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Parent 1

Transcriptions (Binisaya) (English) Open Coding Themes/Categories

(Maranao) Translations/Incidents
R: Ina, salamat ko oras ka a R: Nay, salamat kayo sa R: Mother, thank you so
kapagesaa ko ruka imanto. time nga maka interview much for your time to
ko nimo. have an interview with
Pira I edad ka ina kulay? Pila namay edad nimo How old are you?
P: _____ P: ____________ P: ____________
R: Antonaa I galebek ka? R: Unsa may trabaho R: what is your
nimo? occupation?
P: ______________________ P: _________________ P: ________________
R: what is your spouse’s
R: Antonaa I galebek I R: Unsa may trabaho sa occupation?
karomangka? imong bana?
P: ________________
P: ______________________ P: _________________ R: What is the highest
R: Antona I miyapasad ka a grado? R: Unsa may nahuman education you have
nimo nga grado? completed?

P: _______________________
R: Pera I pekasukat o pamilyang P: _________________ P: _________________
kah? R: Pila may ma income sa R: How much your family
inyong pamilya? income?
P: _______________________ P: _________________ P: _________________
R: Pera ka oras I dingka
inggalebek sa liyo a walayng kah? R: Pila man ka oras imong R: How much time do you
trabaho sa gawas sa work outside the home?
inyong balay?
P: ________________________ P: _________________ P: _________________
R: Pera ka oras I dinggalebek i
karomangka sa liyo a walay niyo? R: Pila man ka oras sad
itrabaho sa imong bana R: How much time does
P: ______________________ gawas sa inyong balay? your spouse work outside
P: _________________ the home?
R: Pira I minimbawata iyo o di na P: _________________
pira I wata sa pamilya niyo? R: Pila may anak ninyo or
pila may bata sa inyong R: How many children in
P: _______________________ pamilya? your family?
R: Pira I wata ka a di maganad P: _________________
sangka I a mga grado? R: Pila may anak nimo nga
ga eskwela aning mga R: How many of your
gradoha? children are in each of the
 Prekindergarten following groups?
 Kindergarten to grade 3  Prekindergarten
 Grade 4 to grade 6  Kindergarten to  Prekindergarten
grade 3  Kindergarten to
 Grade 4 to grade 6 grade 3
P: ________________________  Grade 4 to grade 6
R: Tunay mga mapepeya ah P: ___________________ P: ___________________
myailay niyo sa gayang ka Brigada R: Unsa may mga maaung R: What are your positive
Eskwela? ninyong panglantaw bahin perceptions on Brigada
aning Brigada Eskwela? eskwela?
P: __________________________ P: ___________________ P: ___________________
R: Tunay mayilay niyo a di R: Unsa may mga nakita R: What are your negative
mapeya sa gayang ka a Brigada ninyo nga dli kaayuhan perceptions on Brigada
Eskwela? bahin aning Brigada Eskwela?
P: __________________________ P: ___________________ P: ___________________
Brigada Maestra? Parents’ participation in Brigada decreases

DAVAO CITY – Teachers in some schools are now left with around two to three volunteer parents on the third day of Brigada
Eskwela which opened nationwide last Monday.

Teachers and school administrators said there were more parents who participated in Brigada Eskwela last year than this year.

In Tacunan High School, parents who attended the Brigada Eskwela opening reached 60. On the second day, less than 50 parents
volunteered service. Tacunan High School has 480 students for the current school year.

In Mintal Elementary School, 320 volunteers signed up on the first day, while only 277 attended the second day. They have 3,363
students this school year.

A teacher from Mintal Elementary School told Davao Today that they jokingly called it “Brigada Maestra” as they are the only ones
left manning the preparations for their classrooms which will be used on June 1 as schools formally open.

The trend of decreasing parent’s voluntary service was partially blamed to the announcement made by the Department of Education
that Brigada Eskwela is not compulsory.

Education Program Supervisor Engr. Luz Tan said last Friday that “although this (Brigada Eskwela) is a national project, taking part
in the school repair and other maintenance work is not mandatory for parents to enable their children to be accommodated in the

Tan said that parents and students “who are forced to join the program may report the case to the division.”
“Di na lang unta gi-broadcast kay para ang mga ginikanan wala makaingon nga “Ah dili bitaw na compulsory’ (They should not have
announced it so that parents would not say ‘it’s not compulsory anyway’),” a teacher here said.

The teacher said some of her colleagues from other schools lamented the same issue of lesser parent’s participation for Brigada

Estrellita Villanueva, principal of Mintal Elementary School said another reason why parents could not attend Brigada Eskwela is
“because they have work to do”.

Another principal, Epifania Villa of Kapitan Tomas Sr. Central Elementary School, said some parents opted to donate materials for
cleaning and school repair.

A total of 1, 318 parents attended Kapitan Tomas’ Brigada opening on Monday, but attendance decreased to 197 parents on the second
day. On the third day the number slightly increased to 225.

Villa said news reports about the non-compulsory Brigada “were not that announced” before compared last year and this year.

“Ngayon lang talaga parang lumalabas, so that is why we cannot hold the parents from saying ‘Ay pwede man pala na hindi kami
pumunta doon’ (It is just now that the news about it keeps on cropping up so that is why we cannot hold the parents from saying ‘Ah,
it’s okay that we do not attend’),” Villa told Davao Today in an interview Wednesday.

Villa said they tried their best to encourage parents to join Brigada as this would benefit their children.

In Magallanes Elementary School where there are around 6,000 students, 309 parents attended the opening of Brigada on Monday,
while only 148 parents attended on the second day.

Teacher Leah Alegada, who is in-charge of consolidating the reports for Brigada Eskwela in Magallanes Elementary School, said the
news reports could have presented the issue by “not using the right terms”.

Alegada said “volunteerism should have been encouraged” more.

Principal Evelyn Lawoglawog of Magallanes school said parents could have missed out the essence of volunteerism opting to donate
materials than “volunteering their service”.
Lawoglawog said they also encourage parents saying they need service rather than materials. “We also emphasized that Brigada
Eskwela is not a prerequisite for student’s enrollment,” Lawoglawog said.

She said they also did not lack information campaign to enjoin parents as they did “house-to-house” campaigns.

Lawoglawog also admitted that it would also be good if schools have their own utility workers. She, however, said DepEd’s budget
will not suffice to provide for the maintenance of schools. (