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wwon.psb.couuk £400 NCTE AESTHETIC eae at Maun Raker cs Lawtech Group builds a cas Architype di itr ey Refurb or rebuild? Reo dog niae| | Community hub oa BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE (ce [om] (es ere] THE PREMIUM BRAND onoMe sea Te Editor in Chief Hannah Frackiewics eee non Pereurersenrd Pe Steve Gull pee ee BE ay eee eee Saco peer ee et Recetas ag David Perry Per oe eens oes Rosita m Ball Pee ons Mixed Media Information aera ees See en F: J ay Pease Falling just days after the EU referendum QH's Housing 2046 Conference and Exhibition, taking place lazer this month, willbe the mutt attend avent For all of sheingustr/= housing professionals. For three days, the show will explore the biggest questions and issues our industry is Facing, such as What makes For a good development”, How to get 1 million homes’ and The Future of the relationship between housing associations and local government ln addition to the wealth of valuable cerninars available, the exibition line-up willalzo gve visitors accessto an unprecedented array of supplier, servicing both the new bull and renovation sector Appealing to these different audiences throws up yt another debate In tself. To meet the Increasing housing shortfall, ie begs the question, should we choose demolition of existing stock to rebuild over renovation and refurbishment? lesa contentious issue, but one thats, quitetimely, explored in this months Talking Point. Here, David Lawrence, Managing Director of UK contractor Lan tech Group, builds a care For revitalising our ageing housing steck. Turn to page 16 to learn more Elsewhere inthis edition, we bring youthe latest high profile casestudies and tlling points on Roofing, Cladding & Insulation, Flay Equipment, Heating Timber and Renew able Energy. You willalso nda dedicated focus on each of the Four key areas of the public sector bulld ‘market Healthcare, Leisure, Social Housing andi | hope you enjoy this Issue. Dont Forget you can also access allof the magazlne's Features, product news and supplier information at your fingertips via PSBL's state-of-the-art app, To download your version Free of charge, simply search 'PSEL! on Google play orthe App Store. Hannah Frackiewicz | Editor in Chief | Follow us on Twitter: ye @psbjmagazine oo i ES CA