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By Zachary Selig


Copyrights 1999 and 2010


My mentor in Mexico, the late Magic Realist painter Bridget

Bate Tichenor, generously presented me with a gift for my
twenty-first birthday in 1971 of her mother Sarah Gertrude
(Vera) Arkwright Bate Lombardi’s Theosophical book-
collection of 19th and 20th Century Theosophical Society
authors. When Bridget presented the gift of these brilliant
British and American authors she stated, “England has
always been disinclined to human nature, therefore be
aware of the intellectual filter of Anglican Church
psychological background of the authors that translated
these 3,000 year old Sanskrit documents into English. The
United States psychology is based on a British Protestant
societal moral code and Latin America is founded upon
Catholicism, which both suppress human nature.”

Bridget discussed the philosophies in the books with me.

Russian born Madame Helene Petrovna Blavatsky was an
enigma of the nineteenth century in her founding of
Theosophy in New York in 1875. Her extensive writings that
began with The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled provoked a
frenzy of resentment that violated the sacred opinions of
theologians with the introduction of Ancient Wisdom to the
modern world. Blavatsky was an Occult Orientalist and a
faithful disciple of Eastern Masters.

No other non-Hindu woman has ever penetrated so far into

the depths of Brahmanism. In the East she was called The
Great White Yogini. She fitted together parts of occult lore as
no other thinker in modern times has done, dividing with
clarity relevancy from irrelevancy. She collated her golden
thoughts in an eternal temple of wisdom that has been

unprecedented. In her time she was deeply misunderstood in
the Western world through a lack of Occidental
understanding the Oriental Philosophies.

She elaborately laid out the foundations of what became

Theosophy supporting cosmogensis principles founded upon
the Ancient Wisdom of a broad Ancient World Theologies.
Much of her writing was channeled through a great
Mahatama known as Master Morya, Ahazhulama, or the Blue
Teacher, who is one of the world’s great souls and an Adept
of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood, whose members are
dedicated to the service of the spiritual needs of mankind.

The Theosophists were historically the Neo-Platonists of

Alexandria, Egypt, the Alchemists, and Cabbalists during the
mediaeval ages, and much later the Universal Brotherhood
or Theosophical Society founded in New York by Colonel H.S.
Olcott and Mme. H. P. Blavatsky in 1875. The original
Theosophical Society group split several times and today is
divided into several schools that carry the name Theosophy.

The Theosophists are to this day all great lovers of divine

wisdom and truth of many global religions that originated in
Ancient Wisdom Doctrines, which is reflected from a
primarily Vedic cosmogenisis principle. At the end of the
19th Century, Blavatsky and many other teachers and
authors from the formative group of Theosophists such as
Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, Sir John Woodroffe, and Charles
Leadbeater received their spiritual directives for Sanskrit
translations and theological coding systems from Tibetan
Mahatmas and Indian Nagas (Eastern terminologies for Wise
Men, Great Souls, or Avatars who evolve after death into
Ascended Masters).

Vera Bate Lombardi had been first introduced to Theosophy

in Paris through her relationship with the early British
Theosophical authors Charles Leadbetter and Sir John
Woodroffe. Both became her clairvoyants and spiritual
mediums that she met through her close friendship with the

poet Vita Sackville West in London. Leadbeater had given
Vera spiritual readings in Paris regarding the future WW II
and the manipulations that would occur in her professional
life with Co Co Chanel as her muse and public relations
liaison to members of Royal families from Britain, Europe,
Russia, and Asia. He warned her that Chanel would use her
for her own professional gain and try to betray England,
along with the British Royal Family before she began to work
for Chanel. Vera did not listen to his advice, as his
predicated tragedies did unfold.

Vera’s daughter Bridget Bate Tichenor stated, “In Vera’s

early years she followed Hindu Philosophy with Sir John
Woodroffe in London and was considered a mystic, advising
both luminaries and bohemians. Vera was involved with the
philosophical doctrine of Spiritism and organized séances in
which she produced figurative drawings of human and
animal spirits. She had the supernatural ability to see and
express things in intimate details. As an inspiring young
adult, her esoteric insight was sought after by friends, such
as Isadora Duncan, Marchesa Casati, Andre Breton, Sergei
Diaghlev, and Jean Cocteau.

Many of those great Theosophical books that Bridget Bate

Tichenor gave me in 1971 that related to Chakra Science
were later to become one of the referencing cornerstones for
my creation of THE RELAXATIA CODEX TM. The earliest
significant English translations of Sanskrit text regarding
Chakra Science in regard to the principles of Tantra
appeared in the first quarter of the 20th Century in the
publications of the Theosophist Sir John Woodroffe in his
Principles of Tantra (Madras, 1914), Shakti and Shakta
(Madras, 1928) The Serpent Power (Madras, 1931),
Introduction to and Tantra Shastra (Madras -1969). Bridget
Tichenor taught me the principles of focusing my mind in
Raja Yoga study. She also trained my mind-to-hand
coordination by giving me Tantric painting exercises in which
I was directed to paint squares, crescent moons, triangles,
circles, hexagons, pentagons, double crosses, stars,

swastikas, lotuses, and dots (the geometric and symbolic
foundations of both Mandala and Yantra cosmograms) with
three sable haired brushes in one continuous stroke. She
said that a well-trained Tantrika is empowered to create
either benevolent or malevolent Yantras, but that evil
thoughts placed in such designs hurt the designers who
create them through bad character judgment. Bridget
trained me with other focusing and balancing techniques in
drawing and painting that reflected the purpose of all
schools of Yoga, which is to resolve human duality through
unity. I continued my studies with Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga,
and Japa Yoga with teachers in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1975-
1976 where I first visually identified my Sprit and Soul.

