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Policy_06 Leave Entitlement

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Author: Human Resources

Version: V002
Date: October 2018
Document Status: Published
Classification: Bravura Confidential
Bravura Solutions – Bravura Confidential

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Bravura Solutions – Bravura Confidential

The purpose of this policy is to outline the different types of leave that we offer and to provide managers with
guidelines and the flexibility to approve leave to meet the personal, family, work and community commitments of our
employees without compromising business objectives.

This policy applies to all permanent employees of Bravura Solutions India office. This policy does not apply
to contractors and temporary employees.

All Bravura Solutions policies are subject to change.

Types of leave
The company seeks to offer a consistent leave entitlement to all employees. However, we operate across multiple
jurisdictions and consequently some leave types are restricted to specific employees as identified in within this policy.

• Annual leave
• Public holiday
• Sick Leave
• Compassionate Leave
• Parental Leave
• Special Leave
• Leave without pay

Annual Leave
Employees are entitled to 25 days of annual leave per year of service (full time equivalent).
The leave cycle is from date of joining to the following one year of service and annual leave is accrued based on the
number of days served during the leave cycle.
All annual leaves can be carried forward for a particular year up to a maximum of 18 days. A maximum of 40 days
annual leave can be accrued at any point of time during employment.
Leave may be taken at times agreed between the employee and Bravura Solutions or in accordance with the Bravura
Solutions policies as varied from time to time. Bravura Solutions may also direct employees to take a period of
accrued annual leave in accordance with applicable legislation.
Upon termination of employment with Bravura Solutions, if an employee has taken more leave than entitled to, the
employee agrees that Bravura Solutions can deduct the value of the days taken in excess of the accrued entitlement
from the final salary payment made to the employee.

Public Holidays
Employees are entitled to 8 public holidays in a year. Bravura Solutions may require employees to work on a public
holiday, but they may refuse that request if the request is unreasonable or if the refusal is reasonable. Any employee
who is scheduled to work on any of the 3 National Holidays namely, Independence Day (15th Aug); Republic Day
(26th January) and Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct) are entitled for allowances as per the ‘holiday allowance policy’, In
addition the employee shall be paid double salary for any of the 3 National Holidays named above worked in the
payroll following the month when the request is received. National holiday working needs to be only in exceptional
circumstances and/or approved in advance by the manager.
The India office may remain closed during elections/polls in the region as per applicable legislation.

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Bravura Solutions – Bravura Confidential

Sick Leave
If you are absent from work and your illness or injury prevents you from working, you will be entitled to the following
personal (sick) leave provided that the Company is satisfied with the reasons given for your absence:
(i) During your Probationary Period:
Period of absence - 7 days
(ii) Following your Probationary Period:
Period of absence - 15 days

Medical certificates must be provided if the Sick Leave taken is greater than or equal to two days or is taken prior to
or immediately after a declared public holiday or annual leave. The medical certificate or a doctor’s prescription (with
bed rest recommendation) needs to be submitted to HR dept. latest by month end of leave taken.

The leave cycle is from date of joining to the following one year of service and unused Sick leave will not be carried
forward to next leave cycle.
Your appointment and its continuation is subject to your being medically fit and the Company reserves its right to
ask you to undergo medical examination, as and when deemed necessary by the Company. The Company will
meet the costs of such medical examinations.
You must inform the Company as soon as practicable of any absence on sick leave, and the reason for and expected
duration of such an absence. This allows the Company to make alternative arrangements if required.

If you do not have an accrued sick leave entitlement, you may utilise your annual leave. In absence of any leave
balance, such leaves would be treated as ‘leave without pay’.
Carer’s leave is not applicable for India employees.

Compassionate Leave
All permanent employees are entitled to three days of paid compassionate leave per occasion in the event of a
death of a family or household member (first blood relations of self or spouse).

Parental Leave
Parental Leave is leave for the purpose of providing care for a new baby or newly adopted child/children. Parental
Leave includes maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Females: Every female employee is entitled to receive maternity benefit if she works for a continuous period of 80
days in the twelve months immediately preceding the date of her expected delivery. According to the Maternity Benefit
Act, 1961, female workers are entitled to a maximum of 26 weeks of maternity leave. Under the recent amendment
to the Act in 2017, this benefit could be availed by women for a period extending up to 8 weeks before the expected
delivery date and remaining 18 weeks can be availed post childbirth. For women who are expecting after having 2
children, the duration of paid maternity leave shall be 12 weeks (i.e., 6 weeks pre-and 6 weeks post expected date
of delivery).

Maternity leave for adoptive and surrogate mothers: The Maternity Amendment Act, 2017 extends certain benefits
to adoptive mothers as well and provides that every woman who adopts a child shall be entitled to 12 weeks of
maternity leave, from the date of adoption.

Males: Five days paid Parental Leave is available to the male employees provided they have completed a year of
service in the organisation.

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Bravura Solutions – Bravura Confidential

Special Leave
Bravura Solutions may provide paid special leave for employees to assist in unanticipated or emergency situations.
▪ Functional heads have the discretion to approve paid leave of up to four days per year, to assist employees
in unanticipated or emergency situations.
▪ As a guide, these might include occasions when an employee’s home is threatened by bushfire, floods or
storms. By definition, these situations occur unexpectedly and for this reason such leave usually cannot be
applied for in advance.
▪ Bravura Solutions also recognizes that employees may be volunteer members of an emergency service
group such as the Bushfire Brigade or the Emergency Services. If an employee is officially called upon to
attend an emergency which does not directly affect them or their family, they are required to obtain their
manager's permission before committing to such an assignment.
▪ Managers may also request suitable written evidence of the requirement to attend the emergency situation
before approving this type of leave.
▪ Special leave, including leave for attending emergency situations that do not affect the employee directly as
part of a volunteer task force (as described above), is limited to a total of four days per year and is granted
at management's discretion.
▪ This can also be availed in cases of long or terminal illness cases.

Leave without pay

Leave without pay(LWP) may only be applied/availed for once an employee has exhausted their Annual Leave.
There will be reduction in salary paid based on number of LWP of an Employee for that month.

Process and approval guidelines:

• Applications for leave without pay may be approved by a relevant line manager and group manager.
• If a request for leave without pay is made for a period greater than four weeks, this will only be approved
under extenuating circumstances. This request should be provided in writing and state the following:

o Specific circumstance surrounding the need for extended unpaid leave.

o Intended date of initiating leave
o Intended return date.

• If the unpaid leave is extended further than the original stated date of return then Bravura Solutions has no
obligation to provide further employment.
• Employee will not receive salary/other payments if he/she is on leave without pay.
• Employee will also not accrue any leave during ‘leave without pay’ period.

Applying for Leave

All applications for leave are made on the online HR system – myBravura, which can be located on the intranet.
Submit completed form to the relevant line manager and provide the additional supporting information where
In most instances, the line manager will determine whether to approve applications for leave, guided by legal rights
and obligations. Managers are responsible for ensuring that teams continue to deliver high quality service to
internal and external clients whilst employees are on leave.

Further Information

For further details please contact your local HR representative.

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