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codes or standards. Lower initial coil velocities have the added benefit
of allowing for future growth and can improve coil performance, as
shown in Figure 3-5.

3.3.9 Ultraviolet Ultraviolet (UV) systems are becoming increasingly popular as a

Cleaning Systems means to cleanse cooling coils, drain pans, and in some cases airstreams
within ductwork. UV radiation disrupts the DNA of a wide variety of
microorganisms, thus rendering them harmless. UV is especially
effective at keeping cooling coils and drain pans free of microbial
contamination. The increased cooling effectiveness of a cleaner coil
should more than offset the heat gain (less than 1°F [0.5°C]) to the
airstream caused by operation of the UV device. When used in air-
handling systems or ductwork, safety precautions must be taken to
protect maintenance staff from exposure to the harmful UV rays and
to protect AHU components from damage. Access doors should be
fitted with interlocks which will turn off the UV in the event the door
is opened. Precaution labels should be posted near access doors to any
equipment with UV systems. If purchasing the UV devices separately

Figure 3-7 Typical Multisection Coil Piping