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Cover letter

fia rtgh be done, though the heavens should fall)

To: All State, Federal and Intemational Public Officials,
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is notice to Agent.


Nin: Aisha-Nismah-Munir of the family of EL @r , Authorized
Representative2 lAttorney-In-Fact3) (Managing Directora) ("Trustees,')
(Secured P"rry1 (Aggrieved fnta farty,) (Bailor/Bailee8) For and on
MUNIR@e ENS LEGIS@, privately owned foreign Estate/Trust out of
necessity, from 'ab inito' to, 'ad infinitum' January Twenty-Third Nineteen
Eighry-Eight c.E. (AD INFINITT M), Nun Pro Tunc
c/o P.O. Box 463 Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic rcar 1283371
united States of America Republic, Non-DomesticA.{on-Assumpsit
Priority-Exempt from Levy, Zip code exempt (DMM 122.32), As Amended
Without Prejudice, reservation of all unalienable rights, none

U *.x.
.L4qar*drdb*.*r4*b-IfuFEd!h,&\b,E,?t ^;-.D+r-Ae,ffild
'.ff.-r.G,.&.d.&r-.-ii-dEEeF,E-U*!.yqrrrdrlrxExl.broF1 e'*tr..e.& -.H:--&diir.|&l{+'dd
$5,-i<re-!e 'hibq-(!th r-*rqrtub-,r5l*L;d-r*hhq-4dr*b*i
Lr-wd^d^s-dt*.i.i*rdor 4.La.d{ba.ddrB!!wEq.{dt---i4.u..b{H,c-*rF{E

'.db*-!.Er_slslrF+d,dtrr,rd.nL rr6.tur&*
-i_E-nd.rF'L*.ErhEr&bBr.drt4,r,.aur,4r.or4rlB --Fr*._r& dIl*-iEdlr.i&&hx.Earud.6,rgrrd
b,a!&ry LLx@e,xi^*ri4lEdr@{Eo,Lrr*ka*rr-rd, rlerlrl!ItJlDr+rrdfu

P.O. BOX 2619
Phone: 910.872.7200


May t9 , zolg

Notification of Record
RE: Accounts/Trusts under account or sub-account No. , EIN No. and/or
with all collateraVproperty Lawfully part of the TRUST held as a foreign Trust Estate 2g U.S.C.
1603(bX3); 8 U.S.C. I l0l(a)(la); 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(3 J).

Dear Niki S. Dennis,

This notice and documents included for your record in the interest of clean hands and good faith.
Please file these documents for the record for citation #97G0883, and please provide certified colies to the
Judge, Prosecutor, Bladen County Sheriff, and to the rest of the parties involved as listed above.
Until recently I was unaware that there were affairs being managed on my behalf without my
knowledge or consent that have been left improperly tended. Now that it has come to my ittention that
l) matters are notbeing handled equitably
2) matters are not being handled with efticiency
3) in many respects matters are not being taken care of at all
4) usurpation of funds is occurring
5) there is rampant fraud and deceit
6) position oftrustee has been left vacant or improperly attenuated
I have waived beneficial position and interest to take a position of trustee to manage the affairs of the trust
AISHA I\IAMAH MIINIR@ and fulI control forth hence as indicated and identified by the account
numbers above.
Please return all information to the address above if you have any on hand or is in your care to the
Trustee. All others are now barred from handling affairs in re AISHA NIAMAH MLINIR@. All conhacts
that are in existence for Trust are to be returned to trustee within 14 Business Davs for management or shall
be considered vitiated nunc pro tunc, void from inception by the trust forth hence. Your prompt cooperation is
geatly appreciated.
This is notice and acceptance via your receipt of this mailing. If you feel this notice is in any way in error
or disagree with the change in position please feel free to rebut this notice with your concerns within 14
business days or it will stand as fact prima facie.
TRUST, our documents will be sent together in one package.

Please find the below following documents attached herein:


l. Affidavit of Indigenous Status and Nationelity

2. Afrdrvlt of Frct: Atrrwer to the Complrlnt
3. FocSchodulc
4. EnEyofPler
5. Dcmend For Ilicmisral
6. Afidrvlt of Revocatlon of Slgneture
7. Publlc Senrnt Quesdonndre


Notice to agent ic notice to principle end no6ce to principle is nofice to agent.

"Without Prejudice" l-207, I -308,1 -103.6, 3402

(b) (1)
Qet w
Nin: EL@,
Beneficiary, Secured Party
Creditor Principal, Holder-In-Due
LEGIS TRUST & ESTATT@lor!{ All Rights Rcserved,
waiving none
vC Yr'LVOY hvilr'V4Yr'hV E)o flFC FVVqr'/"\
Atlan A-Sahurlen A'm of the U'N.N.M. an "Indigenous Peoplcs", Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans,
Seminole, Muscogee, Creek,
Shushuni, Washita Mound Builders

urRA /"RY/" ARr'p/a ,LrARq VC

Nin: Aisha Niamah Munir of the family of BLADEN COUNTY DISTRICT COURT
\*# ull )
Case No.: qIG 0t85


6 )



The afftant, 4R/- r'Rf r' h?r'|o/rT ,o[fAFq VC, Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El, in propria
Persona (my own proper self), d/b/a AISHA NIAMAH MUNIRil, and the executor and trustee of Aisha
Niamah Munir Trustil is a Grand Matron of Mahalaws Lehumeat Aflan A-sehurlen A,m, a nation-state
within the indigenous peoples of the Yamessee Netive American Moors of the Creek Nation, the Mound
Builders, better known as *El Yamasi Asaluy Amrekee Muuraat Shit El Muscogee Arm El Mund
Mustabaneeyttt"; the affiant is a Noble of the Washitaw Nation of Muurs (Moors), better known as,
"Uaxashaktun de Dugdahmoundyah," also known as, "Amurru de Dugdahmoundyahr, which is an off
branch of the Kushite Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Songhai Empire, which later became the Al-
Moroccan Empire; to wit: North, South, Cenfral America, and the including the adjoining Islands; upon her
inherited Nobility, and upon her private Origine/Indigenous, "In Full Life," status and commercial liability, I,
lrRrt /"RYr' hR/tplT TotJ^f,itl VC, Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El, being duly affirrred
under Consanguine Unity; pledge my national, political, and spiritual allegiance to my
Nuwbun/Iluwaubayne/llloabite/tloorish Nation; being the archaic Origines/Indigenes of
Amexem/Amem/Amurru/Al-Moroco/Amaru-Ka/Amen-Re-Ka (the Americas), standing squarely affrmed
upon my Oath to the 'Five Points of Light' - Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice and the first nine
statues/principles of the U.N.N.M. Constitution: The Yamassee Moors of the Creek Nation - Truth, Justice,
Peace, Freedom, Love, Joy, Unity, Success, and Law; deposes as follows:

The affrant is not a lawyer and her pleadings cannot be treated as such. In fact, xss6lding to Haines v. Kemer,
404 U.S. 519 (1972), a complaint, "however inartfully pleaded," must be held to "less stringent standards than
formal pleadings drafted by lawyers" and can only be dismissed for failure to state a claim if it appears "beyond
doubt that the pleintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claim which would entitle him to relief."
Id., at 520-521, quoting Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41,45-46 (1957).

"Indeed, no more that affidavits is necessary to make a prima facie clse." (See United States v. Kis, 658 F
2nd,526,536 (7th Cir. l98l): Cert Denied, 50 U.S.L.W.2169; S. Ct. March 22,1982;)

l. The affiant attests her nationality is Nuwaubayne wa Amumr Washitaw de flugdahmoundyah. The affiant is a
Tribal Moor and her tribe is the Yarnassee Tribe of Native Americans, Seminole, Muscogee, Creek, Shushuni,
Amumr Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah.
vC Y,/'ft OY AV ,/'V /,a r' h'v E)o fRC )ovvqr'l\'
AEericans, Sedlinole, Muscogee, Creek,
Atlao A-sahurlen A'm ofthe U.l.N.Ivf. an 'fniigeoou" feopt""", Y"oassee Tribe ofNative
Shushuni, Washita Mound Builders

is specifically designated in the

2. According to the Black,s Law Dictionary,4th edition, deluxe, the word Moor
definition of Land

3. According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word America is defined as an Origine
or one of the
va.ious cop[e. color natives found on the American Continents by the Ewopeans. The original application of
the name was Amum:.

4. The book, ',Africans and Native Americans," by Dr. Jack Forbes, states, "The slave trlde started in
Americe end the slaves were tsken mostly to Spain and Europe. When th€ Spsnish crme to Am€rica they
found the Indios flndians), the black P€opl€ who are with God."

5. Empress Verdiacee Tiscee Tiari Washitew (Washington) - Turner (Tunica) Goston El Bey (the current
heiress, by and through blood, and Supreme Sovereign of the de Bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial
lnternational Estate of the Bourbon Hapsburg Empire, later as a whole called The Empire of Amurru
Washitaw de Dedugdahmoundyeh), wrote in her book, "The Return of the Ancient Ones," "That 85% ofthe
melinated, 9 ether woolly-haired beings in America were already here before the slave trade. Only 15% of
melinated, 9 ether woolly-haired beings come from Afiica." We all come from Africa but there is a suppressed
history of melinated, 9 ether woolly-haired beings being a global people. Pangaea proves that all of the
continents were connected, so migration to and from Africa and to other places was simple and easy. Here is a
pich.ue of Pangaea from an ancient map, please scroll down to page 10: (See (I gave a website link
because there are pictures on the site that are worth a thousand words. Pictures are evidence accord,ing to the
evidence code.) The evidence in the above link is scientifically tested evidence of an ancient and advanced
Nubian (misnomer: Black) Civilization interacting with dinosaurs, conducting brain surgery, and even watching
the stars with a telescope. The dinosaurs lived during the Jurassic Era, which was millions of years ago. The
evidence proves that Moors have been here for millions ofyears.

6. Furthermore, the Ra Expeditions: (See http:/ The Ra Expeditions proves

that the ancient Tamr-reyeeat (misnomer: Egyptian) Sun-boats were capable of crossing the Atlantic Oceaa;
therefore, travel ftom Ganawa (misnomer: Africa) and to the Americas and other places would have been easy.

7. Additionally, temples have been built and named after Tama-reyeast Neteru (misnomer: Egyptian Gods),
and Nuwaupik (misnomer: hieroglyphics) have been found in the Grand Canyon: (See
http://* ).

8. In Oklahoma in the 1800's, a stele of Aaferti Ankhrton (misnomer: Pharaoh Akhenaton) (Amenhotep or
Amenophis IV, falsely known as Moses of the Bible who was in actuality Thutmose IY) was found (See "Ice:
the Ultimate Disaster," by Richard Noone).