Bridget stressed my studies of Tantra. Tantra is defined in

Sanskrit with what extends, continues, or multiplies the
process of knowledge. Tantrism appeared as early as the 4th
Century in India and later developed both in Hinduism and
Buddhism from the mysterious pre-Aryan and pre-Dravidian
tribes, who entered India from Persia carrying Ancient
Sacred Knowledge that had originated in Egypt and
Mesopotamia. Bridget discussed with me her theories of the
great biblical flood of Noah, and the origins of the Caucasian
(Aryan) race in what is today Armenia and Turkey in the
Caucus Mountains, who historically formed the Aryan and
Dravidian tribes that migrated East after the famed deluge
occurring over the lands around the Black Sea. Tantrism is a
highly developed psychological science that has shaped
every Oriental doctrine in India, China, Tibet, Japan, Korea,
and Southeast Asia. The earliest written records are in the
Vedic Brahman Hindu Indian Upanishads – The
Brihadaranyaka and the Chhandogya.

Tantric doctrine is composed of The Seven Chakras with the

Kundalini in a system of yoga. The aim of Tantric Yoga is to
arouse the Kundalini in the first Chakra at the base of the
spine, and direct the flow of Kundalini up the central spinal
column through the other five Chakras to The Crown Chakra
at the top of the head. The central spinal column has two

other flanking and crossing channels that are called Nadis
Channels that are the female white Ida on the left side of the
Root Chakra and the male red Pingala on the right side of
the Root Chakra. The aim of the Tantrika or student Tantra is
to bring these two polarities together at the base of the
spine at the entrance to the central spinal column in specific
breathing techniques by alternating the flow of air through
each nostril called Pranayama. The Pranayama activates the
two Nadis Channels to push up the Kundalini through the
seven Chakras, awakening and transforming the psychology,
physiological, and emotional aspects of the practitioner that
each Chakra represents.

During my spiritual formative years of the 1970’s, Bridget

trained me with my early Tantric Yoga practices that later
lead me to investigate the Kundalini process within myself.
She stressed that I learn the ancient Mystery School
foundations of ritual magic, divine assistance, and mystical
enlightenment that all religions are concerned with in
postmortem security. I studied the many books she gave me
and followed her directives with great insights and that
successfully raised the Kundalini, but the Kundalini
experience with an application to healing was what I yearned

There were the three years from ages twenty-six to twenty-

nine 1976-1979 that I spent working in the Healing Arts with
powerful Tarascan Indian Nahualli Shamans in the Sierra
Madre above Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The wise Nahuallis taught
me that the purpose of life and death was for the purification
of the Soul, and that sacrifices of righteousness for
purification were necessary to ultimately and permanently
connect with God for the Spirit Body to direct will,
knowledge, courage, and silence into an individual’s human
consciousness. The sometimes sad and painful tests and
trials of individuals enabled those chosen Initiates of Ancient
Mystery Knowledge to help support, comfort, service, care,
and love others both in life and afterlife. They said that part
of God’s plan is that each incarnation be veiled in the

forgetting of the former life, in order that an individual learn
from a clear perspective a present consciousness.

They focused upon the point that both human incarnations

on Earth and Spiritual underworld purgatory suffering of all
Souls were to diminish karma; but, that a Spirit and its Soul
should never sacrifice its identity or purpose, nor surrender
unbalancing dispersions of Light to anything that was not of
a co-generating Light. The Universal Laws of Abundance was
stressed. Where as deprivation consciousness, portrayed in
the guise of ‘sacrifice,’ was looked upon as a Mosaic,
Christian, or Isalmic belief to subordinate the masses for
financial control through a ‘fear/shame/guilt belief’ that is
completely destructive to Spiritual wholeness. My esoteric
studies continued on with a few other great mystics
scattered throughout the world, and each stage of
development left me hungry for a deeper desire to
comprehend life's mysterious questions: Who am I, Where
did I come from, why am I here, and where am I going?

A profound experience occurred when I worked for a three-

year period from 1976-1979 in the Pacific Sierra Madre of
Western Mexico with a hierarchy of Tarascan Indian Nahualli
(shamans) who governed a larger group of Purepecha
Curenderos (healers). They trained me to heal through my
hands, clairvoyantly diagnose the infirmities of those who
came to their clinic, and learn complex herbal formulas for

Many of the people who came to the clinic were elderly,

deformed, infirmed, or ailing with some chronic or rare
disease that had been declared incurable by medical
doctors. The Nahuallis. in most cases. were able to eradicate
pathological disorders that ranged from rheumatoid arthritis
to blindness, paralysis, cancer, tumors, and epilepsy. The
investigative diagnostics for a cure that I was trained to
perform on patients were sometimes horrifying experiences
for me as a novice healer. There were in most cases a form
of spiritual possession in which I would see and analyze the

negative entity that had attached itself to an individual’s
shadow. During that period of internship, I was always in the
presence of one of the Nahualli Shamans, who directed my
visionary diagnostics and then took my findings to the other
shamans for a complete analysis and prescription.

