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Journal Title : Analisis pengaruh trust dan risk dalam penerimaan teknologi dompet

elektronik Go-Pay

Journal : Jurnal Siasat Bisnis

Volume & Pages :Vol.21No.1,2017,88-106

Year : 2017

Author : Anjar Priyono

Reviewer : Gede Leo Nadi Danuarta

Research Objectives : This study aims to examine the use of electronic payment using
electronic wallet offered by Go-Jek, to analyze the diffusion of electronic wallet technology
introduced by Go-Pay. Electronic wallet has been viewed as a new facility that facilitates
customers to pay in an easy way. Nevertheless, many also view that the technology is risky,
particularly those related to payment. Although contain risks for some people, other customers
still trust the new technology and use it instead. Thus, this study considers both risk and trust
to develop an integrative technology acceptance model. The empirical findings demonstrate
that both risk and trust affect the acceptance of the electronic payment technology.

Research Subject : All users of electronic wallet applications offered by Go-Jek.

Research Method : This journal used quantitative method. The research population
includes all users of electronic wallet applications offered by Go-Jek. The unit of analysis of
this study was individuals who had carried out electronic wallet applications that were selected
using the convenience random sampling technique. In the sample selection method like this,
the sample was chosen based on the convenience of researchers to reach the subjects chosen to
be included in the study. Data was collected using direct surveys with respondents by using
printed questionnaires in the hope of providing opportunities for respondents to clarify if it
turns out there are items that are less clear questions.

Research Result : This research provides theoretical and managerial implications. From
a theoretical point of view, this study implies that managers must consider risks more carefully
for older customers. This is because older customers are more likely to avoid risk while this
study uses young respondents. Therefore, managers need to strive to minimize the risk as low
as possible. Another strategy that needs to be carried out by managers is to provide education
to older customers so that they are more familiar, and ultimately reduce the perception of risks
that arise from the use of electronic wallet technology. The TAM model has been widely used
to observe the level of acceptance of new technology. This research once again proves that
TAM is a reliable model.

Plus : This research is easy to be understood by the reader because it used

comprehensive words. It provides significant informations for the researchers who are
interested in conducting research in this topic

Minus : This study only used a sample of students from one faculty only,
namely students from the Faculty of Economics, UII.

Further Research : This research once again proves that TAM is a reliable model. This is
indicated by all the hypotheses carried out in this study accepted. In addition, this research also
proves that TAM can be developed by adding some other variables and then pin them into the
original model. Other variables that can be embedded into the TAM model for subsequent
studies include education, culture, lifestyle of new technology users.