9. In the book, "America BC," there is an alabaster egg of a cartouche of King Tut found in Idaho: (See I 029-002A.pdf ).

10. The Nuwaubrlre Lehumaat wa Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Muurs (Moors) were
originally a group of Waab (misnomer: priests) ftom Tama-Ra (Misnomer: Egypt), also known as the
Nuwbuns,Maurs,/Dogon/Olmecs/1r,Iayans,{ca. The term Washitaw is a comrption of Ursahtaw, the father and
mothers of the mystics. In Egyptian, Ursahtaw is Urrashet, the winged sun disk, which symbolizes the highest
knowledge, the pineal gland being open.

ll. Amumr is actually a coruption of Amaru, which is the root Ameri-ca. America is actually a comrption of
Amen-Ra-Ka. It is stange how everything comes from Tama-Ra,/Egypt. Well, Tama-Ra./Egypt was once the
capitol of the wodd; this was the First World Order. The Aaferti,/Pharaohs once ruled the world. In fact, the
Aaferti-/Pharaoh gave the ancient Moabites (Moors) permission to settle Morrocco, which is now North Africa.

VC yr'[UOy AVX,/|J /,a.r' A\v E, fRC zoVvqll*
Atlatr A-sahurlen A'm of the u.N.N.M. an "In.rrlt;Ji"{}*;ffiffii";TitrrNative A$ericals, seldirole, Muscose€, cieek,

The Moabites migrated to modem-day America, and called her Al-morrocco, which is another root for the word,
America. Their Dominion and Inhabitation extended from North-East and South-West Africa, across the great
Atlantis even unto the present North, South and Central America and also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands;
before the great eaxthquake, which separated Pangaea, causing the continents to drift apart in their present
location and formed the great Atlantic Ocean.

12. 'El A'zum Danun Mir'aka The 'Great Seal Pyramid' on the back of the dollar is the'National Emblem
and Insignia' of The Moorish Nation /Empte of North America (geogaphical location). The Great Pyramid is
also the archaic symbol for Civilization on the planet Earth. The honorable Moors' acknowledgement of our
'Great Seal' indicates those Heirs who own up to, who support, and who proclaim, our 'Free National
Govemment.' Moors who are 'Active' aod not 'Passive' in the Social, Civilization, Culture and Custom matters,
involving Law, order and Govemmental Principles, are hereby entreated to support this affirmation.

13. Two seals for one govemment is shong evidence that there were once two governments. In fact, the two
govemments were formed under The Trerty of Perce rnd f,'ri€ndship between the United States and Morocco
-Seventeen Eighty-Seven (1787) - superseded by the Treaty of Eighteen Thirty-Six (1836). This said rxeaty was
signed by Moors and Europeans to form a two system govemment for the purpose offree rrade, commerce, and
stopping wars over [and. The seal of the Eagle holding the olive branch and 13 arrows is the Great Seal for the
Europeans. The Great Pyramid Seal of the eye above it is the Seal for the Moors. @efer io lel's Set The Record
Straightby Dr. Mzlachi Z. York-El p.155)

14. The Noble Nuwaubayne Moors/Iv{uurs (Heirs Apparent) are the Natural MembersA.{ationals of the ancient
Olmeciar/Nuwbun/Atlartea.n/Al-Moroccan Empire (North, South, Central America and adjoining islands) and
are duty-bound to recognize and to support our'Great Seal Sovereign Moorish Govemment and Nation of the
Natural People, and command the enforcement of our Constitution @efer to U.N.N-M. Constitution p.111).
Thus, such organized communication Orders are referred to as "The Great Seal National Association of Moorish
Affairs". The Free Moorish Nation - inclusive of all the Origine / Indigene Tribes and Provinces of the Natural
People, etc., are the rightful bearers of the Names and Titles, Ali, El, Bey, Dey, rnd Al (Refer to U.N.N.M.
Constitution p.l0l, p.l l3). The Free Indigenous Nuwaubayne Moors/Muurs, by Freehold Inheritance, retain all
Substantive Rights and Immunities; enjoy the exercising of Substantive fuglts, and operate upon consummated,
Right-Law, Isonomi - Principles; having vested Constihrtion - secured Rights and Immunities from taxation, and
ftom Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction by, and of, the Union States Rights Republic (U.S.A.) and its occupying
territories, pursuant to, but not limited to, the United States Republic Supreme Court, and the 'Acts of State' to
wit: "Every Sovereign State (People) is bound to respect the independence of every other Sovereig! State
(People) and the courts of one country (People) will not sit in judpent on the acts of the government of
another, done within (the same or) its own territory..."

15. The present Union States Municipal and Civil Laws and Codes of the Land are an 'incorporated unit of self-
govemment' €stablished by the political powers of the 'General Assembly' of each State of the Union, and
initiated at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, North America, in the year Eighteen fifty-four (1854). It govems only
the rights and conduct of Tamahuu/pale people (misnomer: v/hite people), Christians and Jews, of the Eighteen
sixty-three (1863) Union States Rights Republic, under the Magna Charta (Charter), the Knights of Columbus
Code, and the Ku Klux Klan Oath. Forever said Union States Rights Republic denies citizeoship in the United
States Republic (U.S.A.) to the descendants of the Moorish Nation in the Western Hemisphere, erroneously
referred to, and 'branded' and mislabeled as, Negroes, Blacks, Coloreds, and African-Americans, etc., etc. In
addition, the Supreme Court ofthe United States (in the la:rdmark case) of "Dred Scott v. Sandford" 60 US (19
Howard) 393 (1857) held that Negroes-whether h€ld to slavery or free- were not included and were not
intended to b€ included in the 'category' of'citizen' (subjects) ofthe Union States Rights Republic. Resultantly,
the True Indigene Nobles of the Al-Moroccao Empire (Free Moors), bearers of the Names / Tides, Ali, El, Bey,
Dey and Al, are excluded from the Union States Rights Republic (U.S.A.) jurisdiction. The True Nobles of the
Al-Moroccan Empire are Sovereign, Private, and Self-Govemed, by 'Right-Law' Principles and customs; and

VC YTIUOY hVfr/V.La / A\, E)o ?R< )ovvqr'r'\,
Atlatr A-Sahurlen A'm of the U.N.N.M. atr "Itrdigeoous Peoples", Yamassee Tribe ofNative Ahericans, Seminole, Muscogee, Creek,
Shushuni, Washita Mound Builders

only obligated to the 'Constitution of the United Nuwaubian Nrtion of Moors,' our Holy scriptures, namely,
'vc fl/7oVwJ /rr,<,t 'vc 4lr'6vut 1r'qvh,' 'vc
cvfl,a /r 4lr'avua
ovqr'7,' tvc flr'OVu= P.,luJ\,r'ht/r'c,' 'vc \,/r\.v,c ,f=Rc vc
)or'lflv\,' qr'r'*,R,,t,' etc. as well as acknowledging the 'Free Moorish Zoditc
Constitution' Circle 7 -archaically established by our Ancient Fore-Mothers and Fore-Fathers. Such extended
allegiance and'Obligation' includes 'The Great Seal' and the High Principles and Moor-al (Moral) Standards,
embodied in the U.N.N.M. National Fhg snd Seal (refer to U.N.N.M. Constitution p.88 and Let's Set The
Record Straight by Al Mufti "Divan" Imperial Grand Potentate Noble Rev: Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33" 720"
p.139), Moorish National Flag (Standard) - Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. The True Al-Moroccan
Noble Indigenes of the Land maintain a constitutional and lawful, non-obligatory tax 'Status' and position,
relative to 'Foreign Entity Taxation' (Indigenes Not Taxed) and maintain a non- obligatory respect for the
Union States Rights Republic (U.S.A.), its members, its laws; its ordinances; its codes; it customs and its
traditions, pursuart to: The Free Moorish American Zodiac Constitution - Articles IV and VI; The Treaty of
Peace and Friendship Between the United States and Morocco -Seventeen Eighty-Seven (1787) - superseded by
the Tr€aty of Eighteen Thirty-Six (1836) (refer to U.N.N.M. Constihrtion p.67); Resolution 75: Joumals of The
House of Representatives; United States - April 17, 1933 A. D. - Moorish American Society ofPhiladelphia and
the Use of Their Names; The United Nations "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" General Assembly
Resolution 1386 (XIV), 14 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No, 16) at 19, U.N. Doc. N4354 (1959); The United Nations
"Universal Declarations on Human Rights" Article XV, General Assembly Resolution 217 A (III) of 10,
December 1948 A.D.; "Executive Order 13107"-United States Republic, North America -The Implementation
of Human Rights Treaties; The National Constitution for the Continental United States, Article III, Section 2;
Amendment V - Liberty Clause; Amendment Ix-Reservation of the fughts of the People; The United States
Department of Justice Moorish Credentials; Free Moorish Zodiac Constitution, Truth A-l Classified; The
United States Copyright Certificate Number AA222l4l Clock of Destiny; The Moorish Nationality and
Identification Card, Moorish Holy Temple of Science/\,loorish Science Temple Identificafion Card, Washitaw
Nationality Identification card, and €tc.

16. Furthermore, I assert my full birthrights - sovereignty and substantive rights and claim to hereditaments -
being a Sundry Free Moor,Muur and a (Natural Being) pursuant to: Nuwbun/MoabiteA,Ioorish Pedigree; The
Constitution of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, an Indigenous Peoples, The Free Moorish Zodiac
Constitution; The Great Seal ofthe Moorish Nation (Ab Antiquo); The Treaty ofPeace and Friendship - 1787 /
1836; The Sundry Free Moors Act of 1790; The 1781 Organic United States Constitution; The Moorish Federal
Financiers Act (Union States Army: 1861 -1863); Th€ 1854 Roman Catholic Magna Charta; the K::ights of
Columbus Code; The Ku Klux Klan Oath; The United Nations Charter, Article 55 (c); The Rights oflndigenous
People: Part I, Articles '1, 2, 3, 4,5; Part II, Article 6; The United States Supreme Court - 'Acts of State'; The
foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 28 USC l60l; et Sequa., The Convention on International Road Traffic -Day
19, September 1949, The World Court Decision, The Hague, Netherlands - Day 21, January 1958 A.D = 1378
M.C. In reference to the Rights of the Natural People and Substantive Rights, etc., the following are pertinent
Supreme Court Decisions, (Stare Decisis) to wit:

17. Under the United States Republic's Constitutional system of Government and upon the individuality and
intelligence ofthe citizen, the State does not claim to control one's conduct to others, leaving one the sole judge
as to all that affects oneself. (See Mugler v. Kansas l2l3 US 623, 659-60.)

18. Where Rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule - making or legislation, which
would abrogate them. (See Miranda v. Arizona 384 US 436, 125.)

