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Who is Seltha Law Pty/Ltd

 This is registered private company with CIPC. Its registration number is 2014/003438/07.
 This company is owned by Mr. Selby Bokako.

1. What services do we offer?

We offer legal related services-that includes the following:
- Removal of administration order
- Removal of debt reviews
- Removal of judgements
- Removal of minor criminal records

2. Our client

 Most of our clients-are indebted, and mostly makes ill formed decisions by signing or entering on
contracts that they never understand; like being under Debt Reviews or Administration-without the
proper legal understanding of what they were signing.

3. How is debt review Withdrawn?

3.1. Termination by debt counsellor

 It includes being removed it’s status of the consumer from all credit bureaus

3.2. Withdrawal by debt counsellor

 Provision of debt review is ended to a consumer, but does not remove status from all credit bureaus

3.3. Termination by the consumer

 Removing of debt review which includes removing it’s status of the consumer on all credit bureaus

3.4. Withdrawal by consumer

 Ending debt review service provided by debt counsellor to the consumer-but doesn’t include the
removal of the debt review status from all credit bureaus



1. You get listed with credit bureaus 1. No listing on credit bureaus
2. Court procedure 2. No court procedure (informal procedure)
3. You cannot apply for a consolidation loan 3. You qualify for consolidation credit anytime
4. Court procedure needed to cancel debt 4. No court procedure to cancel-you cancel anytime
review/administration anytime
5. File-Fee =R500 5. File-Fee =R500
6. Service Fees =R3’500 6. Services Fee =R3’500
7. Attorney’s Fees =R3’500 7. No Attorney’s Fees
8. Total-Amount =R7’500 8. Total Amount =R4’000
9. Duration is x20 working days 9. Duration is x20 working days
5. Banking details

5.1. File-Fee Deposits

 Capitec Bank Account: 1279109988 SI Bokako Cell:072-323-6865

5.2. Services + Attorney’s Fees

 FNB Bank Account: 62727195580 Branch-Code: 270251 Account Holder: Seltha Law Pty/Ltd

6. Contact Details
Seltha Law Pty/Ltd
 Central Towers Office 286-Pretorius Street Office No: 0110 Pretoria
 Mobile: 072-323-6865 Email: Call: Mr. Selby I. Bokako

7. Requirements from Clients

 Identity Copy Proof of Residence Copy of Contract Signed Completing Forms

8. Operational Days & Hours

8.1. Mondays to Fridays

 08h00-17h00

8.2. Saturdays
 08h00-11h00

9. Commission Referral Structure

 Client Paying R500 Deposit-You get R100 cash
 Clients Paying R3’500 Service Fee-You get R500 cash