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Glossary of Literary Terms


1​st​ person​-narrated by “I”: reader can see into the heart and Discuss which point of view
mind of the one character that is telling the story and can was used and the impact on
only gather information about the other characters from the the narrative. How would a
narrator’s point of view. different point of view have
Point of 2​nd​ person ​The reader is out into the character’s shoes. “You changed the text?
View go to the store with your parents and you choose the movie
that you would like.” Not commonly used.
3​rd​ person​ “He/She”: reader gathers information about the
hearts and minds of all characters from a narrator who is not
necessarily central in the story… God.
The situation creating tension or a problem for the key How did the writer develop
character. conflicts?
Character vs Character How did the situations get
Character vs Self worse?
Character vs Society How were sub-conflicts
Character vs Nature constructed?
The big idea that the writer is writing about in life. It is an How did the author use the
Overall idea that everyone can connect to. It is not the ideas characters to communicate a
Message specific to the text. It is not a cliché. It is an idea that has message about life to you and
been written about many times before. the audience?
Characteriz Round characters​: have good and bad qualities. Their What role does each character
ation goals, ambitions, values change. play in the development of the
Motivation:​ The reasons why the characters choose to act plot or the understanding of
or react to situations. other characters? What
motivates each character to
make the choices that they do?

Time and place that affect the reader’s understanding of the Look at each significant time
events of the novel and place. What mood was
created by the words in the
Setting text?
What was the impact on your

The reader’s personal values or beliefs that affect his/her Which of your own personal
reading and understanding of the meaning. values or beliefs was affected
or touched by different parts of
Values/ the novel? How do they make
Beliefs you react to the text?
How do you think that your
values differ from the
characters from the text?
Glossary of Literary Terms

Initial conflict​: The event or character that triggers the Use the plot diagram to analyze
conflict. how the plot was developed.
The facts gathered at the beginning Use all the key terms in the
Rising action​: The “and then” moments.
A series of events that build from the initial conflict.
Begins with initial conflict and ends with climax.
The moments that cause the plot to thicken.

Climax​: The result of the crisis.

The moment of highest interest or emotion. The point at
which the outcome can be predicted.
The moment of the crucial realization.

Falling action​: The events after the climax.

Resolution​: Rounds out and concludes the action.

Answers questions and/or leaves questions unanswered.

Sub-plots​: the conflicts within conflicts.

Glossary of Literary Terms



The way a writer draws a reader into the story and How did the writer attempt to capture
captures their attention your attention?
Hook What was the impact of this hook?

An object, colour, or image that represents an Name the symbol. What idea does it
important idea to the text represent?
Symbol What role does it play in the text?
How does it impact your reading?
Comparing an object to something unusual in order What two unusual things are being
to create a new meaning. Simile uses “like and as”; compared? How does the comparison
Metaphor create a deeper meaning for the text?
metaphor does not. *Extended metaphor
& Simile How does it reappear in the text?

Two words next to each other that begin with the Why did the author want your attention
same letter or sound. Typically an adjective or drawn to the moment where alliteration
adverb next to a noun or verb. Never prepositions is used?
and articles, like “to the” or “then the”. Used to
draw the reader’s attention to the subject.

Human characteristics, qualities or abilities are How did the author use this feature to
given to inanimate objects. create strong images for the reader?
What impact did they have?

Makes the reader uncertain or tense about the How did the author use action
outcome of events. Suspense is greatest when it focuses sequences or foreshadowing to create
attention on a sympathetic character. suspense?
Foreshadowing​: Hints like symbols or scenes How did this feature impact your
that help us to predict the plot. This feature is reading?
Suspense often revealed at the end of reading a text.
​Action sequences​: Scenes when characters are
challenged in some physical way (threatened,
overcoming obstacles, natural disaster).

The carefully selected name of a text. Could also include Why did the writer select this title?
analysis of chapter titles What element of the text is it in
reference to? What is the impact on you
Title when you first read it and when you
finish the story?
Glossary of Literary Terms


Definition Connect Questions for Discussion

List all of the feelings Choose one of these How does your feeling help you to
Feelings experienced by the feelings that you have felt. understand the feeling of the character in
characters the text?

List all of the dilemmas Choose one of these How does your dilemma help you to
faced by the characters dilemmas that is similar to understand the dilemmas faced by the
a dilemma you have faced. character in the text?

List all of the actions taken Choose one of the actions How does your action help you to
Actions by the character that is similar to an action understand the action taken by the
you have taken. character in the text?

List other texts that share Choose one of the texts How does the other text help you to
Text to an element with your text. that you have read, heard better understand the response text?
Text or viewed.
List issues, events, Choose one of the issues, How does your understanding of the
situations that are shared events or situations that world help you to better understand the
Text to
between the world we live you are most aware of in world of the text?
in and the world of the our world.



Significance Why is this text important:
of a Text i) to me personally?
ii) to my community?
iii) to society?

Why is this text an example of great writing?

Why was it published?

Impact of the How did you react to the text?

Text How will people react to this text?
How will it affect or change the reader?

Target Who would this text appeal to? Be specific.

Audience Who did the writer have in mind? Be specific.

Universal What themes are in the text that most people can relate to?
Themes Why did the writer select this theme?
Glossary of Literary Terms