I undertook arduous preparatory cleansings and initiations

that introduced me first to my Spirit and its Soul that are
attached to the physical body. The Soul is the divine essence
of our being that is immortal, and it resides within both the
Body and the Spirit. The Body disintegrates in time, and the
Spirit Body takes the Soul beyond our physical reality into its
home first within the solar dimension where it is directed by
Divine Intelligence for evolution, which may involve either
purgatory, re-incarnation, or ascension.

The Spirit is the divine intelligence that has a form of a

luminous golden-white body, the ancients called the Light
Body’, which exists approximately 60 feet above the physical
body. The Spirit is connected to the physical body by a
shining cord from the physical solar plexus through the feet
of the Spirit. The Soul is at home within both the Physical
Body and the Spirit Body for its lessons in life while on the
Earth Plane.

The Nahuallis defined human existence to me as being in

two parts, the Tonal and the Nahual. The Tonal is the world
structure made by the mind or ‘mental filter’ based upon
belief systems and can sometimes be used to define the
world of form or the material plane that is established by
each human’s ‘shadow’ known as the Tonalli or ‘spirit-
familiar’. The Tonalli determines the human ego and
therefore defines the mind in relationship to form. The
Nahual is the mysterious aspect of the human Soul that is
guided by the Nahual or primary spirit guide that is the form
of an animal. There are five initiations that transform a
human being’s Tonal that give access to the Nahual. These
five steps or accomplishments pertain to the five lower
Chakras that represent the physical body of man. In essence,

this is a 5-step process of mastering the distortions or
illusion created through the mental and emotional filters of
the mind human through raising awareness in order to gain
access to the higher planes of spiritual consciousness.

I was shown the shadow or ‘spirit familiar’ of my Soul called

a Tonalli (Nahuatl) or Kina (Maya), and my Nahual (Nahuatl)
or Uay (Mayan), the animal counterpart to my soul in the
Spirit Body or K’inan (Mayan), which is the primary Spiritual
guide and protector. I was later prepared to receive my other
Spiritual Guides, who worked through a spirit-filtering system
established by my Ancestral Guides by my Tonalli and
Nahualli to keep myself protected from disincarnate entities
of a malevolent nature.

I would ask my elder teachers to please explain the

dynamics of both my healing and psychic faculties. They
answered that all I had to do was surrender to The Great
White Light, to trust that Light, and that one-day I was to
bring the wisdom of the Light to the world. They said I had to
complete the mission of bringing that Light through myself
into experiences, which I would then use as teaching tools to
raise consciousness. What did they mean? Where were the

What was I supposed to do with the awareness and

sensitivity that had expanded my consciousness so rapidly
through the work done with them? How could I control the
intense Light that I constantly felt in my body? The visions
and insight were overwhelming. I had not been informed of
how to direct the energy flow for healing in any specific
format. So, the only course to take would be to locate
information from those cultures that had well established
and documented formulas for Spiritual evolution based upon
the Chakra system.

I searched for answers through my mentor the late Bridget

Bate Tichenor, who directed me to re-read the English
translated ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts from her mother

Vera Bate Lombardi’s book collection that she had given to
me in earlier years as pertained to my Kundalini awakening
experiences with the Nahualli Spiritualists. She felt that the
ancient Mayan city of Chichenitza was thousands of years
older than 19th and 20th Century archaeological dating, and
the great empire had extended its influence to every part of
the world, exercising great cultural power over many
nations. Bridget revealed to me that that the name Maya
and the vestiges of its language, art, religion cosmological,
historical traditions from the ancient culture is discovered in
many countries from America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Bridget believed that there were many wise men from these
distant and remote parts of the world, which came to
Chichenitza to consult the H-menes and receive spiritual
training with Mystery School solar religion’s initiations
pertaining to the k’inan or Spirit Body. The name ‘Maya’
always is attached to power and wisdom. She pointed out
the numerous bearded Caucasian men that she felt
represented the Assyrians (Afghans of today) were carved in
stone formats of the Mayan Nation that extended from
Veracruz, Yucatan Peninsula, Oaxaca, and beyond
Guatemala as far south as El Salvador

Bridget exposed to me the similarities in the Sanskrit words

Kundalini and Chakra in relationship to the Yucatan
Peninsular Mayan dialect words kultanlilni and chacla, which
have the same definition. She also related the story of
Buddha Sakyamuni being bitten by a seven-headed cobra
serpent and the parallel Mayan story of Kukulcan’s initiation
during his first incarnation with the seven-headed
rattlesnake serpent named Chapat in the Yucatan, which
symbolized the Kundalini awakening through the seven
Chakras. Bridget said, “The Mayan Kukulcan and Nahua
Quetzalcoatl mythology represented the Mesoamerican
belief that humans are the integration of the seven forces of
Solar Light within the Chakra system that spiral as a
rattlesnake serpent infinitely towards a solar, galactic, and
universal connection with God.”