19. The claim and exercise of Constitutional Rights cannot be converted into a crime. (See Miller v. Kansas 230
F 2nd 486,489.)

20. For a crime to exist there must be an injured party (Corpus Delicti). There can be no sanction or penalty
imposed on one because ofthis Constitutional Right. (See Sherer v. Cullen 481 F. 945.)

vc y,zftr6y hvv.r'lI.1,y,r' hv 870 fRC Fvvqr'tt*,
Atratr A-sahurred A'm of the u.N.N.M. an
seminore, Muscosee, creek,

2l ' "Lack of Federal Jurisdiction cannot be waived or overcome by agreement of parties.', (See Griffin v.
Matthews, 310 F Supra 34r, 342 (1969): and "want of Jurisdiction may not be
(See Indusrial Addition Association v. C.I,R.,323 US 310,313.
) "*"i "or."ot of parties,,.
22' Ifany Tribunal (court) finds absence of proof ofjurisdiction over a person and subject
matter, the case must
be dismissed. (See Louisville v. Motley 2lll US 149, 2gS. CT 42. "The Accuser Bears Ore
Burden of proof
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt".)

23. There is documentation il The National Archives in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere that
confirm the
N-uyaulayneAilashitaw Moor presence right here in North American lands, thousands of years
before the arrivat
of the first European(s), and their advanced civilization identified them as The Ancient Ones, geophysical
mound builders (Uaxashaktun de Dugdahmoundyah), and their prior claim to the land was never liiputed,
deeds stole away their possession of and their control of their Ancient lands, partiauy identified
in the record as
(l) 1848 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of the "U.S. Government vs. The Heirs of Henry Turner"
(Tunica), il which the High Court found that "The Neutral Strip" (2,961,983.5 acres ofland) was
deirnitely not
a Part of the territory ceded to the United States" (Louisiana Dept. of Transportation, 1940), (2) the
1992 return
of 68,883 acres of land by the State of Louisiana (Land Grarrt #g23llg9l),-designated ,'Warnil* proper;,, and
(3) "Washitaw Terra" including the Floridas.

24. The United Nations High Commission for Human fughts recognizes the self-declarations of indigenous
peoples, and acknowledges Uaxashaltun (Empire Washitaw) as "The oldest indigenous people on Earth,,'and
assigned UN Grant Applicrtion #215 (1993) to the Washitaw Moors.

25. The United States has recognized Amumr Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah as an indigenous people of North
America and had under consideration in the l05th Congress (H.R. #260), The Guadalupe-Hidalgo ireaty La;1d
Claims Act ofJanuary, 1997 .

26. A series ofCongressional Bills/Acts and US Supreme Court cases reaffirm national sovereignty for the heirs
of Henry Turner de Bourbon (1848, Case #191: United States v. Henry Tumer's Heirs); and the claim has
been recorded before the World Court at The Hague (1996), that since the Treaties of Utecht ( l7t 3) in which
the Spanish de Bourbon had established themselves as the Protectorat€ of lands known as the Ftoridas, on behalf
of Amumr Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah.

27' According to The Declaration of Indigenous Rights, indigenous people are those who embody historical
continuity with societies which existed prior to the conquest and settlement of their teritories by Europeans. As
well as people kidnapped./sold,/bought involuntary to the new World (See The Declaration of Indigenous

28. According to The Declaration of Indigenous Rights, all Nuwaubalme Moors (misnomer: black people) are
indigenous. This means that the affiant is a nahrral person only subject to natural law and Human Rights.
Colorable Law - De Facto Law (Government/Democracy), which is legal but unlawful, does not apply to the
affiant. De facto Law falls under Colorable Law, which is rules, regulations, statutes, codes, policies, and
ordinances. All natural persons are human beings and sovereigns of the land, because they rightfully own the
land. According to the Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, "A natural person is Indigenous or native, the
original or national inhabitant." Furthermore, Statue 12 Section I of 'The Constitution" of an Indigenous
Peoples, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors states: "For All Legal Matters, A Member Of The Yrmrssee
Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Cannot Be Accused Or Held For A
Violation Of A Political Code Such As The Uniform Commercial Codes, Or Ar:y Other Codes Of Another
Nation. The Yamessee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors And Other
Nations And Peoples Should Take Effective Legislative, Administrative, Judicial, Tribal Or Other Measures To
Prevent Acts Of Torture In Any Territory Under Our Jurisdiction."

vc Y,r'&u6Y hvx/v lla r' A\e E)o fRc ,vvqlr'\
Adan A-SahurleD A'm of the U.N.N.M. atr "Indigetrous Peoples", Yamassee Tribe ofNative Americans, Seminol€, Muscogee, Creek,
Shushuni, Washita Mound Builde6

29. What makes The Declaration of Indigenous Rights so powerful? Well, it is a treaty and according to Article
VI ofthe United States Constitution, "Treaties are the Supreme law of the land." The United States of America
is a part of the United Nations, so the Govemment is bound by it.

30. Sovereignty resides in your nationality. Your Nationality ties you back to the land. The affiant's nationality
is the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans ofthe Creek Nation which includes and is not limited to the original
Seminole, Creek, Shushuni, Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah - El Nuwaubayne A'm.

31. According to lntemational Law, the Washitaw has established itself as a Sovereign lndependent Nation
(United Nations, NIS-21/593) apart from corporate union of l78l and the corporate United States of 1787. The
land claim ofthe Washitaw has been affrmed by the Spanish and French, as well as British, pursuant to Spanish
Land Grants of 1762 and 1795.

32. John Jay, the lst chiefjustice of the US Supreme Court once said, "Those who own the country ought to
govem it." The said chiefJustice ofthe US Supreme Court asserted the highest right reasoning possible when he
stated, "Those who own the country ought to govem it."

33. The Washitaw Tribal Moors are listed at th6 United Nations under the Indigenous People Organization
Number 21593. This became effective in 1993. The seat number for the Washitaw at the United Nations is 215.

34. According to Federal Law, the land of the Washitaw has been defined as "Indian Country," and the people
regarded as Indians. Both the people and their land have been placed under the authority of the United States
govemment via the Bureau of Indian Affairs within the Department of Interior, which is governed by both
Executive and Congressional Plenary powers. As a result, the United States has assumed the "Trust
responsibility" for the Washitaw Nation of Muurs (Moors) via Spanish Land Grant of Henry Tumer.

35. The Washitaw Moors enjoy Diversity of Citizenship Jurisdiction, b€cause they are a nation within a nation.
All Washitaw Moors enjoy dual citizenship status. The Washitaw Moors are Nationals of the United States of
America, also known as The Republic, and Nationals of thet tribe, which is Washitaw.

36. Moors,Moorish-Americans/ltluurs have and possess the unalienable, substantive rights and birthright -
iDheritance to our Al-Moroccan names and nationality by Nature's Laws, Divine Law, primogenitue, and by the
recognized Laws of the Nations of the Earth (International). Being the true, ancient, Origine/Indigenes of the
Land (America) -North, being the heartJand of the Moroccan Empire. Moors,Muurs are the 'De jue'
Freeholders by birtbright, Inheritance and Primogeniture Status; and have, claim and possess the secured Rights
to Travel upon the public roadways, byvays and highways ofour Continental United States (the Organic Land)
absent of foreign 'colored' or imposed excise taxation constructs invented, by the racketeering States'
Legislators, to abridge and steal Rights belonging to the Natual Peoples. These substantive rights fie supported
by, and asserted by, Royal Law; Moorish Law; Moslem,/Muslim Law; The Law of the Great Peace; The Laws of
Nature; Divine Law; Nature's God; The Laws of Nations; The U.N.N.M. Constitution of the Yamassee Tribe of
Native Americans of the Creek Nation; The Laws of our Holy Scripture \/C '1 r' OVwa C!/\ a / r'\;
The Free Moorish Great Seal Zodiac Constitution; and affirmed by Articles IV and VI of the Constitution
Covenant of 1774 - l78l A.D. : l20l M. C., as lawfully adopted for The United States Republic, establishing
its Republican Form of Government. Said Constitution established the Peoples' 'Supreme Law of the Land'to
secure the Rights of the People, and to keep government bound and in check by Offrcial Oath, and by Official
Bond. Down from the Alcients Ones, our Primogeniton, comes the Supreme Law ofthe Land.

37. That the Organic United States Republic Constitution (derived from Ancient Moabite/ Moorish Law)
remains 'The Supreme Law ofthe Land,' and all keaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of
The United States Flag of Peace, pursuant to United States Code, Title 4, Chapter l; and any law that is
repugnant to the Constitution, shall remain forever 'colorable' and is null and void. (See U.N.N.M. Constitution
p.24-25 and Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. 137, 174, 176 (1803)

vc y,zfuoy Avxr'u,{yr'hv E, fnc FUVq/Zt,
Atlatr A-Sahurlen A'm ofthe U.N.N.M. an "Indigenous Peoples", Yamassee Tribe ofNative Americans, Seminole, Mgscogee, Creek,
Shushuni, Wsshita Mound Builders

38. Any Municipal Officer, Person, Personnel, Employee or Contractor who violate the Rights of the People or
Nationals are subject to suit in their personal and / or official capacity, to wit: Title 18, Part l, Chapter 13
of United States Codes of Law, "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, tlreaten, or intimidate any
person in any State, Territory, commonwealth, Possession, or district in the &ee exercise or enjoyment of any
right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or Laws of the United States, or because of Lls i aving so
exercised the same; or... If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another,
with the intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjo)rment of any right or privilege so secured - They
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts
committed in violation of this section, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated
sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under
this title or imprisoned for any term ofyears or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.',

39. According to, Title 18, Part Chapter 13 9242 of United States Codes ofLaw: ,,Whoever, under ,color, of
any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory,
Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or
protected by the Constitution or Laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on
account ofsuch person being an alien, or by reason ofher color, or race, that are prescribed for the citizens, shall
be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and ifbodily injury resutts from the acts
committed in violation of this section, or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a
dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years or for
life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

40. Therefore, in preservation of 'The Rights of Indigenous Peoples' and the Preservation of the Rights of the
People, in accord and defense of the Constitution for the United States Republic of North America and its
Republican Form of Government - being the 'Supreme Law of the Land'; and primal to the contractual
liabilities, Oath - bound Obligations, and Fiduciary Duties of the Officers of the Courts - Federal, State, City,
Municipal, and etc., I respectfully request the enforcement of the De jure Laws of the United States, and all
Treaties made under the Authority of The United Stat€s, in accord with Article VI ofthe Constitution; The Bill
of Rights; The Declaration of the fughts of the Child; The fughts of Indigenous Peoples; The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights; The United Nations Charter, Article 55(c); The United States Supreme Court -
'Acts of State'; The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 28 USC 160l; et Sequa., The Convention on
'International Road rraffic'-Day 19, september 1949; The world court Decisions, The Hague, Netherlands,
Day 21, January 1958 A.D = 1378 M.C.; "Executive Order 13107" - United States Repubtic, North America:
the Implementation of Human Rights Treaties; The National Constitution for the Continental United States,
Article III, Section 2; Amendment V - Liberty Clause; Amendment IX; and etc.

