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UNLT Adjectives and adverbs (1) (quick/quickly) Study these examples: © Our vacation was too short — the time went quickly. = The driver of the car was seriously injured in the accident. Quickly and seriously are adverbs. Many adverbs are made from en adjective + -ly: adjective: quick serious careful quiet heavy bad adverb: quickly seriously carefully quietly heavily badly For spelling rules see Appendix 3. For hard'fast/well see Unit 93. Not all words ending in -ly are adverbs. Some adjectives end friendly lively elderly lonely silly lovely Adjective or adverb? ‘An adjective tells us more about a noun. We use adjectives before nouns and after a few verbs (especially be): = Tom is a careful driver 5 Be quiet, please! @ We didn’t go out because of the heavy rain. m [was disappointed that my exam results were so bad. For adjectives after look/smelV/feel, etc. , see Unit 91c. 1y too. For example: An adverb tells us more about a verb. An adverb tells us in what way someone does something or in what way something happens: = Tom drove carefully along the narrow road. (not drove careful) = Speak quietly, please! (not speak quict) We didn’t go out because it was raining heavily. ‘not raining heavy) = Twas disappointed that I did so badly on the exam. (nordid so bad) Compare: She speaks perfect Eng ————>, She spéaks English perfectly. (verb + object + edverb) (adjective + noun’ G We also use adverbs before adjectives and other adverbs. For example: reasonably cheap (adverb + adjective) terribly sorry (adverb + adjective) incredibly quickly (adverb + adverb) = t's reasonably cheap restaurant and the food is extremely good. = Ob, ['mterribly sorry. I didn’t men to push you. = Maria learns languages incredibly quickly = [was bitterly disappointed that I didn’t get the jeb. = The examination was surprisingly easy. ‘You can use an adverb before a past participle (injured/organized, etc.): m= The meeting was very badly organized = The driver of the car was seriously injured in the accident. = The building was totally destroyed in the fire. 184 UNIT 92. Exercises /92.1] Decide whether the underlined words are right or wrong. Correct the wrong words. Examples: The driver of the car was serious injured. WG. = Seriously Be quiet, please! I'm trying to concentrate. RUGHT. . waited nervous in the waiting room before the interview. . Why were you so unfriendly when Tsaw you yesterday? . [trained continuous for three days. Alice and Stan are very happy married. . Toms French is not very good, but his German is almost fluent. Eva lived in the U.S. for five years, so she speaks very well English. . Everybody at the party was very colorful dressed. Aan likes wearing colorful clothes. . Sue is terrible upset about losing her job Ey Complete the sentences with adverbs. The first letter(s) of each adverb are given. Example: We didn’t go out because it was raining h @avily........ . We had to wait for a long time, but we didn’t complain. We waited pat. . Llost the tennis match because I played very ba . Tdon’t think he trusted me. He looked at me so sus... Sorry, I didn’t mean to kick you. I didn’t do it int . Nobody knew he was coming. He arrived unex... working there tem... - until she can find another job. 7. My French isn’t very good, but I can understand per. if people speak Slovene oe ANd Cheese 8. Thad very little difficulty finding an apartment. I found one quite ca.. . Fill has just gotten a job in a store, but she won’t be staying there long, She is only 92.3] Choose two words (one from each box) to complete cach sentence. absolutely ipeaahly badly Det enormous _ planned | completely seriously fully changed ill quiet extremely unusually slightly | | damaged insured —_ sorry George's mothers .... in the hospital The fire destroyed our house, but luckily we were What a big house! It’s - one Tt wasn’t a serious accident. The car was only . A lot of things went wrong during our vacation because it was ~ The children are normally very lively but they're . When I returned home after 20 years, everything had .. VeIanRere [thought the restaurant would be expensive, but it was reasonably. cheap... today. I'm about losing your book. I'll buy you another one 185