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The Postgraduate Admissions Office

The University of Nottingham

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Referee’s report
You have been nominated as a referee in support of an application for postgraduate
study at The University of Nottingham. We would be grateful if you would provide us
with a reference on the applicant's academic and general suitability to undertake the
proposed course of study. Please note that this reference may also be used to assess a
candidate’s suitability to receive funding, therefore please complete all sections fully.

How to submit a reference:

• On this form, by hard copy (signed & stamped)
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• By hard copy or scanned & emailed, on letterhead paper. If you are completing
the reference as a letter you must address all the questions asked on this form.

Hard copies should be sent to the address above and emails should be directed to

If you are supplying a professional reference rather than an academic reference

please only complete the relevant sections and comment on how the applicant’s
professional experience makes them suitable for the proposed course.
Applicant’s name: Course applied to: Date:

Msc of Work and Organisational

Annisa Hazrina

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Ardiansyah Lubis, S.H

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Work Supervisor

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Almost 2 years (including her thesis process)
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Professional and/or Academic reference section

1. Previous performance: Include a realistic assessment of the quality of the

applicant’s academic work and / or performance to date, (providing evidence
to support your comments) and being as specific as possible.
Annisa was an intern in my office. Before, her thesis samples had taken within
the company too and so I was included to her process by my position in HR
Department. In my point of view, her thesis was kind of hard, because she
combine the design (I read the proposal to allow her collected some datas) and
also the company’s climate was not good at that time. The company was on
decline stage and issued to be liquidated by the end of December 2014 because
of the end of contract between us and the country. Another thing which was also
being a problem is; culture issue. The employees are fine, but they are quite
hard to be opened to new people, a little bit arrogant and ignorant and of course
because of the liquidation, they were hypersensitive to several issues. Annisa’s
thesis would have found offensive, because its theme was about job stress. My
people also are very professional for their field. Each of employee has worked
about 25 years of services and the company didn’t hire youth people. So I guess
it was going to be hard.

But Annisa, she threw herself to the fire. She insisted that the research were
going to be great and beneficial for the company. So we allowed her to start.
Unbelievable, she handled everything by her unique way. She collected some
questionnaires and had interviews with employees. Once I asked my people
about how they feel about the research, nothing found except compliments and
gratitude. Annisa was not only collecting data, she also worked for some
motivation to the employees and obviously made them happy. She
communicated properly and politely, so that no one feel bothered. She finished
the task in about 8 months and it was awesome. I heard she got A for the thesis
and she deserved that.

Once she has graduated, I hired her to be an intern. I gave her a lot of
challenges by placing her into a team which annually making a sustainability
report for the company. It is clear on my mind, the first reaction of Annisa right
after my command, “Sustainability? What should sustain? Why reports?”. It was
obviously showed her no idea about what she was asked for.

The first week of meetings, I saw her having trouble in understanding things
which have been talked by the senior employees. She joined the team with
Internal Auditor, Public Relation’s Staffs , CSR’s Staffs and some of managerial
supervisors. She was an early bird. I Intend to take her out, once she whined
about her lost ideas. I feel guilty that maybe it was too hard for her regarding
her major is psychology and I was sure she never had any idea of what is the
report about. But she never did that in a whole first week. While next Monday, I
found her already had her feet on the right stand, she assumed things, giving
explanations, and I was shocked.
Lately I knew she often paid a visit to the company’s library. She also enrolled
herself to a biodiversity seminar. She really fought hard. The way she came with
ideas of comparing other companies report to make the best deal about
something, is undeniable genius. Why? Because it means that she had analyzed
a lot of big companies’ sustainability reports such as Freeport, Total,
ExxonMobil, Perusahaan Gas Negara, Pertamina and so on to enrich herself with
different ideas. It worth a salutation.

So, the report was done very well by the team and Annisa was going to be
stolen by CSR department from my department. It presented how well she
worked within the team and she satisfied us greatly. Finally she stayed in my
department, while she joined the team of CSR who designed the next year
programs to society. She learned a lot, obviously.