41. Additionally, I respectfully request dismissal of any and all unconstitutional sanctions, claims, or other
warrants or charges made or issued, which are devoid of kue identity personages; a denial of 'Due Process' of a
'Trial' by a Jury of my own National Peers; or absent of a verified and lawful Indicbnent, sanctioned by an
assembled Grand Jury; and that I be availed all lawful Constitutional - secured safeguards, established by the
Supreme Law; with documented proper jurisdiction and venue confirmed and in place.

42. Whereas, there is no question that a'Bench Appearance Summons', detention, arrest and ticket or citation
issued by a Police Officer or others for traveling with no driver's license, foreign driver's license, not having
current registration, or mandatory insurance, etc., which carries a fine orjail time, is a penalty or sanction and is
indeed "converting a right into a crime"; thus violating Substantive Rights. Furthermore, it is reasonable to
assume that these Supreme Courtjudicial decisions and other authority are straight and to the point, that there is
no lawful method for govemment to put restrictions or limitations on Rights belonging to the People; therefore,
affiant is absolutely immune from such colorable actions and taxation (Refer to U.N.N.M. Constitution Statue
13 Section 1).

VC Y/rLVOy ,.|JV'/rV,4,y./, h\, E, fe< nvvq,/r/\,
"In*ffiH,,1i"{liXai,Iffi"" tu" orNoti"" a-eic"rs,
Atlaa A-Sahurlen A'm of the ,.N.N.M. an
semiaore, uuscosee, Creek

43..Whereas, In light ofthe foregoing Jurisprudence 'Stare Decisis' Supreme Court Decisions, Facts, and Law;
and counter to the negative and 'colorable' social conditions instituted by State persons
of the Uiion States
Society, there exists a blatant 'want of Jurisdiction' on the part of the Union States Rights
Repuiti" 1u.s.a.;, it.
agents, PersoDnel, contractors, and assigns. Axioms are legally in force under
Natioial and tnternational Law
attending these issues, and this affiant (Natual Person - In Propria Persona) does not waive any rights;
does not
transfer power of attomey; and does not willingly consent io any publii trial or hearing in al:y .colorable'
tribunal venue or non-Article III, unconstitutional jurisdiction. The official Oaths, the 5bligaiions,
ana tle
Fiduciary duties ofall accusers and bound 'claimants' to National Law and Order; Civilization-principles
in Constitution Law, still stands. Definition and Truth stilt Rules. Non-compliance is a Federal and
Law offence.

44. Therefore, all parties of interest are authorized by this Writ, pursuant to National and Intemational Law,
honor all substantive rights and constitutional immunities reserved for, and to, this Origine/Indigenous free and
sovereign Nuwaubayne Moor,A4uur. All officials are to enlist all available and appropriate .""i*". to ensure,
and assure, that all my substantive rights and constitutionally - secured rights and immunities are not violated,
not breached, nor abridged. The Sovereign, Natural Being, named herein, is not to be arrested nor held for
detention under any 'colorable' circumstances. You are to notiry the active Ministers of the Origine/ Indigenous
Moorish Nationals ofthe Territory (Organic Land). The Nahral Person named herein is non-obiigatory and thus
exempt from customs, Tariffs, Taxation, 'owner in Fee' permit-deception construc6, and iom any other
hindrance or restriction of her freedoms, Allodial Properties, Compensations, Righs of Travel, or Freedom of
Movement on, in, or within, any member or non-member States of the United Statis Union, etc. The Moor,4\,{uut
(bearer of this Indigenous Peoples' Document) is to be heated with all due respect and iDue process, Rights
under the Law. All available and appropriate measures are to be taken to prevent injustice, harm, false arrist,
trumped -up charges, or attack on the Natural Being's person, property, personalty, conveyances, Freedoms,
and,tor Dignity (Refer to U.N.N.M. Constitution Statue I I Section l).

45. The affiant claims and possesses, by said inheritance and primogeniture, the Freehold Status thereto; all
unalienable and substantive rights, to be, to enjoy, and to act, distinct in my Origine customs and culture; and
detemrining my own political, social, and economic status of the State. Tuming my heart and mind back to my
ancient mothers and fathers - Moors,Muurs, by divine and natural right. The affiant as a Moorish American has
and possesses the intemationally recognized rights to determine her own 'status of the State' absent of threat,
coercion, or acquiescence to a Color-of-Law, a Color-of-Office, nor to be subjected to an imposed Color-of-

46. By leaming all ofthis information, the a{fiant is not a subhuman Negro, black, colored, African-American,
nor 3/5's of a human being, because all of the said titles or names deal with artificial persons and are not her
said name and nationality; therefore, affiant cannot be classified as such. The afliant has clearly proven that he is
an Origine Indigenous Sovereign ofthe American Continents; therefore, he is a Natural Person, a Natual Being,
enjoying, "In Full Life," status. This fact makes all contracts entered by the artifrcial person, formerly known as,
Aisha Niamah Munir, null and void, because sovereigns have ulalienable natuml rights under Natural Law. Un-
alien-able means that no liens can be placed against the affiant. It is common law that sovereigns are absolute
immune from actions and that Natives ofthe land cannot be taxed, because they rightfully om the land.

47. The affiant, as an indigenous Washitaw Moor, has the unalienable right of self-determination and autonomy.
As stated in the "Independence For Colonial Countries And People", a declaration that has been adopted by
the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 14, 1968 states, "The subjection of peoples to alien
subjugation dominrtion ond exploitation constitutes e denial of fundemental human rights, as contrery to
the chrrter of the United Nation and is an impediment of the promotion of world peace and co.
operation." Also, the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples states, "Ackrowledging thrt the
charter of the United Nations, the intertrrtiond covenrnt on civil rnd politicel rights aflirm the
fundrmentrl importence of the right of self-determinrtion of dl peoples, by yirtue of which they freely

vc y./rft 6y hV r'VlAr'A\. t, fRC pvvqr'r'\
Atlan A-sahurlen A'6 of the u.N-N.M. aa "Itrdiffiir*fi:illf;Jffiffi:"ffiT#Native Americads, sedinolc, Muscog€e, cr€ek,

determine their political stetus and freely pursue thelr economic, sociel end cultural developmenf' and
Article III of this document repeats this right. This right is also backed by Article 31, which also gives
indigenous people their independence under "Autonomy or Self Government." So as indigenous people we
have the inalienable rights that a foreigner could not take away, and in that, no foreign government can impose
their laws or practices on indigenous people without their agreements (Refer to Let's Set The Record Straigit by
Al Mufti "Divan" Imperial Grand Potentate Noble Rev: Dr. Malachi Z. york-El 33. 720" p.390).

48. Explicit Reservation and use of 'All Rights Reserved without Prejudice' u.c.c. 1- 2071 308, u.c.c. l-103,
is noted to all Federal, State, City, and Municipal Peace Ofiicers; in harmony with State's Statutes, and indicates
the Reservation of My Rights. Whereby, I may reserve my substantive rights and constitutional - secured rights
and immunities to not be compelled to perform under any contacts or agreements that I have not entered into
knowingly, voluntarily, willingly, or unintentionally. I do not accept any actual or implied 'Liabilities'
associated with any 'Compelled - Benefits' of aoy 'unrevealed' or deceptively-imposed commercial contracts. I,
furthermore, do not sanction any 'unconstitutional' des or policies, nor acts of Misprision committed by any
U.S. Govemment or State Officials, at any level, claimed by any of them, in the name of the United States
Republic, nor do I assent to any implied colorable policies made by alleged rqresentatives, as being sanctioned
by the People and Citizens. Consider any formerly-assumed constructs alleged to be related to me as being
misrepresentations and thusly 'Cured' forthwith. Let it be known...WHEREFORE, based upon the foregoilg
evidence and the authority cited therein, the affiant respectfully requests this Honorable Court to enter an
order(s) recognizing her said nationality and her unalienable rights as an Origine Indigenous Sovereign of the
Americas, because affiant originates from the land; therefore, he rightfully owns the land.

1. Additionally, as a natural person, a native, natural being, and human being, the affiant cannot be taxed,
arrested, detained, or prosecuted civilly or criminally in any colorable court of law for the expressed exercise of
any Human and Natural Rights bestowed upon us by AI\U ALYIIN ALYIIN EL, The Most High, the Eighest
(misnomer God, Thehos, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah), because afEant doesn't belong to the Jurisdiction of the

2. Please enter an order declaring that jurisdiction over the affiant belongs to herself aad her sovereign nation,
The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek nation @IA #208/1999): an "indigenous peoples", the
original Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, Seminole Muscogee, Creek, Shushuni, Washita Mound Builders;
her sovereign tribe, Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah, Muur (Moor), which is a native tribe ofthe Republic ofthe
United States of America; in which, the Washitaw enjoy Diversity of Citizenship Jurisdiction, because they are a
nation within a nation. All NuwaubyaneA ashitaw Moors enjoy dual citizenship status. The Washitaw Moors
are Nationals of the United States of America, also known as The Republic, and Nationals of their tribe, which
is Washitaw.

3. Please enter any and all orders necessary to achieve all of the above, "In The Interest of Justice." The
Respondents have 14 days to rebut this aftidavit point for point. Failure to do so will result in it being deemed
tn-re and correct.

or rro#4tt/r,)A q
C stqq 4vb A,
Uliti. RVL t^*Lr6 1,< M iai?z EI
I, dAiir: Aisl,,r- Nrqnralt being first duly swom, under oath, says: that he is the affiant 1n this
Affidavit and he knows the content of its body; that it is true of her own knowledge, exc€pt as to those matters
that are stated in it on her information and belief, and as to those matters he believes to be true (All Rights
Reserved Without Prejudice; U.C.C. l-207 / 308, U.C.C. 1-103.).


vc Yr'*voy /rvH,r'viyr'hv E)o flf,c 7,vvq/rr'*.
Atlan A-Sahurlen A'm of the .M. an "Indigenous Peoples", Yemassee Tribe of Native Americans, Seminole, Muscogee,
Mound Builders
(Affiant, Nin: Aish : El, DBA AISTIA N"IAMAH MIINIR)
All Rights Reserved
u.c.c. t-207 t308, u -103.
P.O. Box 463
Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic L28337)

lwfl 2019

Public At Large - State of North Carolina.