Bridget continued, “Quetzalcoatl for the Nahuas, Kukulcan
for the Mayas, and Gucumatz for the Quiche Mayas was the
pre-emanate founding deity of Mesoamerican creation
mythology. Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, or Gucumatz
mysteriously appeared in Mesoamerica as a tall, white
skinned Caucasian, blonde, blue-eyed, and bearded priest
from an Atlantic mother culture continent in the East that
had been destroyed by volcanic eruptions called Tlapallan,
Tollan, Atzlan, and Alua. Mesoamerican mythology states
that he founded the Mesoamerican religions, taught them
the arts of divination and civilization, and disappeared and
reappeared in five world successions through incarnations of

The name Quetzalcoatl originates from the Nahuatl words;

quetzal, a rare exotic bird of iridescent green color, and
coatl, serpent, which means ‘plumed serpent’ Kukulcan with
the Mayas was represented as a serpent with two heads that
symbolized Venus both as the morning and evening star,
denoting Kukulkan’s faculties as a mediator between night
and day, good and evil, and as force facilitating
transcendence of opposites or dualities within human

It is interesting here to note that the goal of the fiery

Kundalini as it makes its serpentine journey up the five lower
Chakras, is to unit human polarities in the sixth center of the
Brow Chakra of man. Quetzalcoatl’s original teachings were
that of a wise and good ruler who taught the Ancient
Wisdom School principles of Chakra Science through the
principles of a microcosmic and macrocosmic universal view
of Kundalini in death and resurrection, sin and redemption,
and the transfiguration of a human into a God.”

Bridget explained to me, that from her knowledge,

“Quetzalcoatl arrived from Atlantis with a group of colonists
called Quetzales, who brought the advanced sciences and
arts to the Americas.” She said, “The Aztecs theology and

the few remaining records distorted the representation of
the original Nahua/Toltec, Maya, and Quiche mythology of
Quetzalcoatl in their declining civilizations before the
Spanish Conquest, and lost the historical data of
Quetzalcoatl’s immigration to the Americas when later
translated. So, the Quetzalcoatl mythology evolved into one
of the creation myths by the Quiche Maya that are reflected
in the Popul Vuh of the serpent-bird like dragons that were
covered with green and blue feathers that were the gods of
both the sea and the sky.” Bridget stated, “Both Quetzalcoatl
the man and the myth were based in facts now lost through
both the Mesoamerican civilizations’ decline before the
advent of Spanish colonization and through the
colonization’s destruction of records.”

There are many Quetzalcoatl representations throughout

Mesoamerica, but the one specifically that relates to Ancient
Chakra Science and the Kundalini principle of the
regeneration and resurrection of life force is called the Cobra
de Capella, and Ac-la-Chapa, which was the seven-headed
Mayan Naga that is identical to that of Asia. The seven heads
represent the Seven Planes of Consciousness, the Seven
Chakras, the Seven Rays, and essentially that which
encompasses the Kundalini principle of all living forms. The
Seven Headed Naga is carved in numerous Mayan, Toltec,
Mixtec, Olmec, and Aztec sites, but it is prolific in
Chichenitza where Mayan Kundalini Science flourished most
recently during the Toltec reign of power.

One night at Bridget Tichenor’s ranch Contembo in Ario de

Rosales, Michoacan, Mexico in January 1971, Bridget related
to me a story her mother Vera Arkwright Bate Lombardi had
told her. Vera had a friend in Paris that she had met through
the Rockefeller family, who was a French Archaeologist that
traveled to the Mexican state of Veracruz in 1920. The
archaeologist had been contracted by Standard Oil Company
to work as a liaison with the Mexican government to
investigate the Olmec sites that covered rich oil deposits
before any oil drilling could begin. During this trip, a local

Indian guide had informed the archaeologist of the existence
of the venomous Quetzalcoatl feathered flying serpent that
was thought to be myth or extinct, but was said by the local
Indians to be very much a living creature. Bridget said that
Vera's friend had been diverted from his work with the oil
drilling. He was taken on horseback, and then in canoes up
the mouth of a river that opened into the Gulf of Mexico into
the low mountains in search of place called Tulan-Zuiva or
the “Seven Sacred Caves”. Mayan legend spoke of Tulan –
Zuiva as being the first Atlantean depositories of ancient
records in the Americas by Quetzalcoatl. The fabled Tulan-
Zuiva was to have been the first cave-temple of Quetzalcoatl
and his priesthood, which scholars have positioned to be
either in Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, or

The expedition failed to discover the sacred caves, but it was

on this trip that Bridget revealed the story of Vera's
archaeologist friend seeing the Quetzalcoatl creature flying
very low above their canoe on the river in the dawn hours.
Bridget said Vera’s friend's description was that they saw a
bird-like creature with a strange combination of a head the
shape of Camarand bird that was spread out flat like a viper
serpent. The neck was almost two feet long covered in
dense, short, brilliant, white, and tufted green-blue
iridescent plume-like longer feathers.