Six months of internship program, I am super satisfied for her dedication, her
spirit, her willingness to study, her work hard traits and her brilliant brain. She
also behaves very well. Several weeks before, she told me that she is going to
learn deeper about sustainability that is being her most affection till now. I have
handled a lot of interns in my 25 years of services and she left remarkable
impression for me. She develops people, she faces the dislikes. A young like her
is seldom to find and she deserves higher education to the brighter future, to
Annisa herself and to the country.
2. Potential for postgraduate study: Evidence of the candidate’s aptitude
and preparedness for the proposed course of study. Please give an
assessment of the candidate’s experience to date, and his/her potential to
complete the course in the light of this assessment.
She is undoubtedly very potential for postgraduate. I even ask her to take
doctoral degree after she finishes her postgraduate degree. She has ability
to fight the hardships, moreover she is smart. Her internship experience as
stated above is the main reason and facts that she will do good in

In the making of sustainability report, she learned a lot. She also had a
chance to operate GRI G4 as well. She learns fast, and faster because she
didn’t hesitate to ask the professionals about it. She is vulnerable to the
society and she digs the problem to the root. She also communicates very
well to the society which makes her easier to find the needs of people
around us.

I am confident to be a reference to whom I assess worth to be

recommended. Annisa is one of my favorite intern by her intelligence in the
work place. She is also a time-based kind of people. She always ask the
deadlines before she is going to accept a task. She predicts her endurance
and the time given to just being assertive; the task is impossible to be done
or not. So when she proposed to this study, I know she did the same way.
She certainly has assessed herself before she made this decision. Moreover,
it is important for her.

She is also easy to be aroused by curiosity. It helps everybody to be a wild-

deep thinker if ones are learning about something. It also fasten her to
apprehend about sustainability field while she was working in my office. She
will do great in Nottingham, because it has things she needs most; place to
learn, expert to teach, books and journals to be analyzed and friends who
learned the same field which will make her being surrounded by the
knowledge. When she was working the report before, she had to seek those
things within or outside the company, yet she nailed it too. I wonder how
great she would be if she is placed a seat into your faculty.

Being a postgraduate also made her feet tougher, once she has the
comprehensive learning, she may start to be a professional in that field in
Indonesia. With her aptitude and attitude, I know she will be on the top of
her career.
3. Preparedness for doctoral study (if applicant applying for a
Postgraduate Research course): Your assessment of the applicant’s
preparedness to undertake the proposed research project, including their
capacity for original thought and ability to grasp concepts and reason

4. The applicant’s motivation and perseverance in achieving objectives.

Comment on their ability to complete their postgraduate studies successfully
and on time. Please provide evidence of work which has previously been
completed within a given timescale.
She will finish the postgraduate in the required time, or maybe faster. She was
graduated from her bachelor about one semester faster than her friends, I know
the GPA may seems to be not that high, but I also cognize that it was not her
that not fighting enough. I saw her doing great with her major in psychology.
She understands a lot of theoretical things in workplace, then she knows how to
solve it by applicative ways.

Not only sustainability reports, Annisa also has given a lot of another tasks in
the office. Performance management is also one of them. I need her to make a
report about some meetings in 4 days, yet she always make it done before the
time given, about 2 days per each report. While she has to manage the time
with the sustainability reporting and some administration tasks. She is good at
managing time and accomplishing task.

She is also continuously gave improvements about the reporting. She moves
day by day with all the work hard traits. She needs to consult the CSR
department for several things 3 days after the meetings, yet she always come
faster. Sometimes a day after the meetings, she has already done with the
feedback and she gave it to CSR department. Or else, she would make it 3 days,
but the information she has given is more than enough. She often helped
another sector (environmental and economic) in the process. She even join a
seminar that made me think how can she manage the time . I thought I was
giving her quite many jobs, but somehow she nailed it. I am impressed by how
she treats time as a priority, she is also on time for every meetings and
appointments and she really works for that.

There would be numbers of task that she has done greatly within the timescale.
Because in the company, we value time as a principle. Every second is
worthwhile and she behaves that way. That’s why I believe she will do the same
in Nottingham, that she will finish the study as the time it needed with a good
result too.

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