My Commission expires

Bladen County District Court

) CrreuoN No: 97G0883

) Frel tjlorg
Respondent )
i}R/r ,nRrr' har'plT )otrnf;q vc
Nin: Aisha Niamah Munir of the family
Petitioner ) TTM COMPLAINT
The affiant, ,.R/l lRYr' hRr'pr'T ,otj^tiq VC, Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El in Propria
Persona (my own proper self), d/b/a AISHA NIAMAII MUNIRTil, and the executor and trustee of Aisha Niamah
Munir Trustil. is a Grand Matron of Mahalaws Lehumaat Aflan A-Sahurlen A'm, a nation-state within the
indigenous peoples of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, the Mound Builders, better
known as "El Yamasi Asaluy Amrekee Muuraat Shil Et Muscogee A'm El Mund Mustabaneeyaat"; the
affiant is a Noble of the Washitaw Nation of Muurs (Moors), better known as, "IJaxashaktun de
Dugdahmoundyah," also known as, "Amurru de Dugdahmoundyahr" which is an off branch of the Kushite
Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Songhai Empire, which later became the Al-Moroccan Empire; to wit:
North, South, Central America, and the including the adjoining Islands; upon her inherited Nobility, and upon her
private Aboriginal/Indigenous, "In Full Life," status and commercial liability, I, a.Rh r'R? r' hRr'pr'T
ToLrAftq VC, Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El being duly afErrmed under Consanguine Unity; pledge my
national, political, and spiritual allegiance to my Nuwbun/Iluwaubayne/lVloabite/lVloorish Nation; being the
archaic Aboriginals/Indigenes of Amexem/Ameru/Amurru/Al-Moroco/Amaru-Ka/Amen-Ra-Ka (the
Americas), standing squarely affirmed upon my Oath to the 'Five Points of Light' - Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom,
and Justice and the first nine statues/principles of the U.N.N.M. Constitution: The Yamassee Moors of the Creek
Nation - Truth, Justice, Peace, Freedom, Love, Joy, Unity, Success, and Law; deposes as follows:

The affiant is not a lawyer and her pleadings cannot be treated as such. In fact, according to Haines v. Kerner, 404
U.S. 519 (1972), a complaint, "however inartfully pleaded," must be held to "less stringent standards than formal
pleadings drafted by lawyers" and can only be dismissed for failure to state a claim if it appears "beyond doubt
that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of her claim which would entitle him to relief." Id., at
520-521, quoting Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41,45-46 (1957).

"Indeed, no more that affidavits is necessary to meke a prima facie case." (See United States v. Kis, 658 F.
Znd,526,536 (7th Ck. 1981): Cert Denied, 50 U.S.L.W.2169; S. Ct. March 22,1982.)

l, zrRlr r'Rf r' h?r'pfT ToUn frq VC, Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El DBA AISHA NIAMAH
MUNIR, one of the people2 of Wahanee, indigenous land of the Yamassee Tribe of the Muscogee/Creek

The state has no authority to act on behalf of the people, only a jury can so act, under the pretence of law - Fourteenth Amendment

Section 1. - All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens ofthe United States and
of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges ...


Nation (falsely known as North Carolina), hereinafter Petitioner accepts the oaths3, and bonds of all the officers of
this cour! and moves this Honorable Court to quash for lack of authoritya of personam jurisdictions given that this
cour6'jurisdiction is barred6 because this is a nisi prius? court, and not a court ofrecord8.



1. Petitioner moves the court to tak€ "Judicial notice, or knowledge upon which a judge is bound to act without
having it proved in evidence" lack's Law 4th edi 1961


2. This coud "must" adhere to authoritv, "The doctrine of stare decisis is but an application of the doctrine of
estoppel." [Brown v. Rosenbaum. 175 Misc. 295.23 N.Y.S.2d 161. l7l l.

PEOPIE. People are supreme, not the state. lwarlnt l,s. the Mayor ot Savaneh, 60 Geo.tlaat 93]; The state cannot diminish rights ofthe
people. [Hertado v. C.lifo]nia, 100 US 5161; Preamble to the uS and NY Constitutions - We the people ... do ordain and establish this
Constitution,,.; the Revolution, the sovereiFty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country but they are
sovereigns without subjeds...with none to govern but themselves... [CH|SHO| M v. GEORGTA (US] 2 Dall 4t9, it54, I t- Ed i]to, 455, 2 DAt-t-
(1793) pp4714721: The people of this state, as the successors of its former sovereign, are entitled to all the rithts which formerly belonged
to the KinS by his prerogative. ltanslng v. smith, 4 wcnd. 9 (t{.Y.) (1829}, 2f Am. De.. 89 loc const. L.w se.. 298i 18 c Em.oom. s€.. 3,
228;37 C av.w.t. S€c,219; l{uls S.c. 167; /l8 C WhaB€s S!G.3, Z:] a CO SnTUflON FOR THE UI]TED STATES OF AIUER|CA: we the
People of the United States, in Orde. to form a more pe.fect Union, establish .lustice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide fo. the common
defense, promote the Seneral Welfare, and secu.e the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Poste.ity, do ordain and establish this
Constitution for the United States of America. ' STATE OF iIORTH C,AROU A COa{SflTUTIONT We, the people of the State of North
Carolina, Srateful to Almighty God, the Sovereigr Ruler of Nations, for the preservation of the American Union and the
existence of our civil, political and religious liberties, and acknowledging our dependence upon Him for the continuance of
those blessings to us and our posterity, do, for the more certain security thereof and for the better government of this State,
ordain and establish this Constitution.
Both constitutions (and the constitution of any real republic) the operative word is "establish." The People existed in their own individual
sovereiSnty before the constitution was ehabled. Wheh the People "establish" a constitution, there is nothing in the wo.d "establish" that
siSnifies that they have yielded any of their sovereighty to the atency they have .reated. To interpret otherwise would convert the republic
into a democracy (Republic vs. Democracy;).
Oaths: Anlch Vlr "Thi! Constitution, and the laws of the United States... shall be the iupreme law of the land; ahd the iudSes in every
State shall be bound thereby; anythinS in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstandinS... All erecutive and judicial
officers, both ofthe United States and ofthe severalStates, shall be bound by oath or effirmation to support this Constitution."
'lUtXOnfW. [8lack's Law 4th edition, 1891] Permission. [People v. Howard, 31 crl.App. 358, 160 P. 597, 701]. Control over, jurisdiction.
[ v. Homc Brcwht Co, ot Indian-apolis, 1t2 lnd. 75, 105 .8. 909, 916].
'JUntSotCnO . l8ouvier's Law, 1856 Edition] A power constitutionally conferred upon a judge or matistrate, to take cognizance of and
decide causes according to law, and to carry his sentence into execution. [6 Pet. 591; gjohn. 2391.
EARRED. Obstructed by a bar; subject to hindrance or obstruction by a bar or barrier which, if interposed, will prevent legal redress or
.ecovery; as, when it is said that a claim o. cause of action is "barred by the statute of limitations." wilson v. Knox County, 132 Mo. 387, 34
'llsl pnUS. (Bouvier's Law, 1856 Edition) Where courts bearing this name exist in the united States, they are instituted by statutory
"COUAT Of ntCOAO proceeds according to the course of common law Uones v. .lones, 188 Mo.App. 220, 175 S.W. 227, ZZgt Ex pafte
Gladhill, 8 Metc. Mass., 171, per Shaw, C.l. See, also, Ledwith v. Rosalsky, 2,t4 N.Y. 4O5, 155 N.E. 688, 6891[Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.,
'$lne OeOStS. lelack's taw 4th edition, 19511 To abide b, o. adhere to, decided cases. Policy of courts to stand by precedent and not to
distu.b settled point. Neff v. Geor8e,364 lll. 306,4 N.E.2d 338,390,391.
to glnt
OtCtSf gf lOl QUtgn UOVeAe. To adhere to precedents, and not to unsettle things which are established. [87 Pa, 286; Ballard
County v. X.ntucky Cou y Debt Commission, 2lX, Xy. 770, 162 S.W .2d n\ 773.1
3. "Jurisdiction must be documented, shown, and proven, to lawfully exist before a cause may lawfully proceed in
the courts" lStuck v. Medical Examiners. g4 Ca2d 75l.2ll P2s 389: Maine v. Thiboutot. 100 S. Ct.250:
Stanard v. Olesen- 74 S. Ct.768: Hasans v. Lavirre- 4 5 U.S. 528: McNutt v. G.M.. 56 S. Ct. 789.80 L. Ed.
1135: Griffin v. Mathews. 310 Supp. 341. 423 F. 2d 272: Basso v. U.P.L.. 495 F 2d. 906: Thomson v. Gaskiel.
62 S. Ct. 673-83 L. Ed. 1 I 1: Albrecht v U.S.. 273 U.S. l.l


4. This nisi prius court relies on statutes, which is not law, that seeks to controllr the behavior of the sovereignl2
peopler3 of North Carolina, who are under common law, not statutes, and who ordained and establishedla *re
5. "All codes, des, and regulations are for government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with
God's laws. All codes, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process. . . " [Rodriques v. Ray
6. "The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the code, rules, regulations, policy and statutes
are not the law", [Self v. Rhay. 61 Wn (2d) 261.|
7. "All laws, rules and practices which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void" lMarburv v. Madison.
5th US (2 Cranch) 137. 180.|


8. "The law requires proof of jurisdiction to appear on the record of the administrative agency and all
administative proceedings" lHagans v. Lavine. 415 U.S. 528.|

9. "No sanction can be imposed absent proof ofjurisdiction" lStanard v. Olesen. 74 S. Ct.768l
10. "Court must prove on the record, all jurisdiction facts related to the jurisdiction asserted." llantanav. Hopper.
rc2Fza,188; Chicagov. New York, 37 F Supp 1501.
11. "Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be 'assumed', it must be proved to exist." [Stuck v. Medical Examiners.
94 Ca2d,75l.2l1 P2s 389: v, Thiboutot- 100 S. Ct.250l
12. "No sanction can be imposed absent proof ofjurisdiction" [Stanard v. Olesen. 74 S. Ct.768l


13. "Service of an appearance ticketrs does not confer personal jurisdiction upon a criminal court. Only Congress
can make an act a crime, affix punishment to it, and declare court that shall have jurisdiction." [U.S. v.
Beckford. 966 F 1415 fl997)l