The swan-shaped body had long broad wings with hand-like

claws on the tips. Bridget said that Vera's friend described
the animal’s neck retracting into a bizarre almost human
curvature when it landed on a low tree at the river’s edge. It
looked like a bird with a large snake shaped head that
resembled both Egyptian and Chinese snake-headed deities
and appeared more dragon-like than anything she could

Bridget had said that Vera’s archaeologist friend had

discussed the story shortly after the sighting of the
Quetzalcoatl animal to the British author Colonel James

Churchward in New York, who later wrote in generalities
about the expedition and the Quetzalcoatl animal in his
“Sacred Symbols of Mu”.

My great teacher and friend Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg

guided me simultaneously with Bridget through a labyrinth
of ‘esoterica’ that included the world of a profoundly learned
Mystery School student, Edward James. Another Quetzalcoatl
sighting was described to me in the 1970’s by Bridget’s
cousin Edward James that took place circa 1949 near his
home “Las Pozas” close to the village of Xilitla in the jungled
mountains of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi five hours
west of Tampico near the Gulf of Mexico.

When I was 16 at school at the University of the Americas in

Mexico City, my professor Mesoamerican Anthropologist
Alexander Von Wuthenau had many similar stories that
supposedly had occurred over many areas of tropical Mexico
and Central America in which people were bitten and died
instantly. Alexander had meet Vera’s archaeologist friend in
Germany at a museum in Berlin after the incident had
occurred and later confirmed the story with Bridget in
Mexico. The elusive Quetzalcoatl is seen on extremely rare
occasions in the tropical zones of Mexico all the way to
Bolivia, but thought to be extinct by natives and a myth by

These great experiences throughout my field studies and

apprenticeships in Mesoamerican Sacred Science were
fulfilled quests that came form gifted teachers, who
introduced me to a rarefied world of spiritual knowledge.


Later, I established THE RELAXATIA CODEXTM in art and

literature from 1979 - 1984 to gain an exacting knowledge of
the Solar Kundalini and psycho-spiritual phenomena I had
experienced in Mexico, as I could not find a complete visual

and literary Chakra color-coding documentation in existence
to compare my revelations. I found it necessary to paint and
write this lost wisdom for future generations. THE RELAXATIA
CODEXTM has been the foundation for my paintings, books,
animated film, web properties, and inventions. My Lucumi
and IFA initiations occurred much later over 8 years in the
Caribbean and US.


'Kundalini' is derived from the Sanskrit verb 'kund', which

means 'to burn', the verb 'kunda', which means a bowl or a
hole, and the noun 'kundala', which means a coil, a spiral, or
a ring. Out of all of these derivatives, the word 'Kundalini' is
developed giving creative femininity to 'the Fire', the latent
supreme source of a vast thermal energy not only in human
beings, but also in every atom of the universe. It is the life
force of both the corporal and spirit forms. The mythological
origins of the Kundalini or the Serpent Fire, that literally
means the 'life force' of Chakra Science, can be found in the
creation myths of East Indian, Mayan, Egyptian, and Yoruba

The creation myth in the first century BC East Indian

"Manava-dharma-sastra" states, "The visible universe in the
beginning was nothing but darkness. The great, self-existing
Power dispelled the darkness, and appeared in His entire
splendor. He first produced the waters; and on them moved
Narayana, the divine spirit." The Hindu God Narayana is the
Naga Serpent Dragon who embodies this divine essence
known as Kundalini. The Yoruba Orisha Oshumare is the
Rainbow Serpent, who connects heaven and earth. The
Mayan God Kukulcan and Aztec God Quetzalcoatl are both
representational of Kundalini.


Ancient Egypt and Sind, India were colonies of Nubia-
Ethiopia that founded the pre-historic Ancient Mystery
Schools in antiquity that later developed into the Pharoanic
Egyptian and Vedic religions, which gave birth to Hinduism,
Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. RELAXATIA is
Solar Kundalini, a Spirit or Light Body ascension paradigm of
the Chakra system, correlated to the Sun that originated in
Nubian-Ethiopian antiquity, which pre-dates the
Vedic/Tantric Hindu and Buddhist Kundalini philosophies
existing in India and Tibet that do not incorporate solar
applications for Kundalini activation.

The Solar Kundalini born in Africa spread throughout the pre-

historic world to create the great solar religions of Egypt,
Babylonia, Peru, Mexico, Europe, Scandinavia, Polynesia, and
Australia. The constitution of the human spirit, the vital life-
force along the human spinal cord (Sekhem in Egypt and
Kundalini in India), the psychic vortexes on the spinal cord
(The Seven Uraeuses in Egypt and the Seven Chakras in
India), the immortality of the soul, reincarnation and the law
of Cause and Effect were founded in the Nubia-Ethiopia
cradle of civilization.

The RELAXATIA Solar Light Body Formula is supported by a

number of Ancient Kundalini/Chakra Sciences that were
documented in Hindu Tantric scriptures that were derived
from the opposing Aryan/Indian Vedic Brahmin schools of
Northern India. The edited Brahmin Vedic Kundalini
philosophy was founded upon an original and complete
Kundalini model brought to the Dravidians (Nagas and
Tamils) in Sind, India from Abyssinia, Africa over 8,000 years
ago, predating the Aryan invasions of India.

