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Perez 1

Perez, Ayleen


Ms. Bottlik

Dec 6, 2018

Advisory Final

Watching the news everyday, is pretty interesting. There’s always something new and it’s

entertaining. I enjoy it very much.

The most interesting story that was related to environment is the cloud seeding story from

November 30, 2018. Scientists put seedings in the clouds to make it rain more. It’s related to

environment because clouds are a mother nature’s creations. I find it interesting because i never

heard of something like that before. It could also help us in the future whenever we have a


The most interesting story that was related to technology was the story on how to make

filthy water drinkable from October 5, 2018. Someone created a bottle that make dirty water turn

into clean water. The jug can hold 25,000 liters. The bottle can hold 6,000 liters. Both the jug

and bottle can last for years. This is related to technology because it’s an invention and it uses

technology to clean the water.

The most interesting story I find interesting that’s most inspiring is when Elissa helped

over 300 children from September 12,2018. A woman named Elissa helps children that are in

need of surgery or she helps them with disabilities. This is inspiring because this means that
Perez 2
anyone can make a big difference and it’s not too hard to. It’s interesting because she helped

over 300 kids from 46 countries!

The stories I liked the best were the technology ones. From September 25, 2018 there was

a story about a rover landing on an asteroid. It was a first ever time thing. From October 5, 2018

there was a story about holograms. It brings digital objects into the real life. From November 11,

2018 there was a story about segways being the next big thing but it wasn’t. Creators thought

that segways will change the future.

Watching the news everyday made me feel like I can make a difference. Also that the

world is always changing with the problems and solutions. Somehow I think that the news made

me a better person because I was always inspired by the inspiring stories. The technology stories

always made me feel like I want to be more of an engineer in the future.