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UK Issue 1

Spirax Sarco TR Steam MicroTurbine

The Spirax Sarco TR Steam MicroTurbine range generates
electrical power via the function of steam pressure reduction.
The solution allows you to generate and supplement your own
electrical demands by harnessing the energy released by the
resulting pressure drop.

The generated electrical power is primarily used for local plant

consumption; however, any excess can be supplied back to the
grid. Features include;

- Suitable for saturated or superheated steam

- Compact design makes retrofitting into existing steam plant
- Supplied fully assembled and tested – ready to install

Typically installed in parallel to a steam pressure reducing
station, up to 700 kW* of electrical power can be produced –
with the outlet steam still available for plant utilisation.

How does it work?

The TR MicroTurbine is specifically designed for use in steam
systems. Coupled to a matching electrical generator, electricity
is produced as steam turns the turbine blades.

The back-pressure turbine will convert the required amount of

energy to lower the steam pressure, so the steam emerging on
the downstream side can still be used by the process.

Available range Dimensions

Unit Max. electrical output* Dimensions (mm)
TR100 150 kW H W L
TR320 700 kW TR100 1719 940 1895
* Larger outputs are available on request TR320 2562 1480 2496

Technical data
Power output up to 700 kW Pipework connections (typical)
Turbine speed 15,000 rpm Connection TR100 TR320
Generator speed 3,000 rpm Steam inlet DN80 PN40 DN150 PN40
Voltage 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz Steam outlet DN200 PN16 DN250 PN40
Control valve by-pass DN15 PN40 DN15 PN40
Gland steam DN15 PN40 DN25 PN40
Steam pressure / temperature limits Start-up valve inlet DN25 PN40 DN25 PN40
TR100 TR320 Sealing drainage DN15 PN16 DN25 PN40
Maximum inlet pressure 39 bar g 89 bar g Casing drainage DN15 PN40 DN25 PN40
Maximum outlet pressure 5 bar g 13 bar g Cooling inlet G1” G1”
Maximum operating temperature 420oC 550oC Cooling outlet G1” G1”
Oil drain G¾” G¾”


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Main components Standards

No. Description This product fully complies with the requirements of the
1 Quick-closing regulating valve European Pressure Equipment Directive 97 / 23 / EC and
2 Steam inlet carries the CE mark when required.
3 Stator / Turbine body
4 Steam outlet / Rotor The TR range is designed and manufactured in accordance with
the following;
5 Oil filter
6 Oil cooler
 BS EN 60045-1: Guide to steam turbine procurement
7 Partial steam inlet valve
 BS EN 60953-2: Rules for steam turbine thermal
8 Gear box acceptance tests
9 Coupling  BS EN 61064: Guide to acceptance tests for steam turbine
10 Oil mist separator speed control systems
11 Asynchronous generator  ISO 10813-3: Mechanical vibration -- Evaluation of machine
12 Welded steel frame vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts

Engineering recommendation G59/2 How to specify

Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G59/2: A Spirax Sarco Energy Solutions Specialist will help determine
application suitability, required size and potential savings. For
Recommendations for the Connection of Generating Plant to the contact details of your local Energy Solutions Specialist, contact
Distribution Systems of Licensed Distribution Network Operators us at:

G59/2 sets out the requirements that must be met before the T: 01242 521361
local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will allow the E:
generating plant to be connected to the network. W:

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