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HitFilm Express

Teacher Titire Andreea

Barbu Ioana Andreea

Mavroianu Miruna Cezarina

Gheciu Andrei

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This is the main menu of the editing program: HitFilm Express

In the top-left corner we have 2 buttons: New and Open. To make a new project, we click on
the New button. The menu that shows up is in the photo below:

After we made the settings for the new project, we click OK.

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This is the main editing menu:

Here we have the following tabs:

- Trimmer
- Media, Effects, Controls, History and Text
- Editor
- Viewer
- Meter

The first thing that you will want to do is to IMPORT a video with or without music.

Once imported the video will appear on the Trimmer:

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In the the Trimmer you can trim the video as you wish and by pressing Insert clip you begin the
editing of the selected video.

This is the Editor tab. On the left we have a series of tools which we can use in editing. These

- Selection Tool
- Drag Tool

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- Slice Tool

- Slip Tool
- Slide Tool
- Ripple Edit Tool
- Roll Edit Tool
- Rate Stretch Tool
- Snapping

In the top right corner we have a button called Export, where you can render the edited video
for upload to YouTube, Facebook etc.

To start editing you need to drag the video on the right side in the Editor tab. There you can use
different tools to edit the video.

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You can add a video or music by using the same button in the Media tab.

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The video can be placed anywhere in the project.

To add an effect you need to open the Effects tab near Media.

Here we have a variety of effects to use when editing the video.

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Besides the Media and Effect tabs, we also have the Text and Controls tab. In the Controls tab
we can activate or deactivate the selected effect, transform and see the clip properties.

To add a text on the video, you need to select Viewers in the top-left, there you will find an A,
after you select the desired zone, you can write whatever you want. To format the text, open
the Text tab.

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To export the video, press the button in the top-right corner.

Once pressed, there will appear a menu in which you can select any website you wish to post
your video on.

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On the bottom there will a button called “Start Exporting”. Once pressed the video will start
rendering for the selected website.

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