulous forms, giving them a they attract deep
participated in numerous art collective juried performance-like appeal.
fascination they
also conjure up
a mesmerising
sensation of
visually abstract


THE BUTTERFLY”S DREAM - acrylic on paper - 7.5 x 10 cm
AMONG OTHER PEOPLE - acrylic on paper - 9 x 14 cm


WISE MEN - acrylic on paper - 8 x 11 cm
NIGHT AND DAY - acrylic on paper - 10 x 11 cm
PATH TO HAPPINESS - acrylic on paper - 8 x 11 cm

150 AFG Art Book volume1 - 2018