Rom 9:21 Hath not the potter power over the clay,
t'The very meaning of 'sovereignty' is that the decree of the sovereign makes law. [American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co., 29 S.Ct. 511,
S13, 213 U.S. !147, 53 t.Ed. 826, 19 Ann.Cas. 1047.1 A consequence of this prerogative is the legal ubiquity of the king. His majesty in the
judges are the
eye of the law is always present in all his courts, though he cannot personally distribute justice. (Fortesc.c.8. 2!nst.186) His
mirror by which the king's image is reflected. [1 Blackstone's Commentaraes,2T0, Chapte] 7, Section 379.1
t, pfopie. people are supreme, not the state. [Waring vs. the Mayor of Savanah, 50 Georgiaat 93]; The state cannot diminish rights of the
p"opte. [Hertado v. California, 100 US 518]; preamble to the US and NY Constitutions - We the people ... do ordain and establish this
constitution...; the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereiSns ofthe country,
but they are
none to govern but themselves... v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419,454, LLEd 4;0,455, 2 DALL
sovereigns without subjects...with [cHlSHoLM
(1793) pp471472]: The people of this State, as the successors of its former sovereign, are entitled to all the rights which formerly belonged
Em.Dom. Sec' 3,
to the King by his prerogative. [Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829], 21 Am. Dec. 89 1OC Const. Law Sec. 298; 18 C
228;37 C Nav.Wat. Sec. 219; Nuls Sec. ].67; 48 C Wharves Sec' 3, 7'I
US Constitution - We the people ... do ordain and establish this Constitution for
the United States of America'
14. "Appearance ticket is not accusatory instrument and its filing does not confer jurisdiction over defendant-"
[People v. Gabbay]
15. "Service of an appearance ticket on an accused does not confer personal or subject matter jurisdiction upon a
criminal court." [People v. Giusti]
16. "Trial court acts without jurisdiction when it acts without inherent or common law authority, ..." [State v.
17. "Criminal law magistrates have no power of their own and are unable to enforce any ruling." [Davis v. State]
18. This court does not have jurisdiction or corrmon law authority.
19. "..., every mao is independenl of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any
institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent." [Cruden v. Neale]


20. The US Constitution under Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 grants court's Jurisdiction under Common Lawr5 or
Admiralty or Military aibunal venue.

2I . Common law is pr€serued under the Supreme Courts, and other courts of record, as defin€d in our US and State
22. Legislators are authorized rmder the Constitution, ordained by tle people, to write statutes and codes, enforced
as law, to control bweaucrats, municipalities, govemment agencies, elected officials, interstate commerce, but
not people, who's rights are unalienablerT and cannot be legislated.
23. "Sovereignty itself [the people] is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our
system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of govemmenq sovereignty itself remains with
the people, by whom and for whom all government exists ard acts And the law is the d€finition and limitation
of power." ... "For, the very idea that man may be compelled to hold his life, or the means of living, or any
material right essential to the enjoyment of life, at the mere will of another, seems to be intolerable in any
country where freedom prevails, as being the essence of slavery itself." ick Wo v. 118 US 356
24. Let the record show this court can only be an Admiralty Courtr8, acting under color of lawle, alleging
jurisdiction over a people, fraudulently applying statutes as laws upon the people.

"Appearance ticket is not accusatory instrument and its filing does not confer jurisdidion over de{endant. " lP.oolc v. . 670
[,Y.S.2d 962. 175 Mbc.2d 421 57t ,Y.S.2d 25,92 .Y.2d 879, 700 N.E.2d 564 1199711
. ,'service of an appearance ticket on an accused does not confer personal or subject matter iutisdidion upon a criminal court." lPeoole v.
GlBtl. 673 -Y-S.2d 824. 176 Mkc 377 t1gg8ll
tt 725 A.2d 635. t2S
"Trial coun acts without jurisdiction when it acts without inherent or common law authority, " lstat. v.
Md.App i128, cert den 731A.2d 971.354 Md.573 (199911
" q!4gE!48!q [gorvier's Law, 1856 Edition] lnalienable; incapable of being aliened, that is, sold and transferred; The state of a thingare
right which cannot be sold; Thihgs which are not in commerce, as public roads, are ih their nature unalienable. Some thinSs
unalienable, in consequence of particular provisions in the law forbidding their sale or transfet, as pensions granted by the government.
The natural,iShts of life and liberty are unalienable.
A9UIBAE. A cou.t which has a very extensive jurisdiction of maritime causes, civil and criminal, controversies arising out of ads done
upon or.elating to the sea, and questions of prize. lt is properly the successor ofthe consula. couns, which were the courts of
merchants and sea-going persons, established in the principal maritime cities on the revival of commerce after the fall of the Westem
Empi.e, to supply the want of tribunals that might decide causes arisinB out of maritime comme.ce. Also, the system of
relating to and trowing out of the urisd iction a nd
j practice of the ad mira lty courts.
,, legal right. lstate v. Brechler,
COLOA Of flW. tstack,s Law 4th edition, 18911 - The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of
is clothed
:.g5 WisJSS, ZOZ l.l.W. 1,14, 1481 Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because w.ongdoer
with authority of state, is action taken under "color of state law." (Atkins v. Lanhin& 415 F' Supp 186, 188)
25. Petitioner has not pleaded, and therefore has not yieldedjurisdiction to this court, nor can
this court force its
jurisdiction upon the people without their consenfo.

26. There exists no swom affidavit by an injured party, as is required in a cornmon law court, therefore
Petitioner demands this court dismiss all charges for lack of personam jurisdiction.


27. "When challenged jurisdiction must be documented, shown, and proven, to lawfully exist before a cause may
lawfully proceeO in the courts. lHaeans v Lavine.4l5 U.S. 528.l Other cases also such as v. G.M..56
s. ct. 789 L. Ed. ll3s. v. Mathews.3l0 341.423 F 2d,272. Basso v. U.P.L.. 495 F 2d,.906.
v. ct. 83L Albrecht v I
28. "However late this objection has been made, or may be made in any case, in an inferior or appellate court of the
United States, it must be considered and decided, before any court can move one further step in the cause; as
any movement is necessarily the exercise ofjurisdiction." ruoae tsUna v. Utassam
gL.Ed. 1233 0838)1.
29. "Where the court is without jurisdiction, it has no authority to do anything other than to dismiss the case."
lFontenot v. state. 932 s.w.2d 185 "Judicial action without jurisdiction is void."-Id (l996)l
30. To proceed, in any way without jurisdiction, would be an act of defiance to Supreme Court rulings and would
cause the Petitioner to file for a judicial review and a civil action.


31.'Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that
Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the supreme law of the land. The judge is engaged in acts of
treason". lCooper v. Aaron. 358 U.S. l. 78 S. Ct. l40l (1958)l
32. "There is a general rule that a ministerial officer who acts wrongfully, although in good faith, is nevertheless
liable in a civil action and cannot claim the immunity of the sovereign". lCooper v. O'Conner. 99 F.2d l33l
33. "The courts are not bound by an offrcer's interpretation of the law under which he presumes to act". [Hoffsomer
v. Hayes, 92 OHa32,227 F.417)
34. "When a judge knows that he lacks jurisdiction, or acts in the face of clearly valid statutes expressly depriving
him of jurisdiction, judicial immunity is lost." l'Rankin v. Howard. (1980) 633 F .2d, 844. cert. den. Zeller v
Rankin. 101 S.Ct- 2O2O 45 1 U.S. 939.68 L.Ed 2d,3261
35. "A judge must be acting within his jurisdiction as to subject matter and person, to be entitled to immunity from
civil action for his acts." [Davis v. Burris, 5l Ariz. 220,75 P.2d 689 (1938)]
36. "When a judicial officer acts entirely without jurisdiction or without compliance with jurisdiction requisites he
may be held civilly liable for abuse of process even though his act involved a decision made in good faith, that
he had jurisdiction." [ittle v. U.S. Fidelitv & Guaranty Co.. 217 Miss. 576. 64 So. 2d 697]
37. "No judicial process, whatever form it may assume, can have any lawful authority outside of the limits of the
jurisdiction of the court or judge by whom it is issued; and an attempt to enforce it beyond these boundaries is
nothing less than lawless violence." lAbleman v. Booth. 2l Howard 506 (1859)l
38. "We (udges) have no more right to decline the exercise ofjurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which
is not given. The one or the other would be treason to the Constitution." lCohen v. Virginia, (1821). 6 Wheat.
264 andU.S. v. Will,449 U.S.2001


Declaration of tndeoendence - We hold these truths to be self-evident ... Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the governed.
39. It is a common I'unlawful practice" for town court magistates and prosecutors to meet privately to plofr,z an
answer to a Petitioner, in ar attempt to unlawfully maintain jurisdiction23, under color of lawz, io opposed to
studying its cont€nts.

40. Therefore the court should proceed with prudence, forewar-ned of the following:

41. It is not up to the prosecutor to prove jurisdiction, but the magistrate.

42. The prosecutor is not to *rite court rulings.

43. The magistrate is not to meet ex parte with the prosecutor ',for any reason,'.

44. For the magistate to discuss this case with the prosecutor without the Petitioner present would be nothing short
of an entangling alliance, criminal, conspiracy against Petitioner's petitioner to
"nalienable rights, causing the
file an action for conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution25.

45. If the magistrate is not experienced in common law it would be wise to seek counsel from the appellate court;
lawyers and trial courtjudges generally know statutes and not law.

46. In conclusion, this court is a nisi prius court, created by statutes, sanctioned by statutes, ruled by statutes and
not constitutions. I am one of the people under the law of the land, aka common law, statutes are not law. This
court has no jurisdiction over the Petitioner nor can this court prove otherwise therefore; this court is barred
from jurisdiction in this case.
47. For the officers of this cou#6, who's constables are sent out on the highways2? disguised under color of hul8 to
kidnap2e people, conspiring to maintain constructive custody'o, and thereby preventing Petitioners' free exercise

" usc tg 52lt: CottsptnacY lcltl{st atexts: lf two or more persons .onspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in
any State in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right they shall be fined underthis title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both
" usc 12 tggsr cottsgnqcv to tlTgnrene wnx clvtt nlGHIs: lf two or more persons in any state or Territory conspire for the purpose
of deprivinS, either directly or indirectly any persons rights the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery ofdamates
against any one or more ofthe conspiaators.
" usc lz tggl; ctvtL lcttol ron DEPRlvlTtol or ntcxts: Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom,
or usage, of any State subjects, or causes to be subjected, any person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rithts,
p.ivileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law.
" uSC lg !zlz; oepnNltto of nrcxts u ogn Coton of [rAw: Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or
custom, willfully subjects any person in any State the deprivation of any rights shall be tined under this title or imprisoned not more than
one year, or both;
" UIUC|OUS pnOSECUnOl. One begun in malice without probable cause to believe the charSes can be sustained. Eustace v. Dechter, 28
Cal.App. 2d 706, A3 P.2d 523, 52S. lnstituted with intention of ihjuring defendant and without probable cause, and which terminates in
favor of the person prosecuted. For this injury an action on the case lies, called the "action of malicious prosecution." Hicks v. Brantley, 29
S.E. 459, 102 Ga. 264; Eggett v. Allen, 96 N.W. 803, 119 wis.52s.
" qEEEES!-8I-IEE!9SEI -.iudge, prosecutor, sheriff, constables (police), or bailiff.
" HIGHWAY. An easement acquired by the public in the use of a road or way for thoroughfare. Bolender v. Southern Michigan Telephone
Co., 182 Mich. 6,46, 148 N.W. 697, 700.; lt includes roads, streets, alleys, lanes, courts, places, trails, and bridges, laid out or e.ected as such
by the public, or, if laid out and erected by others, dedicated or abandoned to the public, or made such in actions for the partition of real
property. Patterson v. Munyan, 93 Cal. 128, 29 P. 250.; "Street " "avenue," ".oad," "publi. road," "county road," and "public highway" are
used indiscriminately in legislation and judi.ial de.isions. "Street" or "avenue" commonly applies to a public highway in a village, town, or
city and "aoad" to a suburban highway, but there may be "roads" in a city or town and "streets" and "avenues" in the country. City of
Spokane v. Spokane County, 179 Wash, 130, 36 P.2d 311, 313.
Color of law - The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. l\,lisuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and
made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under "color of state law." (Atkins v. l-anning, 415
F. Supp. 186, 188)


ofher unalienable rights, carries serious consequences. Should this court illegally proceed, such consequences
shall be applied against all officers of this court, in a court of law.

