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T-100K online led pixel controller

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Eight-port online T-100K(new)introduction

一、T-100K system features
1、32—256 Gray, Gamma correction procession software
2、Combined with video encoding and broadcasting software LedEdit , support rules and specific-
shaped handle, and other points, line lights source
3、Eight-port output,port 512/1024 lights, can online but also offline,computer online can
support 240000 pixels points
4、Connect the computer network port directly
5、Can download programs to the controller from computer
6、Use a serial cable between controllers cascaded without external switches
7、Controller encoding use the hardware DIP settings to make the project more stable in use
We provide two different products according to different applications T-100K and T-100K-B
Eight-port on-line controller
Can also be played off-line
T-100K Port 512 points
Frame rate of 30 frames/sec to sure
5、For different IC, controller burn different programs
Eight-port on-line controller
Can also be played offline
T-100K-B Port 512 points
Frame rate 15-25 frames/sec, frame rate may be different in different chip
5、Controller program can compatible with different IC
二、Support chips:
T-100K (red dip switch) support chips:
LedEdit Single one
Support chips corresponding support lights Remarks
LPD6803,D705,1101,6909,6912 T-100K-6803 8192pixels
LPD8806,LPD8809 T-100K-8806 4096pixels
TM1803,TM1804,TM1809,TM1812 T-100K-TM 4096pixels TM1804 and
TM1809 are
divided into high
and low speed
DMX512 T-100K-DMX 1360/4096pixels Compatible with
WS2801,WS2803 T-100K-WS 4096pixels
TLS3001,TLS3002 T-100K-TLS 4096pixels
P9813 T-100K-P9813 4096pixels
SM16715 T-100K- 4096pixels
SM16716 T-100K- 4096pixels
BS0815 T-100K-0815 4096pixels

Support chips LedEdit Single one Remarks

corresponding support
model lights
LPD6803,D705,1101,6909,6912 T-100K-B-6803 8192pixels ,
LPD8806,LPD8809 T-100K-B-8806 4096pixels
TM1803,TM1804,TM1809TM1812 T-100K-B-TM 4096pixels TM1804 and TM1809
are divided into low
and high speed
DMX512 T-100K-B-DMX 1360/4096 Compatible with
pixels standard DMX512
WS2801,WS2803 T-100K-B-WS 4096pixels
TLS3001,TLS3002 T-100K-B-TLS 4096pixels
P9813 T-100K-B-P9813 4096pixels
SM16715 T-100K-B- 4096pixels
SM16716 T-100K-B- 4096pixels
BS0815 T-100K-B-0815 4096pixels
T-100K-B(blue dip switch) support chips:
三、Product outline:
on :

①TTL signal
COM Ground (245 signal
DAT Signal ):
CLK Clock
signal output
for the controller and the lighting must be common ground (that is, the ground controller output and
the lamp connected to the ground together)
②If the customer needs can also be replaced with differential output, differential outputs defined as
COM Ground differential)

DAT Differential signal A(or DAT+)
CLK Differential signal B(or DAT-) Differential
signal do not
share ground
③If the controller output to the lamp is distant, can use the current loop output (current loop
COM Common port distance up
to 300m), is
DAT Signal
defined as
CLK Clock follows
the current loop output, must connect a current loop receiver board before the lamp, then connect
Single offline:
NOTE:1.Single use of the controller must be set to NO.1 controller, and must insert the SD card
has playback content stored. Controller coding principles refer to section VII.
2.When control single-line IC, connect the DAT,GND of the controller and lamps correspondingly

Multiple offline cascade:
NOTE:1. When multiple cascade, insert the SD card with display programs in the first , not the
other controller. Each controller needs to coding, the first set to NO.1, the second set to NO.2, and so
on. Controller encoding principle refer to section VII
2. When control single-line IC, connect the DAT, GND of the controller and
lamps correspondingly

Single online :
备注:1. Single-line use the computer's IP must be set to:, then use the cable to the
computer and controller, the controller must be set to NO.1, controller number please refer to the
principles of Section VII.
2. When control single-line IC, connect the DAT, GND of the controller and
lamps correspondingly

Multiple online:
NOTE:1. Use multiple online the computer′s IP must be set to,then use a cable to
connect the computer and switch. Then use network cable to connect the controller to the switch, set
the first controller as NO.1, the second as NO.2, and so on. Controller encoding in principle please
refer to Section VII.
2. When control single-line IC, connect the DAT,GND of the controller and lamps correspondingly

Current loop output:
NOTE:1. Connect a current loop receiver board before the lighting and then connect the lighting
2. The cascade of the current loop output is consistent with the online and ordinary ones, please refer
to the connections above, as long as pulsing a current loop receiver board between the current loop
output and the lighting
3. Current loop cascade and online use also need to set encoding, encoding setting refer to section
4. When control single-line IC, connect the controller′s DAT,COM and the current loop receiver′
s IN-DAT,IN-COM, the current loop receiver′s and the lighting′s DAT,GND correspondingly
5. Current board power supply voltage received 7-24V。
七、Specific parameters:
Memory card:
Type:SD card(if control more lights, suggest using high-speed SD card)
Format:FAT format
Store files:*.led
Physical parameters:
Power supply:AC 220V input
①The computer′s IP settings if online.
Shown as follow:
②To copy files to SD card, you must first format to the SD card, pay attention to is that each copy
must be formatted before.
SD card must be formatted as "FAT" format.

NOTE:The SD card in the controller can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time, you
must first disconnect the power supply controller.
六.DIP switch settings:
Controller encoding to be set using DIP switches. Setting as follow:
*NOTE:In the form, DIP status‘0’means ON,‘1’means OFF
DIP sequence(8—1) Controller Controller IP
00000000 No.1
00000001 No.2
00000010 No.3
00000011 No.4
00000100 No.5
00000101 No.6
00000110 No.7
00000111 No.8
00001000 No.9
00001001 No.10
00001010 No.11
00001011 No.12
00001100 No.13
00001101 No.14
00001110 No.15
00001111 No.16
00010000 No.17
00010001 No.18
00010010 No.19
00010011 No.20
00010100 No.21
00010101 No.22
00010110 No.23
00010111 No.24
00011000 No.25
00011001 No.26
00011010 No.27
00011011 No.28
00011100 No.29
00011101 No.30
00011110 No.31
00011111 No.32
00100000 No.33
00100001 No.34
00100010 No.35
00100011 No.36
00100100 No.37
00100101 No.38
00100110 No.39
00100111 No.40
00101000 No.41
00101001 No.42
00101010 No.43
00101011 No.44
00101100 No.45
00101101 No.46
00101110 No.47
00101111 No.48
00110000 No.49
00110001 No.50
00110010 No.51