The Aryans conquered these tribes and assimilated their

Kundalini knowledge. The 3,500-year-old Vedic
Kundalini/Chakra oral lexicon, established later in the
'Upanishads' literal texts of the Vedas in the 9th century BC,
and then edited and coded visually in yantra formulae by
Tantric Schools in the 'Tantra Shastra,' has now dwindled for

the most part into a mainstream babble of partial, diluted, or
unrelated folkloric 'New Age' or 'Self Help' Kundalini
philosophies for mass consumerism.

The Kundalini and Chakra Science that has survived in text

and visual formulae are small fragments of the original
Egyptian Solar Kundalini lexicon that only exists today in
Hindu Tantric and Buddhist documentation. Solar activation
of the Kundalini occurs through the Chakras or 'Cakras' in
the Physical and Spirit Bodies from an application of the light
spectrum generated by the Sun. Osiris, Moses, Jesus,
Buddha, Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl, Odudua, and many great
world avatars, teachers, and prophets were taught this
sacred knowledge.


My deepest concern in the documentation of my discovery of

a lost Kundalini lexicon was to provide a culturally absent
blueprint with a set of tools for the student of Chakra
Science to ground the Soul of the Spirit or Light Body into
the Mind and Physical Body to become conscious here on

Most existing Kundalini and Chakra philosophies approach

the subject from a diversified Hindu approach, which is
based upon extrapolations from hundreds of sometimes
opposing East Indian schools of Kundalini theory. This fact is
reflective from the evolutionary divisions within Hinduism. A
large amount of what exists in the commercial and publicly
accessible academic worlds in visual formats are not applied
with specific color standards based upon ancient Vedic
design and color-coding, so the student is left in perpetual
confusion as to what the Chakras really look like and what
makes up their true color composition.

As an example, the Chakra color-coding of a good number of

contemporary Chakra theories are completely wrong, as

these systems place the color ray that activates the Chakra
as the color composition of the Chakra itself. This is a fallacy
in many Chakra theories that gets lost in the translation or
abbreviation from the original tenets of the Vedic and Tantric
Hindu formats and is misguiding to the student. Herein, is
one of the Chakra coding differentiations that are crystal
clear in my discoveries revealed in THE RELAXATIA CODEX TM.

THE RELAXATIA CODEXTM Chakra and Ray visual/literary

codex with its secret keys to unlock and direct the
application of the light spectrum of the Sun to activate the
Chakra's and Kundalini within both the Physical and Spiritual
bodies is non-existent in published theories.

THE RELAXATIA CODEX’STM approach provides a guideline for

the student to establish individuated identities, versus
generalized and sometimes detached Nirvana ideals of
naturally dualistic human identities, which are taught by
many teachers in both the Hindu Orthodox and Buddhist
Heterodox Kundalini philosophies.

THE RELAXATIA CODEX’STM formulas can be aligned through

the time worn truths of light, color, sound, and form to
awaken the human Spirit for its individuated divine purpose
and fulfillment. The identification of each individual's raison
d'etre is something that can only be based upon the
personal human experience itself.

Through my spiritual guidance, I create radiant icons in

painting and film that are consecrated talismans executed in
a meditative state that liberates the viewer from the rational
reactions of comprehension, evaluation, and appreciation.
The effect is a state of rapture between the body, mind, soul,
and the divine.

This epiphany encourages spiritual, mental, and physical

health, clearing the way to further growth and
enlightenment. These talismans project the authentic
capacity to sit still in contemplation of beauty and focus, and

are not for superficial decoration or collection. When one’s
mind and body relax, an individual has no choice but to
become healthy.

My magical talismans represent the archetypes within the

nature of the universe that are reflective in humankind and
are prepared for definitive balancing purposes. The icon
empowers the viewer with a specific focus of the imbedded
universal forces represented by the well-calculated design,
colors, and symbols in the painting or film to establish the
desired harmonics to be attracted in Spirit, Mind, and Body.


Spiritism is the practice of invoking the Dead specifically for

diagnostic and prescriptive purposes that are beneficial,
along with the prioritization of spiritual evolution being
paramount. Spiritualism is the demonstration of 'spirit
phenomena' by a medium to exhibit psychic abilities.

The French educator, author, and scientist Allan Kardec

developed Spiritism in Paris, France in 1857. Kardec was
deeply influenced by the early 19th century Napoleonic
expeditions to Egypt and the subsequent Prussian
Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsiu's translation of the Egyptian
"Book of the Dead" in 1842. There are specific guidelines in
Spritism that follow the same ancient Egyptian Mystery
School teachings from "The Book of the Dead", which can
produce unparallel qualities in communications between the
world of spirits and the material world. Spiritism spread
throughout Europe, England, the United States, and
influenced greatly Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and
Puerto Rico.

Today, the majority of Brazilians, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans

believe or practice some form of Spiritism. Spiritism
maintains that each human being is assigned a group of
enlightened spirits known as 'spirit guides' that act as

guardians. Some spirits may be known, such as deceased
family members or friends, but many are previously
unknown. There are spiritual levels that reflect degrees of
spiritual evolution and each spirit like each living person is
uniquely positioned with a distinct mission and soul-
progression. The highly evolved spirits can descend into
lower planes, but the lower spirit entities cannot ascend into
the higher spheres. The guardian spirits or 'protectors'
require communication and offerings, as in the age-old
practices of Ancestor Worship, to acquire help with both
human and spiritual problems.


