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This final exam is designed with you and your many talents in mind. We are
all different types of learners and we all have very different interests. You
get to decide which part of this exam appeals to you as a learner and which
part of this exam you want to throw away.
Here are the rules.

 You must complete Stations 1-4 of the exam

 You must spend the "station time" working

 For Options 5-9, pick only ONE option. Please write down
“Option ___” on your paper so that I know which one you are

 Each piece must be completed legibly.

 The last thirty minutes of exam time will be spent putting final
touches on your pieces—YOU DO NEED TO GO BACK AND REVISIT

Your grade will be based on the following criteria:


Have fun, but remember it is an important grade

and needs to be taken seriously.
Be creative and enjoy!
Creative Writing Final Exam Station One: Art

For this station, use the artwork displayed as inspiration for your writing.
You can create a poem, journal entry, free-flow of thought, short story, or
just a brainstorm. Use the color, textures, images, shapes, and images for
Creative Writing Final Exam Station 2-Music

As you listen to the music, concentrate on to the melody and beat and let it
inspire you to write. Possibly think about the musician, what the music
means to you or others. Maybe make up words to go with the music. If this
music does not inspire you, write about music that does inspire you.
Creative Writing Final Exam Station Three: Editing and Conferencing

Using the following essay, please edit the piece for grammar, usage and
mechanics, as well as give feedback to the writer.

It wasn't long before the sun begin to set and the sky turned a dark

blue. The night sky was beginning to twinkle as John said to Mary, "Don't

you think it would be great if we could stay like this forever?"

Mary was calmed by his words. It wasn't that long ago that she'd

discovered that it would not always be this way. "John, you know that I love


John looked at Mary and said, "I know Mary, but this time love isn't

going to save us. Nothing is going to stop us from the invasion." John was

write. Nothing could stop them from dying. The alien life force was

spreading quickly and they would be dead before the sun rose again.

"John, what will we do" Mary asked.

"What can we do." John said.

"We cant give up so easy! Mary proclaimed.

Just then, from around the corner they heard a noise and were sucked

in by the evil life forces.

Creative Writing Station 4: Show Don't Tell

1. Describe in detail the sensations of drinking very cold orange juice when
you are achingly thirsty. The readers should be able to almost taste the
orange juice and feel your thirst as they read your description.

2. Rewrite the following boring sentences so they are more descriptive.

A. A boy walked along the creek.

B. The goat ate grass.

C. She was exhausted.

D. The class was boring.

E. The pizza was good.

3. Define "sensory writing" and demonstrate your understanding by writing

a description of a puddle of water. Please use complete sentences in your
Creative Writing Final Exam – FROM THIS POINT, OPTIONS 5-9,
option you have chosen.

Option 5: Finish the Story

Finish the following story with your own conclusion.


"This is Bob Lane reporting for I.T.N. with an important announcement. Over the
past 24 hours, an enormous lizard has been attacking New York. The lizard, who has
been named Godzilla finished its rampage at around 7 pm last night. It has now begun
swimming across the Atlantic Ocean and it is heading for Great Britain. Tony Blair will
be making a statement at around 5 o'clock this evening. He is expected to advise
everyone to gather together his or her belongings and leave the country as soon as
possible. The army has been alerted and they are prepared to implement a full attack on
the creature."
Meanwhile, Godzilla arrives at the Western coast of Ireland...
Creative Writing Final Exam Option 6: Writing Prompt

While unpacking at your new apartment, you find a box left behind in the
corner of the closet. What is in it? What do the items tell you about the
previous resident? Answer this prompt in at least 4 paragraphs.
Creative Writing Final Exam Option 7: Poetry

Create a poem begging for money for something that you want.

The poem must meet the following structure format:

Five sets of rhyming couplets
10 beats per line
Plead for money (you’re broke!)
Creative Writing Final Exam Option 8: Quote

Write at least 4 paragraphs using the following quote for inspiration in your

“Don’t ask for an easier life, ask to be a stronger person.”

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