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Worked for 7 months in Sustainability area, making reports and designing

programs for society (CSR) are the best thing I ever learned so far in my life. The
dazzling moments when my psychology major crossed to the needs of
development, boosting my susceptibleness to the environment and push me to do
some research were undeniably great. Moreover, the communication skill which I
have learned in psychology helped me a lot to get the needs of citizens and made it
through to the organization due to planning some programs.

Sustainability is a common field yet needed in my country. A lot of organizations

exist and having profits, yet they don't familiar in how regulating the profits to help
people, keeping world green and developing economic. The full consciousness
about responsibility to support the country is still low, and on the other hand, some
organizations think that the CSR programs are money-wasting and they behave
that way. It steals my attention and encourages me to take an action. Indonesia is a
very rich country by the natural resources in it. The pieces of heaven have the
urgency to be stored and it obviously will help quite much for the world
restoration. Companies and organizations hold big portion regarding to this matter,
and it depends on how the people make some movements to make everything
sustain. They do responsible to what they cause and get from the land, with the
people and livings there.

I fell in love to the interdisciplinary yet colorful concepts mixed in this major. A
lot of disciplines are allied into a world that strongly constructive to the ones who
learned and him/her surroundings. I am sure that my graduate degree in
psychology, to be specific in industrial and social psychology will add more
uniqueness to this field and I am confident by my work experience to this area
before. Besides having an applicative learning by making an oil and gasses
company's Sustainability report for my job before, I also born and raised by the
same company till now, so I got their path within myself. Responsibility of having
good profit is equal to how much we can give to the environment. Taking
something should be paid by giving something, larger is better and no way it could
be smaller. It is the core point of CSR programs in PT. Arun LNG, the company
which my father has been working and recently also a company which leads me
into this application too.

I started with the absence idea of what a sustainability report was, next I learned
by doing, then the result turned out nice and now I am so excited to have a
comprehensive learning in Leeds University by taking MSc in Sustainability and
Business. So that I will come back as an expert to give wider and significant
impact for my land; enhancing organizational awareness of developing society,
upgrading the livings and protecting the creatures and to spread the knowledge of
“business also has its ethical to the nature”.