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Our project is about the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. I'm going to describe the little city of

Beijing, which is the capital of China, is a cosmopolitan city. In 1912 it became a republic .
There are some monuments that we can visit such as

The Great Wall of China: It is an old fortification built to protect the border.

The forbidden City: It is a complex of palaces, it was the official residence of the emperors of

Tiananmén Square: It was the symbol of the new China, with its construction was intended to
create an esplanade to perform political acts.

Summer Palace: it is in a park located about 12 km from the center of Beijing. Since 1998, it
has been considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Beijing as Olympic Headquarters

The Olympic Village of Beijing was the place where the Olympic Games took place in 2008. The
area was composed of impressive stadiums and many skyscrapers.

Beijing was presented for the first time to host the Olympics in 1933 for the Olympic Games of
2000 but Sydney finally won.

In July 2001 it was chosen as the definitive headquarters.

The sporting event featured 302 events in 28 sports in which some 10,942 athletes from 204
national Olympic committes participated. In addiction to Beijing, some other cities in China
held sporting events.

Important constuctions:

Estadio nacional de Beijing: Constructed in the shape of a bird’s nest

Centro acuático nacional de Beijing: its desing looks like a huge bucket of wáter

Antorcha olimpica.


My name is Jenny, and I’m going to talk about that mascots of the Olympic games of Beijing.

The pets that represented the Olympic games of Beijing were the following:

Beibi was a blue fish, it represented the water sports

Jingjing was a black panda bear, it represented the strong sports.

Huanhuan was a Olympic flame, it represented sports with ball.

Yingying was a yellow antelope, it represented the sport of athletics.

Nini was a green swallow, it represented the gymnastic.

The choice of these animals contains much symbolism and represent the five colors of the
Olympic ring and the five traditional Chinese elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth)

They starred in a mini animated series of 100 episodes that was broadcast on the Beijing´s
television, called The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa.


The logo is the representation of an athlete or dancer on a red background.

The torch was also an important symbol.

Rafael Nadal.

Rafa was born in the Island Mallorca, Baleares, Spain

He won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games, and is one of the best tennis players in

These were his first Olympic games and he won his first medal with only 22 years, also got the
first gold for Spain in men's tennis.

After winning his first Roland Garros and ehough money to be considered a millionaire, he
maintained his residence in a shared apartment with his little sister.

His uncle Toni Nadal had been a tennis player. It was with him that he started with the first
racket strikes at three years of age. He also played football, basketball and other sport, but he
was eight years old when he won a sub-12 title.

Lidia Valentin.

Lidia was born in Ponferrada, Castilla y León,Spain.

She is a Spanish athlete who competes in weightlifting. She reached fifth place in the category
of 75 kg in Beijing, however, doping five of the four that predict it, that's why they awarded
him the silver medal.

She was won three medals in the World Weightlifting Championships,gold in 2017 and 2018
and bronze in 2013,and nine medals in the European Weightlifting Championships between
2007 and 2017.

She participates in various championships such as Beijing Olympic games,European

Championships,World Championships.