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CARD 1 – UNIT 1:
Discuss human relationship with animals
1. In what ways can pets help their owners?
2. Do you think there exist real friendships between humans and animals like dogs
and cats?
3. Many foreigners detest Vietnamese people’s practice of eating dog meat since
dogs are believed to be a loyal animal in western culture. Do you think we should
stop doing this?

CARD 2 – UNIT 1:
Discuss relationship between children and parents

1. Do you think generation gap exists in your family? Give several examples
2. In your opinion, what are the consequences of these differences?
3. Can you suggest several ways to resolve and balance these differences?

CARD 3 – UNIT 2:
Discuss the art of story-telling or public speaking

1. Do you know any famous story teller or public speaker? Give some details about
2. In your opinion, what are the strategies to follow in order to be a good story teller?
3. Fear of public speaking or giving presentation is quite common among students.
Can you give suggestions on how to overcome this fear?

CARD 4 – UNIT 2:
Discuss your survival story and survival skills

1. Have you ever been put in a situation when you were in great danger or even at
risk of losing your life? How did you handle the situation?
2. What are the lessons you take away from these situations?
3. Do you think students should be trained survival skills from a young age? What
kind of survival skills are the most fundamental and important to teach them?
Discuss the use of technology among students

1. Technology is known to be of great help to students when it comes to studying.

Can you take examples of how you use technology to better your learning?
2. However, addiction to technology gadgets is also common among students. What
are the possible consequences of overusing technology?
3. In your opinion, what should students do to lessen the amount of time they spend
using technology?

Discuss the impacts of technology on employment

1. It is predicted that several jobs will be taken away by robots. In your opinion, what
are possibly these jobs?
2. What are the things “humans can do, but robots can’t”?
3. As students, how should you prepare your career when much work is now taken
over by machines? (Ways to stay ahead of machines)

Discuss the importance of art in our lives.

1. What are the functions of art in our life?

2. Among those, what is the most important?
3. People say that investment on art projects and artists is a waste of time and
resources because it brings nothing to humanities. What do you think?

Discuss your idol and idolization among youngsters

1. Do you have any idol or someone you really look up to?

2. What are the reasons why you admire them?
3. Many idols in showbiz set a bad example for youngsters through their improper
behaviors in public or illegal actions. Do you think that youngsters should stop
idolizing people working in entertainment industry?

Discuss your personal growth and career ambitions?

1. During your years of growing up, what is the biggest change happening to you?
2. What is your dream career in the future and what have you done to make it come
3. Many youngsters only aim to have a stable career and settle down for the rest of
their lives. Do you think this fixed mindset is good or should be changed?

CARD 10 – UNIT 5

Discuss economic development and the problems it created?

1. Thanks to economic development, we are now living much better lives than our
parents in the past. Can you take examples of this?
2. Together with economic development is the rise of environmental pollution and
resource depletion. What are the causes of these problems?
3. What should human do to tackle these issues?

CARD 11 – UNIT 6

Discuss tourists’ irresponsible behaviors when visiting a place?

1. In what ways can a tourist do harm to a destination he/she visits?

2. What are the causes of these irresponsible behaviors?
3. In your opinion, what should local council do to stop these behaviors and protect
the status of the tourist attraction?

CARD 12 – UNIT 6

Discuss voluntourism and its controversy

1. What is voluntourism? Can you take examples of different voluntourism

experiences youngsters can try?
2. Is it right that people have to pay fee to be a volunteer in a voluntourism project?
3. There is a belief that disadvantaged people will not benefit from volunteers and
volunteers should donate their money instead. What do you think?