WHEREFORE Petitioner moves this Court to enter an Order discharging this case, and returning all
property, for lack of personam jurisdiction, as is this courts constitutional duty.

Please enter any andall orders necessary to achieve all of the above, "In The Interest of Justice." The
Respondents have 14 days to rebut this affidavit point for point. Failure to do so will result in it being deemed true
and correct.

couNrY q e\N\'lgy* or^et v6
,,V N iN: Ai.h^-N lf#fi,'iljfjf*, -r, sworn, under oath, says: that she is the arnant in this Affidavit
and she knows the content of its body; that it is true of her own knowledge, except as to those matters that are stated
in it on her information and belief, and as to those matters he believes to be true (All Rights Reserved Without
Prejudice; U 308, U.C.C.
(A@Vt t^ @l"b LIP);vu*7 va
-- fuAr-r* I tr'.
(Affiant, Nin: Er DBA ArSHA NTAMAH Mt-rNrR)
All Rights
u.c.c. t-207 1308,
P.O. Box 463
Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic 1283371

this -rfl
/ aay of ti/tfi / 2019

Notary Public At Large - State of North Carolina.

My Commission expires

" I(DNAPPING. the unlawful seizure and removal of person from own country or state against his will, State v. Olsen, 76 Utah 181, 289 P.
92, 93. ln American law, the intent to send the victim out of the country does not constitute a necessary part of the offense. The term
includes false imprisonment plus the removal of the person to some other place. 2 Bish. Crim. Law, 5 671. See State v. Rollint 8 N.H. 557;
State v. Sutton, 116 lnd.527,19 N.E.602; Samson v. State,37 Ohio App.79, 174 N.E. 162, 153; People v. Fick,89 Cal.144,26P.759;
Furlong v. German-American Press Ass'n, Mo.Sup., 189 S.W. 385, 389.
CUSTODY. - Detention; charge; control; possession. The term is very elastic and may mean actual imprisonment or physical detention or
mere power, legal or physical, of imprisoning or of taking manual possession. Jones v. State, 25 Ga.App. 535, 107 S.E. 166; J. 0. Nessen
Lumber Co. v. Ray H. Bennett Lumber Co.,223 Mich. 349, 193 N.W. 789,79O; State ex rel. Bricker v. Griffith, Ohio App., 36 N.E.2d 489,491;
Willoughby v. State, 87 Tex.Cr.R. 40,21rg S.W. 468, 470; Carpenter v. Lord, 88 Or. 128, 171-P. 577 579, 1.R.A.1918D, 674; Little v. State, 100
Tex.Cr.R. 767,212S.W.455,457; Randazzo v. U. S., C.C.A.Mo., 300 F. 794,797.
Fee Schedule Notice
(Time Definition Act: RS..469. s. 1.)
Nunc Pro Tunc (Now For Then)

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent - Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

An Act Respecting the Legal Meaning of Expressions Relating to Time

Application of Time Act;

uWhere an expressionof time occurs in ony stct&.tte, Ac:t, enaclnent, lwv, order, order in council,
rule of cou4 order, by law, rule, regulation, ileeil or other instumenl heretoforc or hercqfter
enacted, executcil or made, or where any hour or other perid of time is either stahil omlly or in
writing, ot any guestion as a the perioil of time arises, the time refened n or inunileil sholl, unless
it is otlrerwr'se specificolly suteil, be helil to the time reckoneil as prescribed by or uniler this AcL,

Per Application of the expressed time verbatim, such fee schedule for each of expressed time
stipulated in the above-paragraph will be in the amount of $10,000,000.00 U.S. Dollars Ten (troy)
ounces of .999 pure silver/gold or its equivalent per obsuuction of Justice, per partaker of the
obstruction of Justice no matter the party acting in defacto authority; Quoting :Executive order
11110. Fufua Moreno Allodial Nation fee schedule. and 12 USC 411 . Such time will also include
any detainment(s) lawful, unlawful, or otherwise, false arrests, unlawful affests, the hindering of my
freedom of movement, time procured for abuse of due process, errors in the process of service, any
court order or instrument or rule of court from the court that impedes and/or impairs my unalienable
and inalienable rights, fraudulent claims, unsubstantiated claims, and any uavel to or from any court
hearing/venue, time spent in any court proceeding any law, regulation, deed or any question where any
hour or other period of time arises, referred to or intended or reckoned as prescribed by or under this
Act under any circumstances will be required for the full amount as recompense hereof assumpsit.
Upon Notice Iftowledge and receipt of this contract you have direct and full disclosure to the nature,
intent and cause with knowledge of the facts for the purpose of this Writ and you have willingly,
knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily binded yourself (individually) and/or (collectively) to the
terms and conditions to the liability and obligations of such without being under threat, duress or
coercion to bind yourself (individually) or (collectively) to the terms and conditions hereof. The only
response that will be accepted is a rebuttal in form of a swom Writ affirmed and attested to under oath
and under PENALTY OF PERruRY 28 USC 1746. under the laws of the United States"Additional:
"Howlett v. Rose. 496 U.S. 35 from the person directly affected by this Writ within ten (10)
days after receipt. Your silence or acquiescence will be deemed as assent and consent to the terms


I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the United States that the statements herein
are true, correct, complete and certain to the best of my knowledge and not meant to deceive, defraud
or mislead any pe6on, individual, corporation, compirny and./or business.

If executed without the United States: "[ declare, (or certify, verify, or state) under the penalty of
perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and comect.
Executedttris Il dayof llll .zOtS.

"Without Prejudice" U.C.C. 1-207, l -308,1-103.6,3402 (b) (1) Prejudice/Without Recourse

O,fFtL" lAtql Af'r \lOt3,q 96,

Nin: Beneficiary, Authorized Representative, Secured Party Creditor Principal,

LEGIS TRUST & ESTATE@@TM All Rights Reserved

a$l' fiAfubqY,w
a,Leql-LlLq,furlttldo4dll$ lWqWe ,il
Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El
I c/o P.O. Box 463
Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic


) Citation No.: 97G0883
8 Respondent, ) Entry of Plea.
vs. )
l0 ) Date: May 17'e 2019
Nin: Aisha Niamatr Munir of the family Time:9:00
ll )
t2 )
of El (Affiant, Secured Party) )
l5 Petitioner,
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on May 17,2019 of the above-entitled court at the
hour of 9:00 AM or as soon thereafter as the petitioner can be heard, while
preserving aU rights and waiving no rights in the above-titled action enters the
following plea:
23 Respectfully submitted,

AISHA Dated: Mr,,./ 4fi Lo\
In Pro Per,


.,1 .
1!, Y9 fii,0k t
(Affiant Petitioner, Beneficiary Aisha-Niamah-Munir: EI)
30 All Rights Reserved u.c.c. t-207 1308, u.c.c. l-103.
P.O. Box 463
3l Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic 1283371
32 Page l----
2 Nin: Aisha-Niamatr-Munir: El
c/o P.O. BOX 463
3 Elizabethtown, North Carolina Republic


9 STATE OF North Carolina )

) Citation No.: 90G4992
ll Respondent, ) Demand for Dismissal for Lack of
) Standing.
t2 vs. )
l3 ) Date: May lTth
Nin AishaNiamatr Munir of the family ) Time: 9:00 am
l5 )
ofEl )
l8 Petitioner,

NOW COMES the PETITIONER Nin: Aisha-Niamatr-Munir: El, formerly known
without submitting to the Court's jurisdiction and hereby moves this Court to dismiss /
strike the citation(s) filed by OFFICER L A PIPKIN for lack of ratification of
conrmencement, no corpus delecti, no plaintifl and, thereby, a lack of subject matter
jurisdiction. The grounds for dismissal are set forth below.

Respectfully submitted,

30 MI]I\I"IR

Page I
ttvtter4 vg
2 VlP"rt L;W+L
Dated: l-1^r.t
"7h 2aq

l. Objection for Lack of Ratification of Commencement. There is no claim.
RULE l7(a) - Real Parties in Interest:
"(1) Designation in General - An action must be prosecuted in the
name of the real party in interest. The following may sue in their
il own names without joining the person for whose benefit the
action is brought: An (a) executor, O) an administrator, (c) a
guardian, (d) a bailee, (e) a trustee of an express tust, (0 a party
with whom or in whose name a contact has been made for the
benefit of another, or (g) apafi authorized by stature.
l6 (2) Action in the Name of the United States for Another's Use or
Benefit -When a federal statute so provides, an action for
another's use or benefit must be brought in the name of the
United States.
(3) Joinder of the Real Party in Interest - The court may not
dismiss an action for failure to prosecute in the name of the real
22 partv in interest until. after an objection. a reasonable time has
been allowed for the real party in interest to ratiff. join. or be
substituted into the action. After ratification. joinder. or
substitution. the action proceeds as if it had been originally
commenced b), the real party in interest." (emphasis added)

"There is one form of action - the civil action."

3l There is neither an injured party nor hespass in the above-mentioned matter,

and unless verifiable evidence to the contrary can be presented by the
prosecution, none such exists, and, therefore, ttre matter must be dismissed.
As all crimes are commercial (27 CFR $ 72.11), and every alleged crime has
3 to have "nature and cause" and must be prosecuted in the name of the people
4 ofthe state.