The goal of Ancestor Worship is to ensure the ancestors' and

other spirits continued well being and positive disposition
towards the living and to ask for special favors or assistance.
For 97 percent of the world's population, ritual offerings and
prayers to deceased blood relatives and other spirits are an
integral part of everyday life. Most people in the Western
world were raised with Jewish and Christian traditions, which
prescribe Ancestor Worship and are skeptical of it.

Whereas, the majority of the world with people of Eastern

cultures such as Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans,
Vietnamese, and Tibetans, along with segments of the
populations of South America, Africa, Cuba/Caribbean,
Mexico, Indigenous US, Indonesia, Bali, Mongolia, Polynesia,
Iceland, Eastern Baltics, and New Guinea seek guidance
through their offerings of respect to their ancestors.

The dynamics and resulting energy in communication with

the world of Dead enables the knowledge that life is a
continuum and the sensory experience of the non-linear side
of reality. What is known as the Akashic records, all
knowledge that has existed in the Universe, is accessed
through the world of the Dead that exists in the etheric
sphere of Akasha. This spiritual realm of Akasha is the fourth

dimension above and adjacent to the physical third

This close proximity of the spirits to humankind enables

clear communication with quick and powerful
manifestations. The practice of Ancestor Worship is quite
simple. An honorary ritual of communication with the Dead is
composed of two basic ingredients: respect and love.


In 1996 I was drawn to the Bermuda Triangle vortex of Miami

Beach, Florida, where I purchased a home directly on the
Atlantic in the heart of South Beach. For the spiritual
isolationist or purest, one would find this locale to be the
antithesis of a spiritual vortex.

The reality of the Miami Beach sand bar along the Florida
Straits is quite the opposite of its surface appearance. It is a
vortex of extreme polarities, and reflects the matrix of the
individual who enters it. It is a part of what once was
Atlantis. Good or bad character is amplified throughout the
vortex. I witnessed many people die there and many who
were reborn.

For many years I had yearned to gain a deeper

understanding universal law through animism, and received
the core levels of awareness I searched for on Miami Beach
through the ocean Orisha Yemaya.

Through my Kundalini and Spiritism practices a whole new

sensory-spiritual chapter in my life opened up with the
Orishas through the Yoruba culture. I embarked on an
initiation process of becoming a Yoruba Orisha Priest of
Obatala that began with Cuban Lucumi Priests and Babalows
that evolved into a pure IFA African practice over a 10-year

The process I went through was much the same as my
involvement with Chakra Science, which dealt with removing
the diaspora nonsense and manipulation that had occurred
with IFA through the slave trade, Catholic overlays,
indigenous and Eurocentric superstitions, along with the sad
loss of original sacred knowledge, practice, ritual, and
initiation in Nigeria. The secrets, fear, abuse, and
discrimination elements that had developed with the
majority of the diaspora of Lucumi and other Yoruba
derivatives in the 20th-21st centuries had to be eliminated to
fit into my Orisha-matrix. I received over 30 Orisha initiations
as a Lucumi Priest in a period of 10 years that few
Westerners ever receive or even know about, and eventually
became initiated into IFA.

The Afro-Cuban Lucumi theology was founded upon the

ancient 8,000-year-old monotheistic African Yoruba religion
of IFA, and has been the New World repository of the West
African Yoruba Royal Priesthood’s secrets and mysteries that
was brought to Cuba from Nigeria beginning in 1515 AD for
the Spanish colonial slave market.

IFA is a non-linear philosophy of enlightenment that is

aligned with practical linear applications set in motion with
ethical standards, which prioritizes the development of good
character to fulfill human destiny.

A Western linear mindset of short-term fixes does not fit into

an IFA archetypal paradigm of long range thinking with
individuated life-balance in place to manifest health,
prosperity, relationships with a co-generating purposeful
integration into society and the world at large.

Destiny is ascertained through the benefit of exacting

divination methodologies and prescriptive that involves ritual
and sacrifice in order to create order, strength, balance,
harmony, and inner peace in human relationship to the
universe. When a person experiences imbalance, he or she
consults one of the oracles through a Lucumi/Orisha Priest or

Babalow to find out the cause of the imbalance, and an
appropriate remedy. This involves some sort of offering or
sacrifice to the Ancestral Spriits or Orishas with rudimentary
advice to regain the lost balance.

There are three oracles derived from IFA.

The first oracle of IFA consists of a body of 256 sacred

stories that a Babalawo reads by either casting a small chain
with eight concave oval or round pieces of leather, coconut,
or calabash rind attached to it. The Babalawo obtains a
configuration that indicates which Oddu of the oracle of IFA
is to be given to the inquirer.

The second oracle used by Lucumi or Orisha Priests is the

caracoles or Mediloggun Oracle with 16 letras (Oddus) used
by the Lucumi Priest/Priestess, who has been initiated with

The third method used by Lucumi and Orisha Priests is the

Obi or coconut-casting system. Anyone either initiated or not
may cast the coconuts. Depending upon the number of
pieces that fall with the white side facing up, a total of five
possible answers emerge, "yes", "no", "maybe - cast again",
"definitely", and "consult a more complex oracle".

