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Week of 1/21

I was unable to meet with my new mentor because he was out of town, but I plan to
make the hours up the week of January 28th.

Week of 1/28
For my project topic I plan to focus on the common types of allergies while incorporating
other factors which includes the symptoms, ways to test/detect an allergy, and relevant
emergency equipment. My mentorship experience will add to my project because my
mentor deals a lot with allergies every day and he knows very much about this topic.

Week of 2/4
My mentor played a significant role in what my project topic would be. He knew that I had very little
knowledge about allergies and asthma , so he threw out some ideas and he and I discussed which
one would be very interesting for me to work on. Since I’m going to be dealing with this topic the whole
semester I knew it had to be something that is very attention-grabbing. During my mentorship this
week, my mentor introduced me to some patients and he showed me how to work a breathing
treatment .

Week of 2/11
During my mentorship this week , people were continuing to come in because they had
problems related to their allergies or asthma. Since the weather has been changing a lot
there are a lot of people getting sick and having trouble with their allergies and
breathing. Something new I observed was my mentor taking a skin prick test. A skin
prick test checks for allergic reactions to many substances at one time. I saw a patient
getting a test done on the upper back. If you are allergic to one of the substances
tested, you’ll develop red itchy bumps . Some people are unaware to what their allergic
to , so at my mentorship there is a lot of skin prick test happening. Almost every day
there is someone who wants to get tested. The test is usually done to identify allergen
to mold, pets, dust mites, pollen, and foods. After 15 minutes the nurse comes to
observe the skin for any signs of allergic reactions. From what I saw, allergy skin tests
aren’t really painful because they use a certain type of needle that doesn’t really
penetrate the skin’s surface. I thought it was really cool to see this because it gave me
the opportunity to see something new.

Week of 2/18
When developing my mid-term presentation, I put in a lot of effort. I did it in class when I
wasn’t working on other things and at home. I used my Fall mid-term PowerPoint as a
reference to refresh my memory on the certain requirements. Since I have a new
mentor, I had to change a few things on certain slides. I wanted to make sure I was
doing everything right, so I could get a good grade. In my Fall mid-term PowerPoint, I
didn’t have enough information, so this time I tried to incorporate more research, but still
trying to make it interesting. My mentor provided me information on the slides related to
him. He also gave me ideas on some of the key point slides and what supporting details
to put on some of them. I still need to add more slides for the final presentation, but I
think it will be very easy to do so because of the amount of effort I put in the
PowerPoint. With the help of my mentor I think my PowerPoint is at the collegiate level.
Considering the effort, I put into completing the PowerPoint I am confident when it
comes time to present.

Week of 2/25
Working in the asthma and allergy field has been really interesting because of how often
patients come in the clinic with the same problems. A lot of my mentor’s patients come
in wanting to get tested for any substances their allergic to. Many people are not aware
that their allergic to certain foods, medication, animals, etc. I find this really surprising
because of how common the same problems are occurring every time I’m at my
mentorship. When those type of patients come in, my mentor usually does an allergy
skin test which helps him develop an allergy treatment which would most of the time
include avoidance of the allergen and/or medications. This nine week I have learned a
lot of new things including the steps to take a skin test, the fact that skin tests have only
little or no pain because of the type of needles they use, and how to give a breathing
treatment to a patient that is having trouble breathing correctly. Every day I learn
something new whenever I go to my mentorship site and I find it really fascinating how
different this career is from the career I chose last semester. I look forward to learning
more interesting things until the end of this school year.

Week of 3/18
My greatest strength in completing my semester project for ISM is my motivation to
gather research and information I can later utilize when I am constructing the project. I
have been doing a lot of researching on my topic so whenever I present my PowerPoint
it can run smoothly, and I’ll be very familiar to my topic. Also, the information and
knowledge provided by my mentor will give me a better understanding of my topic and it
will also help me complete the semester project. My biggest weakness in completing my
semester project for ISM would probably be the fact that I procrastinate a lot. I tend to
put things off to do them at a later time, but then sometimes I forget or never get to them
which leaves me in a bad position. I have a habit of doing my assignments at the last
minute which only leaves me really stressed out. Even though I get the assignments
done on time I should still start working on them the day its provided. To improve my
semester project and mentorship experience I am willing to organize and prepare
myself better, so I can start being consistent and stop procrastinating a lot.