2. There is no c orpus delecti.

While this alleged offense or infraction may constitute a violation of state
statute, it was not a crime. As my limited understanding permits, t}is is a
criminal matter. Notwithstanding, proof of the corpus delecti is required in
all criminal matters as shown in the following case lav/:
"Proof of the coryus ilelecti is required in 4! criminal crses...There
are tlree basic elements in the proof of a crime: (1) the occurrence of
loss or injury, (2) criminal causation of that loss or injury and (3) the
identity of the Petitioner as the perpetrator of the crime. However, it is
firmly established in this State that the term corpus delecti embraces
only the first two of these elementsJoss or injury and criminal
causation." State v. Hill,22l A.2d725,728. (emphasis added)
"It is true that the above are all cases of felonious homicide, but the
2l doctrine lof corpus delecti) is in nowise peculiar to such cases; it is
equally applicable to atl criminal cases." Srare v. Gelzeiler, 128 A.
240 (emphasis added)

3. There is no olaintiff.
27 This is an adversarial proceeding, and as it is to the PETITIONER'S limited
28 understanding, adversarial proceedings require real adversaries as supported

29 by the following case law:

31 "Properly understood the general principle is sound, for courts only
32 adjudicate justiciable controversies.. . courts must look behind names

33 that symbolize the parties to determine whether a justiciable case or

34 controversy is presented." Ilnited States v- Interstate Commerce
I Commission,33T U.S. 426 (1949). (emphasis added)
Page 3

5 4. Lack of evidence that the PETITIONER was operating a "vessel" in commerce.

7 It has not been established that the alleged Petitioner is subject to this private
8 law by way of explicit or implied contact. Alleged Petitioner's signature on
9 said alleged citation was made under duress for fear of arest and was not
l0 meant to be a contract with the STATE. The following is yet more case law
ll to support this assertion:
13 "The right of the citizen to havel upon public highways and to
t4 transport his/her property thereon, either by carriage or automobile, is
l5 not a mere privilege which a City/State may prohibit at will, but a
t6 cornmon right which he/she has under the right to Life, Liberty, and the
t7 Pnrsuit of Happiness." Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579.
t9 "The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and tansportation is
20 not a mere privilege, but a corlmon and fundamental right which the
2t public and individuals cannot be rightfutly deprived." Chicago Motor
22 Coach v. Chicago, 337 IIL200, 169 NE 22, 66 ALR 834. Ligare v.

23 Chicago, 139 III. 46,28 NE 934. Booney v. Dark,2l4 SW 607;25 A

24 M ruR (Il) Highways, Sec. 163.

26 "For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party. There can be no

27 sanction or penalty imposed on one because of this exercise of
28 Constitutional rights." Sheer v. Cullen,4Sl F. 945.

30 "The right to tavel is part of the Liberty of which the citizen cannot be
3l deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment." Kent
32 v. Dulles,357 U.S. 116,125.


34 "Where rights are secured by the Constitution are involved, there can
I be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda

Page 4
3 v. Arizona,384 U.S. 436,125
"The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted
into a crime." Miller v. US., 230 F 2nd486,489.

"Under our system of government upon the individuality and
intelligence of the citizen, the state" does not claim to control him/her,
except as hisftrer conduct to others, leaving him/her the sole judge as to
all that affects himselflherself." Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623,659-
OF Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El

Please be advised that My use of the phrase, "All Rights Reserved without Prejudice",
below My autograph on this document means the following:
(l) THAT I explicitly reject any and all benefits of the Uniform Commercial Code
absent a valid commercial agreement which is in force and to which I am a party, and
citing its provisions herein is only to serve notice upon ALL agencies of government,
whether international, national, state or local, that they (and not I) are subject to, and
bound by, all of its provisions whether cited herein or not;

(2) THAT My explicit reservation of Rights has served notice upon ALL agencies

of government of the remedy which they must provide for Me under Article l, Section
308 (formerly $ 1- 207) of the Uniform Commercial Code whereby I have explicitly
reserved My Common Law Right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or
commercial agreement that I have not entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and
(3) THAT My explicit reservation of Rights has served notice upon ALL agencies
of government that they are ALL limited to proceedings against Me only in harmony

with the Common Law and that I do not (and will not) accept the liability
associated with the compelled benefits of any unrevealed commercial agreements; and

(4) THAT My valid reservation of Rights has preserved all of My Rights and

prevented the loss of any such Rights by application of the concepts of waiver or
Page 5


7 It is reasonable to assume that these judicial decisions are straight and to the
8 point that there is no lawfi.rl method for govemment to put restrictions or limitations on
9 rights belonging to the people. There is no question that a citation issued by a police
l0 officer for no driver's license, current vehicle registration, or mandatory insurance, etc.
11 which carries a fine orjail time as a penalty. The act is, indeed, converting a right into
t2 a crime.

l3 A corporate entity, whether it be a city, state, or of the U.S. Govemment,

t4 cannot testiry as an injured party and, thus, cannot be cross-examined as an individual
15 one can speak for a corporation but cannot be an injured party.

l6 If the PETITIONER is to be subject to the alleged "criminal acts,,, it is

t7 concluded that no act was, in fact, broken.
18 Because there is no ratification of commencement and no plaintiff, the Court
l9 lacks personam jurisdiction. Further, without a verifiable corpus delecti, there is no
20 justiciable controversy or cause of action before the Court. For these reasons, the Court

2t is instructed to strike or to dismiss this case that was filed against the PETITIONER
22 with prejudice.


25 Respectfully submitted,
AISHA Dated M,r ? ri^
28 In Pro Peq

30 By:

1, h
i44,q W t{""t C)*-
(aulhorized repre ur$
Withoutthe UNITED STA s
North Carolina Republic, the Land, uSA (not a domicile)

Page 6-
Page 6

RE: Matter# 976 0ff3

undersigned Notary D a,/a@ on this
19, personally appeared Nin: Aisha-Niamah-Munir: El, known to me to be a credible
being and of la*drl age, who being by me first duly sworn on his oath, deposes and says:

I hereby rescind, revoke, and./or cancel all signatures attached to the account and/or PERSON with the
name AISHA NIAMAH ML [& a social security number, and./or a date of birth on it for anyone who
construes that to be a contract. This includes any driver's licenses. There are no contract terms agreed
upon unless the Court provides any evidence ofa contract with a wet ink signature or the record shall
show there is nothing available to the contrary. Any appearance made is under threat, duress, and
coercion without my consent and by special appearance only.

I explicitly reserve all my natural rights as a natural, free human being under contract lawof the Divine
Creator without prejudice and without recourse to me. I do not consent to compelled performance under
any contract that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of
the benefits or privileges ofany unrevealed confiact or commercial agreement.


Respectfully itted,
uTt^ LgvL k*'L\Li
* lCy*: -frln;.:fl
Nin: Aisha-Ni
6Q El tnP q \2U
)F rn Ai shar - h-M,,n,e;tl
6Witten ffi"nt)
c/o P-O. Box 436
Elizabethtown - North Caro lina State Reoubli c. rcar 1283371
(address of afiant)

ltis alThr'fl of tlLN I mc, tho undilignc4 aNdry hrblic in
Qr- appcuod mo rbovo<igno4 lnom to EG to
bclto oo nme is sigd d rfii. instllDcnt, sd hrs &l(nowldgod to mc tha hc/rho has
cxocubd thc smc.

(sig,rdroz 6Nd0y)

M1irfio*). J^nAJ
";" ''..
-+'i1tJ" - '-"'..-
j ftt@ir.srrJ
- '. --.

---2 ii :-
'-_'t \-.-'


My commissio opirts: 5roJnc/ 3 Zoz?-

(lnternal use Onlyl
Dld Public
Servant provide proof
Public Servant Questionneire Of ldentity?
Yes ltlo
This questionnaire must be filled-out by any public servant before s/he can ask any question of Nin: Aishe-Niemah-Munir: El,@,Beneficiary. This
Questionnaire is not specific to you, this is the general policy and procedure of the aforementioned private man with all public Servants in any q,pe of
public relations. This Questionnaire is provided authorized under federal law, including the Privacy Act, 5 U,S.C. 552e, E8 Stat. 1896, et seq., 1974, as
well as applicable state laws. This is not a failure to cooperate but rather provision to establish the capacity in which we are contracting as well as open
and fair dealing under the Good Faith Oxford, Clean Hands, and Fair Dealings Dockine. A blank copy of this document is also on record with the
secretary of State as a matter of public record under Necessity as a matter of established policy and procedure.

L Public servants full legal name:

Public servant's residence :
3. Name ofagency:
4. ID number:
5. Badge and agency Number:
6. Bonding agency and Number:
7. Full legal name of supervisor and offrce ^aa-^--.
8. Will you as a public servant uphold the constitution of the United States? _ Yes _ No
9. Will you as a public as a public servant fumish a copy of the law or
regulation that authorizes the action being taken or information requested
in this case? Yes No
10. Will you as a public servant provide in writing, that portion oflaw
authorizing the questions asked? _ Yes No
ll. Are answers to your questions voluntary or mandatory? Vohmtary _ _ Mandatory
12. What will be the effect upon me if I should not choose to answer any or
all ofthese questions?
13. Are the questions being asked being asked based upon a specific law or
regulation, or are they a discovery process? Law/Regulation_ Discovery Process
14. Ifbased on a specific law or regulation, please state:
15. What othri uses may be made of this information?
16. What other agencies may have access to this information?
t7. Name of person in govemment requesting this information?
18. Is this investigation geleral or special? General _ Special
Note: by'general,'it means any kind ofblanket investigation in which a number ofpersons are involved because ofgeorraDhv. tvpe ofbusiness
income, etc. By 'special.' it means any investigation of an individual nature in which others are not involved.

19. Have you consulted, questioned, interviewed, or received information

from any third party relating to this matt€r ? Yes No
20. Ifyes, give identity ofall such third parties: r.)
(Use back ofsheet ifmore area is needed.) 2.)
21. Do reasonably anticipate either a civil or criminal action to be initiated
or pursued based upon any ofthe information, which you seek? Yes
22. Is there a file ofrecords, information, or correspondence relating to me -No
being maintained by this agency? Yes
23. Is this agency using information on me, which was supplied by another -No
agency or govemment source? Yes
24. Will the public servant guarantee that no departrnent [other than the one -No
by which he is employedl will use the information in these files? _ Yes
I hereby sign and affirm under penalty ofpeq'ury that the answers supplied herein are true and correct in every particular

Would you like a copy of this completed Questionnaire to be provide to the

Signature of Public Servant address you listed above? _ Yes _ No

Notice: lf any person or agency receives any request for information relating to the aforesaid, the aforesaid must be advised in writing
before releasing such information. Failure to do so may subject you to possible civil or criminal action as provided by this act and/o other
applicable law.

Public Servrnts Questionneire Pege I of I Form No.: 0