The IFA philosophy of enlightenment is aligned with ethical

standards and the development of good character to fulfill
human destiny. Destiny is ascertained through the benefit of
exacting divination methodologies and prescriptive that
involves ritual and sacrifice in order to create strength,
balance, harmony, and inner peace.

IFA is an initiatory culture and its core evolutionary

processes are never written or revealed; such experiential
wisdom is only gained through the spiritual evolvement and
awakening that occurs via strategic stages of initiations.
Such stages of awareness are first ‘received’, second ‘felt’,
and third ‘realized’ before external manifestations occur.

There is no such thing as simply ‘believing’ or thinking in
something as a short term fix to manifest an optimum result
without a solid rational foundation. The power of such
positive thinking theory is only effective when the individual
is clear of distortions, in integrity, and truly balanced within
the context of truth relating to the potentials of the

Anything else is mental brainwash or wishful thinking, as

there are no shortcuts or ‘secrets’ in spiritual evolution for
long-term fulfillment. Such practices are essential to
establishing a positive attitude or behavior, but are in no
way a means to reaching a complete and sustainable
objective that is long term. There are rudimentary steps that
must be achieved first to support such beliefs for
actualization to occur from a solid and balanced template of
spirit, mind, and body. The IFA and Lucumi initiates are
prohibited from converting others and honor all faiths; as to
do so otherwise is considered taboo and disrespectful.

The study of the IFA involves the use of the universal

energies in the 'law of attraction' through specific rituals and
procedures that involve defined steps to identify a problem
or good fortune within the context of IFA divination. Unlike
Tarot, I Ching (derived from IFA), Astrology, and other
divining formats, IFA and Dillogun divination informs what is
to happen if nothing is done to change a circumstance. Not
only is the future foretold, but also an opportunity to change
it is prescribed with an exact application in a precise manner
that targets an optimum result.

IFA is a 'feeling' relationship with a myriad of archetypes or

forces within nature that extend from one supreme God
known as Orishas that is nonlinear, versus a 'thinking'
relationship that is linear. Carl Jung was one of the first
European’s to develop a parallel psychological theory to that
of the ancient Yoruba with his definition of universal
archetypes and applications to the ego with the its

integration to the psyche in union, which results in true
human individuation.

In general, it is only through the sensory experience of the

feeling and expression of positive energy disbursement
arrived at through a connection with a specific archetype or
Orisha that one can reach equilibrium with negative feelings
or situations

When a human balance physical or material is achieved in a

hopeless case it is called a ‘miracle’ in the Western world. In
IFA it is common sense with the application of specific
universal laws that create stability, which allows life force to
flow unobstructed.

The influx of Yoruba slaves, who carried the principles of IFA

in their entrapped lives, continued to be transported to the
New World by the British slave trade until the end of the late
19th century. The majority of the Yoruba Ochossi sect was
transferred to Cuba from 1820 – 1849, removing the great
repositories of Ifa secrets from Nigeria. While Brazil received
vast numbers of Yoruba Priests as slaves, the Royal Yoruba
High Priests were sent to Cuba during the Ochossi sect
market transference.

The Caribbean and Brazilian Yoruba slaves were forced to

hide their Ancient Mystery School religion behind a mask of
Catholicism with Christian Saints synchronized to a pantheon
of deities under one supreme God. Most African slaves that
arrived in the United States were spiritually raped of their
animistic religions altogether by the intolerant ruling
Protestant Church and government that had no saints to
assimilate to or camouflage beliefs, forcing massive
Christian conversions. Louisiana was one exception in the
US, due to French and Spanish colonialism with its
Catholicism and racial integration. Many of the Louisiana
slaves were Dahomey and Fon, and not Yoruba.

The Yoruba religion has its origins in prehistoric Nubia-

Ethiopia over 18,000 years ago, followed by an early Osiris
religious settlement in Abydos, Egypt 8,000 years ago. All of
humanity originated in Africa and migrated to other parts of
the world over 40,000 years ago from the Twa people.

The dynastic culture of Nubia later became Kush in the 4th

millennium BC, the land of the Black Pharaohs that ruled
Egypt between 1,700 BC and 1,500 BC. The Kushites began
to migrate their Egyptian culture around 1,000 BC, as a
result of religious and civil wars between Upper and Lower
Egypt, to colonize and mix with other migratory Saharan
tribes in Ife, Nigeria in order to guard and save the sacred
esoteric knowledge of Egypt.

The Greco-Roman invasions, followed by the Byzantine

Coptic Christian Church’s dominance, and then later the
Islamic religious wars forced the extinction of Pharoanic
Religion in Egypt. By the 11th century AD, these waves of
Egyptian and Saharan migrants had assimilated to establish
the Royal Yoruba patrilineal descent groups in Nigeria. The
Yoruba were modeled upon the ancient Egyptian Osiris
religion and government, preserving IFA, the world’s oldest
religion that continues to have the same exacting
applications today as it did 8,000 years ago.