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Create your own CV

Now that you’ve seen what does and doesn’t make a good CV, have a go at producing your own.
In the Downloads section, below, you’ll find some materials that you may find helpful. We have
included some sample CVs, but please don’t just copy one; you need to make your CV personal so
that it stands out from the rest. Once you’ve written your CV, have a go at rating it using the
‘Template for rating my CV’. If you are unable to open the template, we have provided an alternative
in PDF format.

When you’re happy with your CV, put a copy in your personal portfolio for future reference when
making applications.

Don’t forget to keep your CV up-to-date and customise it for every job application to fit the skills and
attributes asked for.

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Template for rating my CV (open with Microsoft Word, Open Office, or online with OneDrive or Google
Drive) docx

PDF template for rating my CV pdf

Standard CV for Almen pdf

CV for Sophie who is seeking a career change pdf

CV for Zoe who is looking for part-time work pdf

CV for Jamie who is applying for work in the creative industries pdf

CV for Nicholas who is applying for a PhD pdf

CV for Barbara who is returning to work after a career break pdf

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