Week of 3/25
Over the past two weeks of mentorship and researching I have learned there are a lot of
different ways to test people to figure out what kind of allergies their prone to. By
completing the research assignment, I have gained a lot of knowledge that will help out
with constructing and completing the project. One of the popular ways to diagnose
allergies is a skin prick test which checks for immediate allergic reactions to many
different substances at once. At my mentorship, this is the most common test they use
to diagnose a person with allergies. Most of the time this test identifies allergies to mold,
pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and foods. It can be done on the forearm in adults and
the upper back in children. Typically, skin tests aren’t painful because it uses specific
needles that barely penetrate the skin’s surface. Also, my mentor has been providing
me a lot of information that will most likely help me. This knowledge will help assist with
my project because it’s a topic that occurs in the allergy field. I learned a lot of details
and information that can hopefully help develop my final project as a whole or help in
my future.

Week of 4/1
So far during this school year, the most enjoyable mentorship experience I had was
probably when a patient came in and she had a huge reaction to something but didn’t
know what it was from. My mentor allowed me to ask her questions to figure out what
caused this to happen. It was really enjoyable to try to figure it out by myself and see
what it’s like to be in my mentors' shoes and It also allowed me to step out of my
comfort zone. As for the ISM class, I think the most enjoyable thing is probably the little
assignments we do because it helps me gain more knowledge about different careers,
and I know that the little activities/assignments we do will prepare me for my future in
the medical field. The least enjoyable experience at mentorship is when there are a lot
of patients coming in and you don’t have time to rest or relax because of how busy it is
that day. For the ISM class, I think the least enjoyable thing is how clustered the due
dates of the assignments are. The assignments are fun to do but sometimes it can be
very stressful.

Week of 4/8
At my most recent mentorship experience, my mentor showed me how to take a
tympanometry test which is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear
and mobility of the eardrum. This test can help a doctor determine if you have fluid in
your middle ear, an ear infection, a problem with the eustachian tube, and etc. I thought
it was cool that a simple device can determine and detect if there is fluid in your ear or if
there is a problem occurring in the ear. In regard to my final presentation, I feel pretty
prepared because I already completed most of my powerpoint, I just need to add a few
more details and edit some of the slides. Also, I have completed and revised all of the
assignments that will help my presentation run smoothly. My mentor discussed
information with me about the project and he helped out with some of the slides I
needed help with. I haven’t started my final product which is not really good because I
procrastinate a lot, so I need to start gathering and buying all the materials I will need to
complete it before the due date gets closer

Week of 4/15
In my most recent mentorship experience, I observed a lady who was probably about 30
years old complaining about how her allergies were getting bad. My mentor explained to
me that sometimes during certain seasons your allergies can start acting up. Other
common allergy triggers include pollen, animal dander, dust mites, insect stings, mold,
food, latex, etc. He proceeded to give her Claritin. Claritin is an antihistamine that treats
symptoms such as itching, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and other allergies. It is
one of the non-drowsy oral allergy brand doctors tend to recommend most of the time
when they see patients symptoms acting up.I learned that you can never know when
your allergies are going to start getting bad and that there are many things that can
trigger them. There were more patients in the clinic then usual and I think it’s because of
how bipolar the weather has been, so that has people feeling under the weather. Also, I
observed my mentor give an allergy shot to one of the patients to reduce the allergy
attacks they were having. Allergy shots are injections you receive at regular intervals
over a period of approximately three to five years. It can help your body get used to the
allergens causing allergy symptoms to diminish over time

Week of 4/22
At my most recent mentorship experience, I observed my mentor giving allergy shots to
a patient who wasn’t in a good condition. She was complaining about a sore throat, her
face was kind of swollen and her skin was inflamed, red, and cracked. My mentor
proceeded to explain that her skin was like that because she had eczema. He gave the
patient some eczema cream which would help relieve itching and reduce inflammation.
The creams come in different strengths, from mild over-the counter treatments to
stronger prescription medicines. The patient received 3 shots which included a steroid
shot, antibiotic, and B-12. A steroid shot is an aggressive remedy used to calm your
body when it overreacts to a substance. It is usually injected into a muscle and it take
six hours to go into effect. An antibiotic shot prevents certain infections. Vitamin B-12
helps your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy and make new protein. Overall, I
think this mentorship experience for this spring semester gave me a new perspective
towards the medical field. From my ISM mentorship experience this school year, I think I
have grown as an individual.